Your Redemption: Chapter One: The Price You Pay

A.N.: How I thought of this, only God himself will ever know....

The waters swirled around his head, pulling him down, sucking him in. His instincts forced him to try and struggle, to breathe, but it was to no avail. The colors he saw swirled to red, forming blackish pools in his mind's eye, until it was all gone, and there was nothing. No sight, no sound, no sense of anything. Gone, all gone.

And yet, contradictory to the previous nothingness, he now felt something. A small, steady warmth creeping into his appendages, and a bright light, spilling over and covering him. And Javert was frightened.

"Come closer!" said a voice. And such a voice! Large and deep, a voice to shake the heavens, and it made him frightened. "Javert, I said approach. Do you fear me?"

"More than anything I've ever before feared," he responded, trembling. The voice chuckled.

"Do not be afraid. You do not believe in me?"

"I don't know what you are, so believing would be an impossibility."

"That is alright. I think it is time we got down to business though. Is this alright with you?"

Each moment the light became more intense, and yet the man felt no need to shield his eyes from it. He, this voice, which he began to suspect, might be the almighty God he had only begun believing in shortly before his death, let it grow and intensify. Javert nodded his assent to the question.

"We are-"

"We?" he interrupted.

"We, the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. We. The great Trinity." The voice then continued. "We are here in the order of your judgment."

"Judgment?" he said, frightened.

"You, Javert, have been very hateful to your fellow man, and this is a serious crime."

Another enormous ball of light came up next to the superior one. "A poor soul, lost in the world without acceptance. He showed mercy on the man Valjean when he needed it most. Pity him father!"

"Nay!" A third ball of light sprung up. "He committed suicide! That's murder of self! He knows your commandments, oh Holy One! He deliberately disobeyed! " Javert trembled before the harsh words as the light drifted down next to him, one long, tentacle like hand reached out, wrapping around the former man's neck. "To Hell," it whispered in dark tones, seeming ready to drag him to the Pit itself. And Javert was more frightened still. The three voices buzzed and murmured about him, and he caught only glimpses of words.

"No! Spirit, you are too harsh! Father, make this madness stop. Eternal Fire, release him!"

The Spirit obeyed by God's command as he shouted "SILENCE ALL!" Javert flung himself before the intensifying light in desperation, shutting his eyes tightly, willing himself to awake from this nightmare.

"He deserves both pity and punishment. I will not keep him with my flock, and I will not cast him into the fire. I suggest a different path. Redemption."

"You mean reincarnation?" the second light said incredulously. Javert still held tightly shut his eyes.

"Let him learn to live and love his fellow creation, and if he fails in this, to Hell with him." Javert shuddered as a hot wind pressed over him, and a scratchy voice began to cackle in his ear.

"You here? I cast you away! Be gone, foul demon! Back into your brimstone pit!" The voice fled, and Javert felt as though he were being flung down, and he cried out, as he felt himself smash into the unknown below him.




New York City, New York

Present Day: 2004 head... head! Oh glorious pain, how I have missed you! I am alive! Ow! Okay, I'm hurt, but I'm alive! A dream! A nightmare! So real, so vivid! Oh, but it does not matter! I am alive! Bless you Holy Spirit, Son, Father! How gloriously wonderful is the pain in my sinuses!

I begin to stand up to asses any damage done to myself. Hey.....Why am I so short all of a sudden? I stretch myself out, trying to reach my maximum height. No, I'm still not even half my normal size. I look down at my feet, to see what is going on. Good God above! Those aren't my feet! I try shaking them, to get these frightening imposters off! Get off of me! What kind of cruel trick is this?

I shake myself and feel something soft hit my side. I turn my head and....Sweet Jesus! I have a tail! What in all the earth? This isn't right! My feet! They're black and fuzzy! So is my back! Get this horrible phantasm off of me! No, no, no! I'm....I'm....

I'm a dog.

Okay, Javert, think logically. You're not a dog! Remember? You are chief inspector Javert! You were a spy behind the barricade! Spies are not large black dogs! Man, my ear is so itchy....

Horror of horrors, my leg comes up to scratch it! No! Legs don't do that! Well, dog legs do, but I am not a dog! Make it stop, make it stop! I find myself howling into the air! No! Men, human beings, do not howl! They talk! They talk! I attempt a call for help, but it won't come out! The words won't form! I'm barking! Men don't bark! No, no, no!

Surely Hell wouldn't be this much torture! I attempt to run into a solid brick wall several times to wake myself up. After the pounding in my head has stopped, I find myself face to face with the facts.

I'm a dog.

"We thought it might be easier to befriend man if you were man's best friend."

Where did that come from! Isn't it bad enough being a dog without going mad in the process?

"Yoo woo. Over here!"

I turn my head in that direction.

"No, here!"

I look again.

"Stop teasing him so! Javert, you are a black German Shepherd. You must learn to live amongst what were once your fellow men!"

"But I can't even talk!" I cry out, then clamp my jaw shut, remembering that no one can understand me.

"We can understand you," the voice said sympathetically. "Dogs, animals in general can understand you, but humans aren't smart enough to understand animals." I found myself torn between a raised ire and pride. "And don't worry; we're watching over you every step of the way."

This did not serve much comfort to me, however, but sighing, I made my way out of the alley way. This time, I nearly have a heart attack!

Monsters! Monsters, everywhere! Huge, brightly colored gleaming monsters with horrendous wheels, making horrendous noises and their breath makes me cough violently. What sort of torn, upside down hell of a world have I been thrown into?

In mad, utter confusion, I race around, avoiding people as best I can, avoiding the street where the monsters stampede as much as possible. People shout in surprise and fear as I tear down the street. Where am I? What's going on!

Suddenly, someone tackles me, pulling me down. I cry out in a mixture of confusion and pain until I am stuffed into one monster's innards. White coated humans form a semi circle around me and one pokes me with something. I yelp. What is happening! Why am I so...sleepy....?

To Be Continued.....