CHAPTER 1 – Beginnings


"He was my boyfriend first!" Rory shouted. "But you dumped him, you rejected him, you picked someone else" Lorelai said. "Stop it! I hate you for ruining this for me!" Rory shouted as she put on her coat and walked outside, slamming the door as she went.

end flashback

Lorelai stood there stunned as she watched Rory walk out on her, how could she say that to her? I know that she's hurting right now and this was a massive step for anyone, especially for Rory. Lorelai had so many thoughts running through her head, anger, confusion and hurt. How could such a perfect day to begin with turn out to be so awful? Her parents, Jason and now the one person in her life she thought she could always count on for anything had just told her she hated her. Lorelai could feel her eyes welling up but decided to go out and at least try to get Rory to talk about this. Lorelai walked out to the porch to see Rory sitting on the step crying, she wanted to go up and hug her and tell her everything would be fine but she honestly didn't know if it would be, this was a huge mistake she had made. She had slept with her married ex boyfriend!

"Hon lets talk about this okay, I hate seeing you upset like this no matter how much I disagree with what you did" Lorelai said.

"Mom I really don't wanna talk about this right now" Rory snapped

"Well what are you gonna do Rory? This won't just go away no matter how much you want it to"

Lorelai said a bit stronger than she had meant to.

"I don't know, I've been so lonely lately and I know you are here when I need you but I wanted something more and I missed Dean and he loves me... I just wanted to be with him again the way we used to be, well not exactly the way we used to be but he was so nice and sweet and treated me so well... I can't make you understand"

"I wish you had talked to me about it, I didn't even know you two were still friends" Lorelai said, she knew they talked occasionally but not that they had become life long friends.

"I'm so sorry" Rory said through her tears as she sat and sobbed. "I don't know what I'm going to do".

"Let's go inside hon" Lorelai said as she felt her own eyes start to well up with tears.

"No, I need to be alone, please, you just go back to the Inn" Rory said looking at her pleadingly.

"Ror, I can't just leave you here this upset"

"I really want to be alone Mom please I'm so sorry about everything, I still can't believe it but please just go to the Inn and we can talk in the morning"

Lorelai sighed heavily "Ok if that's what you need, but you call me if you need anything". She was upset that Rory was so upset and hadn't spoken to her about her problems but she thought she needed some time to herself anyway.

"Thanks Mom and I'm so so sorry" she sobbed.

"Ok hon we'll talk about it tomorrow, night" she said as she hugged Rory and kissed her on the head before she got up and got her stuff.

"Go inside and keep warm" Lorelai said to her before she left, it broke her heart to see Rory this upset but she was still angry with her over what had happened, but it still took all her willpower to turn and walk away leaving her on the porch crying.

A shocked Lorelai made her way back to the inn. She was confused about everything that had happened, still trying to get her head round it all. When she reached the Inn someone was waiting for her, and it wasn't who she wanted there. "Jason, why are you still here?" Lorelai asked pointedly. "I said I would wait here until we talked and got this mess sorted and as yet we haven't so..." Jason said. "Look Jason I have tried to put it nicely but you obviously don't seem to be getting my drift, so here it goes... I don't want to get back together with you... ever, so would you please just leave already" she shouted. She hadn't meant to be so loud but she had too much else to deal with without Jason being here. "Look Lorelai I know that you are angry at me for everything that happened with your dad but can we not get past that, we were great together, I really want us to be together Lorelai c'mon don't stop us being together because you're stubborn, I know you feel it too!".

Lorelai stood there as she felt her anger rising at what Jason had just said, how could he be so stupid and think she wanted to get back together with him? She had moved on to bigger and better things, in a familiar form of Luke actually. 'Wow', she thought remembering back to the kiss at the front door of the Inn, she had never expected that or she might not have waited so long to kiss him, she smiled inwardly just thinking about it. This thought seemed to calm her a tiny bit, but definatley not enough that she wasn't annoyed at Jason's comments, arrogant much? She thought.

"Ha-ha" she laughed sarcastically, "You seriously believe that I want to get back together with you, listen Jason, I would rather go and live with Emily Gilmore for the rest of my life than get back together with you, which as you know is a pretty clear indication that I would live in hell before I would even entertain the idea of getting back together with you. I have moved on and you have to accept that, stop acting like a spoilt kid who doesn't get the toy he wants" she shouted. She had no patience right now and was still in a state of shock after everything with Rory.

