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28 – Not Letting Go

"Oh god, oh god, is he okay? Please tell me he's okay" Lorelai said growing hysterical, Emily and Rory got up from the table and walked out with concerned looks on their faces.

"Is it possible for you to come down here? I can give you more details when you get here"

"I'll be right there" Lorelai said hanging up.

"Mom what's wrong?" Rory asked concerned as to what was going on.

"Luke, oh god Luke, he's been… he's in… there was a car accident, I have to get to the hospital" Lorelai said bursting into tears.

"Oh my god" both Emily and Rory said as they covered their mouths in disbelief.

"I'll drive you to the hospital mom" Rory said grabbing her keys.

"No Rory I shall drive" Emily said as she asked the maid to grab her coat and tell Richard where they were going.

They reached the hospital about twenty minutes later, Emily had been tailgating and speeding practically the whole journey… Lorelai was surprised but thankful for this. She couldn't even wait for the car to stop before she opened the car door and ran into the hospital.

"Luke Danes, can you please tell me where Luke Danes is" Lorelai said hysterically when she was still a few metre's from the reception desk.

"Please wait a few minutes miss"

"I need to see him now, I know patience is a virtue but it ain't one of mine so..."

"I need to find out where he is please wait and the doctor will be right down" the woman said in a harsh tone, Lorelai sat down in the chair with her head in her hands as she waited what seemed like forever for the doctor to come down.

"Miss Gilmore?"

"Yes that's me, where's Luke? Is he okay?" Lorelai said getting upset again.

"Mr Danes had a lucky escape, luckily he was brought straight to hospital, he has broken a few bones and has some cuts and bruises but overall he should be fine"

"Should be?"

"He'll be fine" the doctor said in a comforting tone.

"Can I see him?"

"He's asleep right now but you can see him for a few minutes if you would like"

"Yes I want to see him" Lorelai said quickly, she turned around to Rory and her mother who had just heard the news and were obviously in a state of relief that he was okay. She knew how worried Rory had been, Luke was like a father figure to her all her life and she could tell when she was trying to stay calm for her benefit... this was definitely one of those times as she saw the tears forming in her daughters eyes.

Lorelai walked into the room and almost broke-down when she saw Luke lying in the bed, tubes coming out of him with visible cuts and bruises showing. He was asleep so she walked over and sat by the bed as she watched him sleep, taking her hand in his and squeezing it softly not wanting to risk hurting him. She had always seen Luke as this strong man and seeing him lying in this hospital bed in obvious pain she almost couldn't take it, the doctor had said he had a lucky escape… it had been lucky for the both of them, she didn't know what she would have done if she had have lost him.

"Oh god Luke, I can't believe I almost lost you" Lorelai said as she laid her head down beside him and started crying softly into the sheet.

"Mom?" Rory said when she came into the room and saw her mom with her head buried into the sheet, Luke still asleep. She went over and gave her mother a hug when she lifted her head, she hated seeing Luke like this and her mom so obviously devastated as well.

A few hours later…

Lorelai was still in sitting with Luke, Rory and Emily had gone to get some coffee for the three of them. The doctor had said that Luke would probably be awake soon and Lorelai hadn't wanted him to wake up and her not be there so she sat in the chair beside his bed, still holding his hand in hers as she sat and watched him sleep.

"Lorelai" Luke said quietly, he didn't have enough energy to talk at normal level as he saw Lorelai with her head beside his and her hand grasping his.

"Luke, oh my god you're awake"

"Are you okay?" Luke said when he saw her red eyes and tear streaked face.

"You're the one in the hospital bed Luke"


"I just can't believe I could have lost you Luke" Lorelai said as tears started coming back into her eyes as she looked at him.

"I'm fine" he said just above a whisper as he tried to smile at her.

"Look at yourself, you're far from fine. I hate that you're hurting right now, god I don't know what I would do if I had have lost you" Lorelai said as she started crying again, moving her hand so that it was softly stroking the side of his face as she looked at him, her eyes welling up with tears.

