Releasing Her Demons

By: JediZea

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Chapter 26

Raven sat in the ops room, as the sound of Robin's hands typing speedily filled the room, but the verbal silence annoyed both of the Titans. "You know there's most likely not going to be a ransom, right?" Raven asked finally. "They're probably both done for," she added gently.

Robin sighed and stopped typing. He stared at the computer screen blankly for a moment, and then turned to stare at Raven. "I know that, but we can't give up hope," Robin said determinately. "I refuse to give up on any of my team unless I see the corpse, no matter what. There finished." Robin said as he pressed one last button on the keyboard and reset the passwords.

"Dick, I know you don't want to give up but Trigon hates humans and technology He won't have any qualms about having Cyborg killed to keep us from tracking him." Raven said grimly. She walked over to Robin and put her hand on his shoulder to try to comfort him. "I don't want to believe it yet, but we need to be realistic," she whispered. An explosion was heard outside the room and both Robin and Raven looked outside to see shards of glass falling from the ceiling light. "Sorry," Raven whispered and blushed slightly.

"That's ok," Robin started, but was cut off by an incoming message on the computer screen. He brought up the message, and saw it was an email from Batman. Robin double clicked the attachment and downloaded all the information that they had sent about Trigon. "I guess I had better get to work searching through this data, is that ok Raven?"

Raven stood up and walked over next to Robin. She sat in the chair beside him and pulled up the information on a screen in front of her as well. "Yeah, but I'll help too. I can't let you do all the work…" Raven said timidly, and added in a barely audible whisper, "Especially since this is all my fault"

Robin turned his chair over to face the dejected demoness directly and, although his mask was in the way, Raven could tell that he was glaring at her very firmly. "Don't blame yourself Raven. This isn't your fault, but we have to do everything we can to keep the world from ending. Blaming yourself will just stop you from fighting it," the masked Titan said quietly as he grabbed Raven's hands from the keyboard and took them in his, which also swiveled her chair to face his. "We will stop this together."

"I want to believe you, but with everything that's happened I don't know if there's any hope left," Raven whispered sadly. A lone tear fell from her face and onto the floor. She knew Robin saw it but said nothing. After a few seconds she threw herself out of her chair and into Robin's arms, shivering slightly, but not crying and not saying anything.

"There's something I need to tell you," Raven said quietly, and pulled out of Robin's arms with great effort. "I've been hiding it, but today at 11:06 this morning, 666 minutes into the day, the last sign appeared. I can hide the magical runes on my body but I can't make them go away anymore," She said, as if it explained everything.

Robin looked at her confused by the statement and thought for a minute. "Does that mean it's today?"

"Well 24 hours from the last sign, so…" the dark Titan looked over at the computer to see what time it was, the clock said 2:36 P.M. "20 hours and 30 minutes until the end of the world."

Robin nodded grimly and shut off his computer screen. "Well I guess that means we'll have to get ready a little sooner than I expected, but we need Cy for the plan. Damn, if only we hadn't left him alone."

The computer beeped again, this time with an incoming call on their communication frequency. Raven hit the keys to bring up the video feed and on all the screens popped an image of Slade. "Hello Raven, Robin. Just the two I was hoping to see," he said calmly.

"Slade," Robin hissed. "What do you want?" he said with a fierce glare at Slade's image.

"Please calm down Robin, your anger will get you nowhere." Slade turned his attention over to Raven and looked right at her, "I know your father is planning to betray me so I have a proposition for you. I'll let Cyborg go, but in return you two will come willingly to the summoning. I have managed, with much difficulty, to… obtain… some magical weapons that might have a chance at distracting Trigon long enough for Raven to recover after the ceremony. After that the three of us will attack Trigon and defeat him once and for all."

Raven scoffed at Slade's confidence and rolled her eyes. "You can't beat him you know," she said grimly. "He's the embodiment of hatred and evil, he can't be beaten."

"I'd rather go down fighting then sit back and do nothing," Robin responded carefully. His eyes skimmed over to Slade, and his face was rife with curiosity. "We'll need time to think about this," The masked Titan replied to his arch-nemesis, and cut the audio off before a reply could be made. He then turned and gazed earnestly at Raven, "What do you think we should do?"

"You're the leader, you decide," the dark titan retorted frostily. She stood up and walked out of the room quickly, leaving Robin sitting stunned in his chair.

After typing a few commands into the computer Robin looked back up at Slade. "What do we need to do?" he asked carefully.

"It's very simple, at midnight the two of you need to be at the docks, pier 42. You may drive Cyborg's car so he can get back to the Tower. Other then that don't tell anyone what's going on, otherwise I can't promise Cyborg will make it." Slade said coldly.

"Fine, we'll be there," Robin replied coolly after a long pause. "However if Cyborg and Jinx aren't there we won't come without a fight."

"Robin, I'm surprised I never said anything about Jinx, it's already too late for her. You can still save Cyborg though; it's up toy you. Pier 42 at midnight, be there," Slade said as the monitor shut off and the message ended. Robin was left to sit back in his chair and mull over what ideas he had that could protect everyone.

Robin recovered eventually and keyed open the com-channel to the other Titans. "Guys everyone back to the tower," he ordered with as much authority as a mouse. "We've got a ransom for Cyborg." He ignored the replies from the other three Titans and sat waiting for them to return, wondering all the while what he should do.

Moments later the rest of the Titans were in the ops room with Robin, all of then except Raven. Robin looked them over seriously and frowned. "Well today is the day," He said to the confused group of teens. "The end of the world, the day Raven was afraid of, within 24 hours Trigon will be here."

"Dude no way," Beast Boy shouted. Terra reached over and clung to him tightly, burying her head in his shoulder. "What about Cy?" The green Titan asked. A murmur of other questions started to rise from the crowd, but Robin held his hands up to quiet them.

(Slade's Hideout)

"Yes master, I'm sure they believed it." Slade said resolutely as he knelt in front of the portal Trigon was watching him through. "They believe I plan on betraying you and will come in exchange for the mechanical member of their team."

"Good," A deep voice bellowed from the portal. "In one hour you will contact them again and let them know when and where the exchange is to take place. And I do know about the weapons and armor you've been hording, if you expect that to harm me you're sadly mistaken." Trigon finished with a deep chuckle.

"You misunderstand me master, I only have those to convince Robin of my plan, that way they will cooperate fully and your daughter shall then call you forth willingly with a belief that you will die."

"I fully doubt that," Trigon replied from his portal. The entire room quivered with his rage as he growled lowly at Slade one more remark, "If you do betray me I'll see to it that you never get what I promised you."

"Of course Master, but if all goes as planned I get my body back and am allowed to rule Gotham City," Slade reminded Trigon needlessly. There was no reply from the portal so after a few minutes Slade went to return his focus to Cyborg and Jinx.