"Lorelai you know me and you know I always get what I want, I want you and I will get you even if it takes time. Just name a time and a place where we can talk about this maybe with an ounce of civility" Jason said with annoyance in his voice.

"O well I'll tell you what time then, how about when the big hand gets to NEV and the little hand gets to ER - that would be dandy" she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

Luke who had just managed to calm Kirk down and get him in his room had been walking down the stairs, he wanted to find Lorelai and maybe see what was going on with them. He suddenly heard shouts from both Lorelai and a male voice who he soon recognised to be Jason's, he knew what Lorelai sounded like when she got mad, remembering back to the fight they had had after the car accident involving Jess and Rory.

"Lorelai you know me and you know I always get what I want, I want you and I will get you even if it takes time. Just name a time and a place where we can talk about this maybe with an ounce of civility".

Where does this guy get off talking to her like that Luke thought. However knowing Lorelai he didn't think she would let him talk to her that way either and sure enough...

"You seriously believe that I want to get back together with you, listen Jason, I would rather go and live with Emily Gilmore for the rest of my life than get back together with you, which as you know is a pretty clear indication that I would live in hell I would even entertain the idea of getting back together with you. I have moved on and you have to accept that, stop acting like a spoilt kid who doesn't get the toy he wants" she shouted.

He smiled to himself, at least now he couldn't get confused about Lorelai and Jason getting back together. When she said she had moved on was she talking about him? He wondered for a moment and thought about their kiss. He had finally decided after all these years to just kiss her, he had wanted to so many times before, but something had always happened and the timing was always wrong and he never really had the guts to tell her. Was it right for them both now? The kiss had been great, and far exceeded his expectations, she looked so beautiful standing there and he decided just to take a shot, he was tired of waiting. When she had moved to kiss him again after the initial kiss he was surprised but was glad he hadn't made a jackass out of himself by kissing her, her lips were so soft against his and their bodies were pressed up against each other, he had never had this much passion for anyone before but it had built up over the years he thought. Why hadn't he bought that damn book earlier? He was pulling her in again for a third kiss until Kirk had decided to grace them with his presence... his naked presence, damn he could have killed him for having such bad timing.

Luke decided that maybe it was time he went down to check that Lorelai was okay. He walked down the stairs trying to be as noisy as he could so that they both would know he was coming. When he got downstairs he turned and caught sight of Lorelai and smiled at her, he saw the sides of her lips tugging up at either side as she did a half smile back at him.

"Is everything ok Lorelai?" Luke asked as he walked over to her and looked between both her and Jason.

"Yes everything is just fine, Jason was just leaving actually" Lorelai said.

"Huh - is that what I was doing?", Jason said as he made a move towards Lorelai, Luke saw this and moved between them.

"I think it's time that you left, don't you? Luke said looking at Jason sternly.

"This is between me and Lorelai, just go back to your diner and mind your own business" Jason said, clearly exasperated by Luke's presence.

"Please Jason, just go, I've already told you that I have moved on, I'm sorry buts it's over" Lorelai said in a gentler tone as she turned to look at Luke and gave him a small smile.

"Is this your new boyfriend? A guy who works in some stupid diner in a small town he probably will never leave because he's boring and scared of change, is this who you want? You could have me Lorelai, the guy who yes does have some strange habits but also can be exciting, I can give you the life you deserve and everything you want so don't walk out on me for him" Jason shouted angrily.

Lorelai looked between Jason and Luke, what a Malcolm in the Middle moment she was having right now. Luke stood there looking very angry, his fists were clenched, his body all tense, 'mmm' she thought and she looked at him, 'he's a lot more muscular than I thought', she then scolded herself for thinking about Luke like that when he and Jason were two seconds away from performing some WWF moves in each other. She was angry at Jason for what he had said to Luke, how dare he say that about him, he didn't even know him!

"GET OUT JASON" Lorelai shouted. "WE ARE OVER, LUKE IS MY BEST FRIEND AND TWICE THE MAN YOU'LL EVER BE SO LEAVE HIM ALONE & WHILE YOUR DOING THAT DO THE SAME FOR ME, NOW GET THE HELL OUT OF MY INN". Lorelai shouted, she hadn't even thought about what she was saying, she got so angry when she heard Jason badmouthing Luke.