"You'll never lose me Lorelai, I promise you that" he said using up all his energy just to squeeze her hand.

"I almost did, and then where would I be, I'd be alone again Luke and I don't want to be without you, I was alone for all my life except for Rory but now I have you and I'm never going to take that for granted again" she said wiping her eyes with a tissue she was holding and placed a few very soft kisses on Luke's face down from a bruise to a cut on his cheek to his lips. He closed his eyes and slowly fell back to sleep, keeping her hand entwined in his as he quickly fell into a deep sleep.

19 hours later…

Lorelai had stayed at Luke's beside the whole time, Rory had stayed for a while but then Lorelai had convinced her to go back to Yale and that she would be fine. Although Rory knew her mom hadn't been eating so she went out and bough a lot of stuff and set it in a box beside the bed so that Lorelai could have some whenever she wanted… Rory knew it was serious when Lorelai hadn't drunk any coffee in nearly 24 hours or even wanted to.

Luke had been in a deep sleep because of all the medication he had been on the past few days so Lorelai hadn't spoken to him since the day before. She had done a lot of thinking while he had been asleep, she was overcome with emotion over the accident and the possibility that she could have lost Luke. After all they had been through since they had gotten together it was hard to imagine him not being around, the idea of him not being there, her not waking up to him or teasing him mercilessly… the idea that he wouldn't be the guy across the counter serving her coffee every morning and kissing her goodnight scared her to death.

Luke woke a while later, he was starving and hadn't eaten in days. Luckily Rory had packed some things in the box for Luke as well which Lorelai had been keeping cold by keeping it in the cooler she had bribed the nurse to get her. She took a yogurt out of the box and opened it to give him, obviously he couldn't actually feed himself so she slowly started to feed small spoonfuls of the strawberry yogurt into his mouth. She smiled at him as she started making airplane noises, remembering how much it had annoyed him when she did it with Davie.

"You still torment me in a hospital bed" he said grinning between spoonfuls. He had gathered some strength that he could sit up a bit and talk… not a lot but then again Luke wasn't really known for his long conversations anyway.

"Aww you know you love it really" she teased as she wiped a bit of yogurt off his bottom lip keeping her hand there for a second as she looked at him thinking how lucky she was to have him here. He could tell what she was thinking from the look on the face and kissed her fingers that were still gently brushing his lips, she smiled down at him before continuing to feed him the yogurt.

A week later Lorelai brought Luke home from hospital, he was so glad to be out of there finally, he had hated staying there for so long, actually for Luke anytime whatsoever in a hospital was too long a visit for him. It brought back too many bad memories about his parents that he rather not think about. Luke wasn't fit to go back to his place alone, neither did he want to and of course Lorelai would never have let him. Lorelai helped him upstairs in his cast and crutch, she had already fixed plenty of pillows for him as well as bringing the old television down from the attic to put in her room as well as renting some baseball videos and a few of his favourite movies.

"Wow you really went all out here" Luke said as he looked around him and saw all she had done to prepare for him coming home. It was doing these little things like getting all his favourite movies and placing a small bowls of carrot, yogurt and salad on a table beside the bed as well as a selection of herbal tea's, she hadn't been sure which was his favourite so she had bought them all for him so he could have some variety… it was these things that confirmed to him how much she loved him and how much he really needed her in his life.

That night Luke had fallen asleep early, Lorelai wasn't sure about the sleeping arrangements because he was hurt and she didn't want to roll over on his arm or leg and make them even worse so she set up a sleeping bag on the floor so that if he did need something during the night she would be there. Luke woke up in the middle of the night, reaching his good arm over to Lorelai's side of the bed, not feeling anything he opened his eyes to see she wasn't lying there. He waited a few minutes in case she had gone to the toilet but when he couldn't hear anything he moved to get up, wincing at the pain.

"Luke?" a half asleep Lorelai said as she opened her eyes.

"Jesus Christ" Luke said loudly when he saw her head pop up from the side of the bed.

