The Rain and My Heart

The Crime Of Loving You

Chap. 1

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It was raining out. The sweet smell of rain seem to come in into the castle. A young girl the age of sixteen...stood there. She was at the Astronomy Tower watching the rain pour. She loved the way it turned gray when it hit the window. Loved the way the rain slide down...slowly... sometimes stopping. She liked to just hear the drops of rain. It made it's own music...and it made its own scene.

"Virginia?" A male voice said.

She turned her head and smiled, "hey, Blaise." She patted the seat she was seating on. He came over and sat down. She leaned over to his shoulders. She took a wiff. She loved the way he a soft mist of rain.

"Lovely isn't it?" He asked. She nodded and stared out the window. Although she didn't know ...she didn't know that he was talking about her...

Quietly she feel asleep and he again would have to bring her back to Gryffindor Tower. Two friends...just friends...always loved watching the rain.


She yawned; slowly her eyes opened. She sighed...the rain had passed and sunlight was coming into the window. "Ginny?"

She rolled over and smiled at her roomate. "Yeah?" She asked with another yawn.

Her roomate smiled back. But it seemed unsure, "can I ask you something?"

She nodded, "sure."

"Are you and," she paused; hesitant, "are you and-"

"And?" She asked smiling again.

"Blaise...a couple?" She asked. Ginny was shocked. But not by the qusetion; she always was asked this. No, by the fact in her eyes...there where filled with hope.

She laughed, "no, we're just best friends."

She laughed with her, "alright...good." She let out a sigh.

Ginny thought for a secound, "do you like him?"

She looked shocked, "er, if you don't mind." She blushed.

Ginny grinned, "you can...I'll even put in a good word for you."

The girl sighed and smiled at Ginny, "thanks."

Ginny nodded and got up for a shower. She first walked out to the window. She smiled faintly ...remembering when she first met Blaise.

She was watching the rain again. She knew Ron would have a fit if he found her here...but it was the best view. Sighing she leaned her head against the seat and traced the window.

"Who's there?" A voice said.

She jumped, "er-"

"Oh," he came into the light. He looked at her, "hi."

She smiled, "hi," first thing that shocked her was how he was Slytherin...yet...he was so...nice?

"I'm Blaise," he said.

She smiled again, "Virginia, but my friends call me Ginny."

He thought for a secound, "I think I like, Virginia, better," he said smiling.

She laughed a little, "alright."


She turned around.

"Better get ready for class." the girl said. She nodded and walked ot the shower.

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"She likes you," she said.

He laughed, "but I don't like her."

She rolled her eyes, "give her a chance!"

"Give who a chance?" A cold voice drawled behind them.

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