Jason sighed, he turned round and stomped out of the Inn. "If there was a prize for an adult who could most act like a spoilt brat Jason would definatley win it ... maybe we could get him a medal or a big trophy, possibly bigger than the dance competition one. Actually he doesn't deserve one that big, maybe just a medal" Lorelai said before Luke looked and her with the look that he always gave her when she was babbling on about something. He smiled at her in a way that made Lorelai shiver inside and she smiled back at him. Even though a lot of tonight mostly sucked to she was so glad to have Luke.

"Everything is ok now, I think he has finally got the message" Luke said softly and he turned and put his arm on her shoulder. He wasn't sure what she would want from him, things were still so undecided between the two of them. As he touched her he saw her shiver a bit, and he did too as he felt the electricity there between them.

Lorelai stood and watched Luke as he spoke in that sweet and caring tone that he had only ever seen him use with her, even then it was rare, she couldn't believe how she hadn't seen what was right in front of her eyes for so long. When he put his arm round her she felt a shiver run up her body. "O god Luke" she said just above a whisper as she moved in to hug him, she felt so safe in his arms and she never wanted to let go and have to face up to everything that had happened.

"It's okay Lorelai, I'm here and I'm not going to leave" he whispered softly in her ear, his mouth slightly grazed her cheek as he moved to smell her hair which smelt great, he started to hug her back tightly and never wanted to let her go. They both stood there for almost a minute until Lorelai broke the silence, as usual...

"Thanks Luke" she said just above a whisper.

"No problem, so where were you before? By the time I had managed to get Kirk back I couldn't see you" he said as they stared at each other intently. Then she seemed to look away and frowned.

"I just had some stuff to deal with at home, um something happened Rory" she said, she saw the look on his face when she quickly added "but she's okay, she is upset and wanted to be alone, she is going to need me a lot over the next little while I think" Lorelai said quietly as if she was almost talking to herself. She was so upset about what had happened she hadn't even processed it in her mind yet. She really wanted to share it with Luke but she couldn't, she couldn't do that to Rory.

"You wanna talk about it?" Luke said to her with a concerned look on his face.

"No, not right now, I haven't even processed it in my own head yet and Rory would kill me but thank you...for just being here for me" Lorelai said, she had been distracted by everything with Rory but she needed him to know how important it was that he was there for her, as he always had been for both her and Rory.

"There is something you could do for me though" she said grinning, "I would kill for a lovely big tasty cup of coffee goodness" Lorelai said smiling, the thought seemed to brighten her mood.

Luke rolled his eyes before saying, "That stuff will kill you" in his usual gruff tone, here they go again, their normal diner routine banter.

"Yes well so will a lot of things yummy coffee man, but is that any reason to stop, we all gotta go sometime and what better way to do it than with a big mug of coffee, it would definatley be my preference...although anything that involves coffee is my preference though so don't limit that just to my death...mmmm I love it" said Lorelai as she looked into space for a moment.

"Fine, I'll make you it as long as you only have one cup" Luke said.

"Three" she shot back.



"Two and we'll call it even" he said.

"Score!" she said smiling.

He would have given her ten cups of coffee if it made her happy, they both knew he would do anything to make her smile, although for Lorelai also known as the Java Junkie of all of Connecticut only two cups of coffee was pretty good.

He made her a cup of coffee and himself some herbal tea and took it out to her, she was sitting on the couch staring into outer space, looking beautiful as usual he thought. She seemed to disengage from her trance when she saw him coming over, he didn't know if she was eyeing the coffee or him...he hoped it was the latter.

"My precious" said Lorelai in a husky voice trying to pull off the Lord of the Rings thing.

"Attractive" Luke said.

"Why thank you" she said and smiled widely at him over the coffee before she frowned slightly as she thought about Rory.

"You look tired, maybe you should get to bed soon" Luke said concerned, he knew that she had stuff on her mind, probably to do with whatever had happened Rory.

"A polite way of telling someone that they look like crap" Lorelai said as she laughed.

"You have many talents Lorelai but looking like crap isn't one of them" Luke said as he looked away, clearly embarrassed before adding.

Lorelai smiled, she had never known how sweet Luke could be when he wasn't putting on his macho attitude. Though she did feel tired she really wanted to spend some more time with Luke. 'This is so weird' she thought, she got tingles from the diner man!

"Ok well on that sweet note Luke Danes I am going to head to bed" Lorelai said and smiled sweetly at him.

"Well I'll walk you to your room then if you want, but if you don't I won't because it's no problem I can stay here and you can go to your room and then after I will go to mine" Luke said.

"Luke hon, I thought I was the only babbling idiot around here but it seems you could give me a run for my money" Lorelai said through giggles.

