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Chapter 1: Dumped

"For your evil actions, I will make you pay!" Ichigo shouted.

"RIBBON!" The five shouted together.

"Strawberry Check!"

"Mint Echo!"

"Lettuce Rush!"

"Pudding Ring Inferno!"

"Zakuro Pure!"

The attacks hit Kish, all of them. "Fine, my sweet Ichigo, I will see you again!"

Ichigo turned red. "I HATE HIM!!!"

Masaya walked up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder. "Mew Ichigo?"

"AH!" She shouted, jumping and clinging onto the tree with her claws. The other four girls laughed. "M-Masaya??"

"Mew Ichigo, I need to know something!" (AN: Spiderman recap! .) Masaya walked p to her.

She turned upside down, while facing him. "Yes?"

Masaya looked deeply into her eyes. "Can I... kiss you?"

Ichigo took a huge gulp. Masaya was so hot... "He's gonna find out if she says yes!" Mint whispered. The girls started sweating.

"WELL, SAY SOMETHING, SILLY!" Pudding shouted.

"She's flaking out. She probably be like that until he leaves." Zakuro told them. She flipped back her hair and watched.

Ichigo was still blood red in the face. "M-Masaya..." she stuttered out. Does he know? "Y-y-y-y-yes, M-Masaya."

"And before I do, how do you know my name?" he asked her.

She was stuck now. "I-I have g-good connections..." Masaya's gonna kiss me! Masaya's gonna kiss me!

He walked to her face and grabbed it gently.

Lettuce blushed, Mint and Zakuro smiled wide and Pudding was hopping around in the background shouting "HE'S GONNA KISS HER! HE'S GONNA KISS HER!"

Their lips touched. Ichigo had a funny feeling in her stomach. I'm... being kissed! He has kissed her before on the lips, but never like this. He opened his eyes slowly and ended the kiss. "Ichigo..." he muttered.

She opened her eyes wide and blushed, then frowned. "I guess you found out, huh?"

"Found out what... Mew Ichigo?" Masaya asked her.

"N-nothing! Nothing at all!" She swung off the tree and landed on her feet. Masaya stared, that was at least 5-6 feet! "Cats always land on their feet!" She told him, running off with the other four girls.

"Well?" Mint asked when they were back at her mansion.

"Well what?" Ichigo asked, blushing.

"Don't play dumb, Ichigo! How was the kiss?" Zakuro asked her.

"Oh... THAT... well..." She said. She blushed even harder. Her ears started to pop out. "It was... enchanting. He's never kissed me like that before... I mean, he's only kissed me once before, but, but THIS... THIS was dreamy! I couldn't have asked for more in a guy."

Lettuce blushed and her whatever they are stared to show. "I wish I could get kissed by a boy..."

Everybody started laughing, except Pudding. She had fallen asleep on Lettuce's lap. "Oh, Lettuce. You really are something." Mint told her. The night soon swept them away and it was the next morning.

OOOOOO (at school)

"Did you see the Mews last night? Mew Ichigo kissed Masaya!" a girl gossiped to her friends.

Ichigo blushed. "Did we go on television?" She asked Lettuce.

"I sure hope not!" She answered. Mint was in another hall, talking to her rich friends.

"You don't think Masaya's known all along... do you?"

"Well... it's hard to say, really. He might have, and he might have not."

"Hey, Ichigo-Chan." Masaya said, walking up to the girls.

He called me 'Ichigo-Chan'!!

"How are you? You wanna hang out tonight?" He asked her.

Ichigo blushed and her ears popped out. Luckily, Lettuce jumped in front of her. "Yes, she will. We just have to get to class!" She said, running off with Ichigo.

"Thanks, Lettuce." Ichigo said to her.

OOOOOO (at the café)

"Hi, welcome to Café Mew! May I take your order?" Ichigo asked a group of boys, just realizing that Masaya was there. She blushed.

"Yes, Ichigo. I'd like you to come with me and make it Grande." Masaya told her.

"Masaya! I'm working!"

"I've already asked your boss, just come with me!" He said, standing and taking her outside.

"Masaya..." She said. He gently grabbed her face and kissed her, VERY passionately. "Not, not here..."

He broke it. "Ichigo... MEW Ichigo!"

"It's not what you think! Okay, maybe it is, but Masaya, I can explain!" She shouted.

"No, Ichigo. You're a CAT. I don't date felines, only females." Masaya said, turning and walking away.

"MASAYA! WAIT!" She burst into tears. "I've loved you more than anyone, ever! Please! He ignored her. "MASAYA!"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk." Kish said, floating down to Ichigo. "Too bad. Now how about me, eh?" He grabbed her cheeks with his hands and leaned towards her.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" She shouted.

"RIBBON PUDDING RING INFERNO!" Pudding shouted, hitting Kish away from Ichigo.

She transformed.

"RIBBON!" They all shouted.







All the attacks hit him, and as soon as they did Kish disappeared and the girls looked for the new voice.

"I am Mew Kaneko, part of the Tokyo Mew Mews. I was fused with Giant Panda DNA." Kaneko told them.

"YAY! A new member! Are you going to join us?" pudding asked.

"Join you?" Kaneko asked back, hopping down. "Why do you ask?" She asked, putting her sharpest claw up to Ichigo's throat.

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