Releasing Her Demons

By: JediZea

Summary: Raven finally decides to join the other Titans in a game, but it's not a video game much to the dismay of BB and Cy. She wants them to play Dungeons Dragons and decides to share something about herself while doing so. PG-13

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans, Dungeons and Dragons, or any other real things I may make reference to while writing this story.

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Chapter 1

"Oh yeah, beat you again!" Cyborg shouted after beating Beast Boy at his favorite fighting game for the fifth time in a row. Cyborg looked over to Robin sitting over in the corner reading a novel, "Come on Robin I need a challenge here. BB isn't tough at all."

Beast Boy dropped the controller on the ground then went over to the console and opened it up. "Oh yeah, well why don't you play something you haven't programmed every move into yourself! How about a racing game or something?" Beast Boy put away the fighting game and started looking through the other games in the game rack. "Hm... No, not this one. Maybe this one, no... Argh! I can't find one good game here! We've played them all to death," Beast Boy sighed as he walked back to the couch to sit down and started to squabble with Cyborg about what game to change to.

"Well why don't you go get a new one?" Robin suggested casually.

"Actually I've got a better idea," a monotone voice suggested from the hallway. Raven stepped into the room and sighed audibly at the fight. "I've got a game everyone will like."

"Does that mean you're going to join us in a game finally Rae?" Robin asked slightly taken aback.

"Yes it does, if I can get everyone to join," Raven said as she used her powers to stop a controller that was flying at her. "That does mean Cyborg and Beast Boy will have to stop fighting though," She said as she sent an angry glare in their direction. "And it doesn't look like that will happen any time soon." She turned back to walk out of the room but stopped short, then turned her head back and said quietly, "Robin I need to talk to you, but somewhere a little quieter if you don't mind."

Robin looked at her quizzically but responded, "Sure Raven just a minute." He glanced over to the two fighting Titans near the TV and yelled loud enough for them to hear him over their heated argument, "Cy, Beast Boy when you're finished fighting, get Star and Terra and make some snacks. Some that both of you will be happy with. No tofu or meat."

Raven lead Robin out of the loud living room and down around a few halls. After a few minutes Robin realized they had to be taking the long way to wherever she was leading him. 'Where is she leading me,' Robin thought to himself while walking into the main stairwell for the third time since they left the living room. 'It's almost like she wants to avoid talking to me, but then why did she ask?' he wondered. He absently followed her for another minute before she stopped. Robin, however, was lost in thought and didn't see her stop and plowed right into Raven, and fell right on top of her.

"Oops, sorry about that I guess I wasn't paying attention," He chuckled a little embarrassed.

"I noticed," growled the flattened Raven, "Now do you mind getting off of me?" 'What's going on,' Raven thought, 'why isn't he getting up? Wait do I want him to get up... Of course I do, but why is my heart racing?' Robin continued to lie upon her for a moment before Raven's words seemed to reach him.

"Yeah, sure," Robin said while leaning in closer.

'What's he doing?' Raven wondered to herself as she too leaned slowly closer. 'Wait, what am I doing!' she thought. They stayed like that for what seemed like forever, both unmoving, and barely daring to breathe. "Azareth Metrion Zinthos," Raven said forcefully, causing Robin to fly off of her and head first into the wall.

"Ouch," Robin said as he rubbed his head, "What was that for?"

"I told you to get off," Raven replied in a monotone voice. 'This was a bad idea,' Raven decided as she opened the door to her room. She stepped but saw Robin was a little hesitant and signed, "Robin if you want to hear what I have to say then come in, otherwise just go help Cyborg and Beast Boy with..." Just as Raven spoke a loud crash and yelling came from the direction of the kitchen cut her off.

"Maybe I should..." Robin trailed off, and looked down the hallway expecting Beast Boy to come tearing around the corner.

"Robin there really isn't time for this if you don't want to know then go help them," Raven grumbled as she started to close the door, but Robin put his foot in the doorway to keep it from shutting.

"Sure Rae, I'll hear you out, after all you can't get rid of me that easily," Robin said smiling warmly at the gothic beauty. Raven blushed slightly, but thanks to her cloak Robin couldn't see it, although he could see the glowing objects in the room and naturally assumed that she was frustrated with his comment. "Sorry," he said, "I promise I'll be more serious now."

Raven said as she sat on the end of her bed, "Just sit down somewhere, and stay away from the mirror." Robin slowly walked over to Raven and had a seat on the foot of her bed next to her. "Robin, I want to tell something about the game I'm going to try to get everyone to play..." Raven sighed softly, trying to gather her thoughts. "I think that you should know that not everything in the game is as it seems, the plot you're going to be involved in is loosely related to my life and to some possible visions of the future I've been having. I've already told Star about myself when the Puppet King caused us to switch bodies, and Cy and Beast Boy have enough information to put things together if they think about it." Raven stopped for a second noticing she had let her emotions get the better of her for a little while and was thinking back to her mother and what had happened with Trigon.

'I think I'm almost comfortable telling Robin about this, at least more so then I was telling Starfire,' Raven mused quietly.

'What are you talking about you are comfortable telling him this'? He's earned it, besides you really do care about him,' another voice said to her. 'I know what was going through your, our mind when he tripped, and it wasn't getting him off, at least not until you got beyond your initial reaction. You leaned closer hoping he would kiss you,' the voice said, and with that she started to blush softly realizing it was the truth.

"Raven? Hello, Raven are you there?" Robin asked as he waved his hand in front of her face while she was lost in thought. 'Wow she really is beautiful,' Robin thought to himself. 'Why didn't I kiss her? What kind of a question is that, she's just a friend.'

"Oh, sorry I was just lost in thought," Raven said to him, and blushed a little more as he finished his own internal argument.

"It's ok," he said, while still at some level arguing with himself about why he didn't end up kissing her.

"Robin would you help me with the books? They all need to go out into the living room." Raven said while she walked over to a pile of large hardcover, textbook sized books that were stacked higher then her waist.

"Why don't you just levitate them?" Robin asked.

"I'll need to use my powers later for dramatic effect later, I don't want to overexert myself. Plus I've been getting a bit of a weird vibe lately," she said while carrying books over to Robin and putting them in his arms.

"Sure," he said skeptically. "But what are the books for?" Raven picked up two large pouches and set them on the stack of books Robin was holding, picked up the remaining seven and lead Robin out of her room.

"They, Boy Wonder, are for the game. We're playing Dungeons and Dragons," she said. Raven pointed at the spine on one of the books on her bookcase and said, voice dripping with sarcasm, "But I'm sure the 'world's greatest young detective' figured that out from the cover of the books." Robin blushed slightly at the comment, picked up most of the books and walked out of the room without saying a word.