"Sorry" Luke said rolling his eyes at her and grinned at her when he saw her laugh.

"But yes I would like that" she said through a smile. She couldn't seem to stop smiling when she looked at him, she kept smiling and then feeling bad because of everything going on with Rory, but Luke just being there seemed to take her mind off everything else that was going on.

They got up and went into the kitchen to leave the empty cups back it, it seemed he had got his own way he thought, 'she did only have one cup of coffee after all' and grinned to himself. They walked in comfortable silence when she said "So you're working in the diner tomorrow?"


"Cool, well I might be in" Lorelai said

"Really because you hardly ever are" he said sarcastically as she nudged him.

They walked up the stairs side my side, they occasionally touched hands which they both secretly did on purpose, halfway up the stairs Luke took Lorelai's hand and laced his fingers through hers, she turned to him and smiled and he gently squeezed her hand. She was so busy smiling at him she stumbled on the stairs, 'holy cow did my knees just go weak just because he held my hand?" she thought to herself.

He saw her smile at him and half grinned back, then she stumbled on the stair. She seems a lot clumsier than I remember he thought, maybe she's nervous, he hoped she was nervous because he liked the idea that he could make her nervous. He grabbed onto her arm and stopped her from falling as she grabbed him.

"My hero" Lorelai said in a high pitched voice.

"I'm going to go into Hartford tomorrow to get myself some new feet because these sure don't seemed to be doing the job" she said, obviously embarrassed at making a complete fool on of herself in front of Luke...again. He laughed and said "It's probably all that coffee finally getting to your system, hell you drink enough of it".

"Nah its probably just the vodka I put in the coffee when you weren't looking"

"Ah right, because that's so much better" he said rolling his eyes in true Luke fashion.

They were walking along the hallway and reached Lorelai's door which was next door to his. "This is me" she said smiling, she never noticed how nice his eyes were until now and he looked sexy in that brown jumper showing off his nice physique. He smiled at her, watching her every move intently, never wanting to look away. She looked great as always, her hair sat nicely around her beautiful face, and she was watching him with her amazing blue eyes and a smile that could light up a room.

"Yup here we are" he said, obviously nervous.

"Ok well thanks again Luke for being there tonight, and sorry about Jason I'm not sure what was going through his mind back there, I never really saw the psycho stalkerish side to him before... I wonder if he likes the movie psycho? I mean he ain't no Norman Bates but hey I'm sure with the right mentor he could..." she stopped herself and looked at him, she he looked at her with the normal look he gave her when she was babbling on about something.

"mm well he didn't want to let a good thing go so I can't blame him for that" Luke said nervously as he shifted his feet and looked down at his hands.

Lorelai took his hand in hers and said "I think I want to see this side of you more often because the sweet Luke is definatley nicer than the coffee Nazi" she said and laughed. He smiled at her and squeezed her hand again softly. She then leaned in and gave him a hug, she loved the feeling of his arms around her, she hadn't felt tingles even remotely like this since ... Christopher. He squeezed her gently as he smelt her hair and closed his eyes, he'd wanted to be like this with Lorelai for years, he had never felt this way about anyone, not even his ex-wife Nicole. Lorelai pulled her head back so that she was looking into Luke's eyes, she put her hands on his face and kissed him softly, he kissed back softly, then she put her arms round his neck as he pulled her closer to him. The kiss got more passionate as he pushed her gently up against the door. She gently slipped her tongue into his mouth and she heard him groan quietly with pleasure which turned her on even more. They massaged each others tongues as she ran her fingers through his hair which was so soft, totally not what she expected but then again it's been protected from the big bad world under that cap for most of it's life so that's probably why she thought. His arms were wrapped around her waist tightly as he kissed her passionately, this had definatley been a surprising night Luke thought.

Then Lorelai pulled back and kissed him softly on the lips and smiled, then she whispered into his ear "Goodnight Luke"

He pulled her close and kissed her gently before whispering into her ear "Goodnight Lorelai"

They both felt the tingles. She turned to open her door and said "Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite".

Luke laughed and looked at her like she was crazy and said "Ok...will do"

She looked at him and did her world famous pout and said "You're supposed to say 'Only if they don't blow me up with dynamite"

Luke rolled his eyes and gruffly said "Fine...Only if they don't blow me up with dynamite"

She winked at him and giggled as he blushed and turned round and went into her room, taking one last look at Luke before closing the door.

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