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As you all know Jack has his way with a lot of ladies, and sometimes gets some hilarious slaps for it !But a long, long time ago there was this girl so unusual and so much like him... that he couldn't do anything else than love her.And then one morning, he finds that his love has gone away. Because of this he had sworn that he would never love again, and only would settle for ladies of the night. But after all these years not a day passes without him thinking about her.What will happen when the two famous and notorious pirates after all this time meet again, and are forced to work together in order to find the treasure of Nepthyss and prevent it of falling in the resurrected hands of Barbossa !

(Takes place after the first movie)


It's so dark in the room where she sits... not because it's evening, it's still noon, but because she wants it to be.

The pain must have been incredible for her, to still think about what she has done, what she was forced too...

"you have to stop thinking about him, Josephine !" she yelled at herself, bringing her back to reality "Now where did i lay this map...?"

Josephine De Lioncourt, captain of the Sapphire. Also know as the Black Pearl, and not without reason.

Ever since she was 17 she knew what kind of effect she had on men, how they were always filled with lust in their eyes everytime they looked at her. She had green eyes and long black hair, always worn in a braid. (A/N: She looks exactly like Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider, and has the same attitude. I'm a fan you know) She was poor and her mother died of cancer....her father couldn't bare the loss. She was raised in an orphanage until she grew too old and was released. Living alone with absolutely nobody there for you and not a high standard girl, job opportunities were limited. The first night that she became a prostitute she looked over to her right at the nighttable and saw necklaces and earrings. She just had to take them, of the money she got of it she could rent a place to live and buy food etc. So she kept on doing it, she seduced the wealthy and rich aristocrats and stole as much from them as she could running away in the night leaving them only a black pearl as a memory....That's how she got her nickname, it was her trademark and it didn't take long till she was well known for it. Eventually she became a famous pirate for it, still doing her regular 'routine'. Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months.... then she met this flamboyant and charming pirate Jack Sparrow. She had heard about his plundering days and how he ' vanished from under the eyes of seven agents of the East India Company and sacked Nassea Port without even firing a shot.'

Yes he intrigued her, she admired him. They became good friends eventually and one night they fell in love with each other, from then on it all went wrong..........


'oh no what have i done, i can't be with him i just can't.' She said to herself, immediately regretting that she slept with him ' I can't love him not after all that i have finally accomplished, i'm a pirate we don't love...' she stopped breathing for a moment '.... i love him?' she sighed "Now i know i have no choice." And with that she left the room with pain in her heart, leaving a sleeping Jack and a black pearl. Pretending he was like everyone else, but was he?

Josephine was stopped in her searching, because of a sudden knock.

"Capt'n, there's a ship 'n front o' us. It's been blown to pieces bu' from where i c'n tell there are some scroundels who haven' been send to Davy Jones's locker. Wha' d' ye wan' us t' do?"

She thought for a moment and looked through the window of her cabin, she could see smoke allright.

" mmmm bring 'em on deck, i'll be ou' in a minute."

Her first mate Knife (his real name is John) ran off and helped the crew pulling the people up on deck.

Meanwhile she put on her long black coat over her brown pants and loose white shirt, and eventually her effects. All this to make her intimidating, cause she was going to make sure they knew that this was her ship, and they would obey her rules. That is IF she would take them along with her. Because after all, her time has been quite taken by looking for the treasure of Nepthyss. And she was definitely not planning to let such small, nonetheless timetaking problems getting in her way. But first let's see who they are...

She opened the door and was greeted by Knife. She saw everybody of her crew on deck being gathered in a circle, probably around the 'newcomers'.

" A' captain, w' ve don' like ye said, there are eight o' 'em. Sev'n men an' one female, i cam' immediatly afte' ye. I haven' looked myself who they are."

As they approached the scene, gasps and sounds of " 'Im? it can't be ! " " Is it really 'im? " and etc. kept on being heard.

"Well, let's see wha' all t' fuzz is abou'." Josephine said, while she walked to them holding on to her sword and her nose with little arrogance held up in the air.

She pushed herself through the people. And when the man closest to her lifted his head up? She looked at him with horror in her eyes...

"YOU ?!!!"

Definitely to be continued



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