Good morning world! For some reason I, Susan, who has about the same ammount of humour as in a normal person (scary evil things, very rare.)'s left kneecap, have decided to write a humour fic. God help us all... But my sister (Hi Hyper-chan!) thinks it's funny (I had given her sugar before hand though, and she is kinda OTT at the best of times...), and said I should post it, and you DON'T argue with the hyper-eleven year olds.

If it's funny, feel free to laugh. If it's not funny, don't flame, but gimme your suggestions for what should have gone here. I'm open for anything so long as it's (reasonably) clean.

And for those awaiting Roses, it'll be on Satur - [freezes] Oh. That's tomorrow... and I'm sat here writing funny stuff when I should be driving everyone out of their minds... The reason it might not be done of Saturday when I thought it would be is because I just had to delete five pages of it. (I'm hopelessly melodramatic at times. I read through it and though 'WTF? That's way too OTT,' and scrapped it.) So, meh. Back to where I was at the start of the week.

Summary: Revenge via newpaper ads. Yep, that's it. REALLY. It's nothing to do with Téa, or Mai trying to get with Joey or anything.

Warnings: Oh my god I think I might actually have a story that doesn't need a warning. God help me. But there might be OOC-ness. Sorry! Oh, and this is a fic with no description in. It's ad, then dialogue. Hell for me with my overly-descriptive habit, but we'll see.

Disclaimer: Don't own, don't steal, don't sue.

Dedication: Dedciated to Hyper-Angel, my little sister, and I'm not sure, but I think it should also be dedicated to a Petshop of Horrors Livejournal thing or something for giving me the idea.

For Sale

Chapter One: How much is that puppy in the window?

FOR SALE: One puppy. Large, blond, brown eyes, very friendly unless provoked. Tendency to bark too much and gets into everything. Would make a good guard dog if it could be housetrained. Answers to anything and everything, but usually to "Mutt," "Puppy," and "Joey." Suitable for young single women and families with children.

Apply to the Wheeler household at anytime.


"Mokuba? What's - "

"Seto, did you put this advert in the paper?"


"The one offering Joey Wheeler for sale!"

"Oh. That one."


"I believe that was his friends at school..."


"All right, I gave them advice on how to put it. But they were the one's who submitted it."

"He'll kill you."

He'll try. I'm not worried. There's nothing he can do to me."

Famous last words Seto...

Well, so ends part one of four (yes, I actually know where this is going and stuff. I repeat: God help me.) Bad? Not bad? Opinions if you please. And because I forgot before, if people want to keep track of how I'm doing with my fics, you can check at acholoe[dot]bravejournal[dot] com. Please for the love of all that's holy/unholy/human keep the address up this time. PLEASE! Seriously, that's the only reason I started it! So people know where I am and can tell me what they really think of my excuses!