Disclaimer:Well, I promised a sequel, & I shan't disappoint. Now that Lan & co. have visited Littlefoot & co.'s world. I think I'll bring Littlefoot & co. to Lan & co.'s world. Lan & co. are owned by Capcom, & Littlefoot & co. are owned by MCA Universal home video.

The land before time.

Past to present.

By:Rock Raider.

The bell rung at Dentech City elementary school & several kids burst out of the school doors. Lan leaped into the air with his fists up very happily. Dex was behind him to his left & Tory behind him to his right. Lan was roller blading down the street, Dex wass on a scooter, & Tory was running.

"SCHOOL'S OUT!! SPRING BREAK!!" Lan shouted triumphantly.

"Man, I thought today would never come. A whole week without school! WOO HOO!!" Dex added.

"But don't forget, we still have homework. & if we don't do it, Ms. Mari will have us scrubbing toilets for a month." Tory reminded them, causing Lan & Dex to lose control of their wheels & facefault onto the pavement.

"Way to remind us, Tory. You ruined the entire Spring break." Lan whined, at which point, Mega man piped up from Lan's P.E.T. in his pocket.

"Well, it IS important, Lan." Said Mega man.

Lan got up & looked at Mega man.

"I know, Mega man." Replied Lan. "We have to do a 300-word essay on our greatest adventure, & I doubt Ms. Mari would buy our story of what we did back in the Great Valley. We don't have any proof that we were there."

Just the, a girl in a blue shirt, & pink coo lots with pink hair rolled up to the 2 on a scooter.

"Well, Lan. The story DOES sound pretty farfetched." The girl said, making Lan look at her.

"I know, Maylu." Replied Lan. "But it really did happen."

Just then, a huge black limosine rolled up next to the 4 kids. A window on the back rolled down & a small girl with yellow hair & long ponytails with a huge forehed popped her head through the window & smiled.

"Hi, guys." The girl said cheerfully.

"Hi, Yai." The kids responded.

"Anybody wanna lift?" the girl, now recognized as Yai asked.

"Sure, why not?" Maylu answered.

The window rolled up & the door opened. Lan, Dex, Tory, & Maylu all jumped in. The door closed & the limo started up. Yai looked at her friends.

"Hey, any of you heard?" Yai asked. Lan, Dex, Tory, & Maylu all looked at Yai puzzled.

"Heard what, Yai?" Lan asked.

"About the new dinosaur exhibit Chaud donated." Yai answered. "It just disappeared."

All the other kids nearly jumped from their seats at the news.

"What!?" Lan asked surprisedly.

"Yeah, listen." Yai said as she pushed a button on her armrest, causing a TV screen to appear on the window between the driver & the kids. It showed a woman in a frog hat standing in front of the Dentech City museum.

"This is Ribitta reporting live from the Dentech City museum, where a donation from Blaze Quest gaming's co-president, Chaud Blaze, has mysteriously vanished without a trace." The woman announced.

The camera switched to the inside of the museum, with the displays gone. Lan, Dex, Tory, & Maylu were all shocked.

"How..." Lan started.

"Why..."Dex continued.

"When..." Tory finished.

Ribbita continued. "A thorough investigation has begun into this mysterious threat, & some even suspect that a crime transindicate such as World 3, Grave, or maybe even Nebula could be behind this."

"Well, it's obviously not World 3, since we defeated them back in the Mysterious Beyond." Lan stated.

"& it can't be Grave, since Bass & Kid Grave aren't even around." Dex commented.

"& Nebula's gone too, so it can't be them." Tory finished

"Then, who could it be?" Maylu asked.

Just then, as the car approached a part where 2 roads meet, a huge lightening bolt shot from the sky, hitting the ground in front of him. The limo immediately stopped & the doors opened up. Lan jumped out of the left door & Tory the right. When they looked, they immediately saw 8 familiar dinosaurs, along with 3 unfamiliar dinos & a mouse. Lan & Tory became shocked.



The techno remix music of Mega man NT Warrior starts playing.