"Wow I mean I know the morning look isn't my best but jeez"

"Why are you on the floor?"

"You're hurt, I could roll over and like kill your leg or arm, it's safer down here"

"You're not going to kill my arm or leg" he said rolling his eyes.

"I might" she said indignantly.

"I've been stuck in a single hospital bed for the past week, I want you beside me"

"Are you sure?" she asked seriously, concerned that she might hurt.

"Positive, now get up here crazy lady" he grinned as she smiled, standing up she got into bed beside him, luckily his good arm was on her side which he wrapped around her and she snuggled into him.

The next six weeks were hard for both Lorelai and Luke. Lorelai worked as little as she could manage at the Inn although surprising Michel was helping out a lot without whining half as much as he usually did. Cesar and Lane were both working like crazy in the diner because Luke couldn't, although Lorelai had been in everyday to check everything was running smoothly, even working a few shifts when Lane's band had a gig. Luke had been stuck at home, he hated feeling so useless just sitting around doing nothing and feeling like a burden… although Lorelai had been great. The whole time during this whole 'healing time' as she called it she had been nothing but patient and generous making sure he had everything he needed, helping out at the diner, calling home to check up on him and calling him throughout the day to stop him from getting lonely… he would have been lost without her.

"Of course I'm going to wait, I have to say goodbye to Mr Plaster" she said as she rubbed Luke's cast while they were in the hospital. He couldn't wait to finally have it off, he had got the arm cast off the week before and his arm still felt so much lighter after not having to drag an arm around on him. Lorelai had signed both his arm and leg cast more than 10 times each, she was careful to sign them both equally so that neither of them would feel left out… he just let her do it, he had gotten used to her weird ways. Plus the days she was working it was kinda nice to look down at his arm or leg and see 'I love you' written on them or a funny message or song she had made up… even when she wasn't around she could always manage to put as smile on his face. He just hoped that since he was now almost recovered it didn't mean he had to go back to his apartment, he didn't want to go back there now. Not after he knew how great it was to wake up everyday with Lorelai next to him and it feel totally natural, he didn't want to just go back to just sleepovers at her place or his… he wanted more than that.

Lorelai waited outside while Luke got the plaster taken off, she was excited that he was getting it off because she knew how frustrated he had been with being so dependent and not being able to do everything for himself. She had planned a dinner for him when they got back, well Sookie was cooking and she had blown up some balloons and hid them in Rory's room, Sookie was going to put them out before they got back.

Luke and Lorelai got out of her truck, Luke limping a bit but not as much as she thought he would be, he was just glad to be finally getting back to normal… he just hoped the diner was still going okay. He had only been twice in the whole time he was out of commission and that was for 10 minute visits at a time. They walked into the house, smelling the waft of food as they walked in the door. Lorelai lead Luke into the kitchen where Sookie was standing putting their food onto plates and the balloons were tied up to each of their chairs with a candle in the middle of the table.

"Food's ready, enjoy and I'll talk to you later. Great to see you back to normal Luke" Sookie said as she smiled and left knowing that they needed their alone space for what Lorelai had planned.

"Wow" was all Luke could say.

"I just thought we should celebrate a bit today" Lorelai smiled at him, feeling slightly nervous all of a sudden.

"You are amazing" was all he could get out as he leaned down and kissed her hard on the lips, wrapping his arms around her waist tightly as he tried to deepen the connection.

"Okay hon, food first, we may need out appetites later" Lorelai said pulling back slightly after a few seconds, smiling as she kissed him softly before sitting down at the table before he sat down opposite her.

20 minutes later…

Lorelai couldn't concentrate anymore on her food, Sookie had done an amazing job as usual but she needed to do this or she knew she would never have the guts to.

"Luke" she said quieter than her usual tone, he looked over at her.


"You know I love you right?" she said.

"I do know that, not that I mind hearing it again" he grinned before giving her a questioning look, wondering where the conversation was heading.

"And when you had the accident and I got the phone call to say you were in the hospital I freaked, I mean I was so scared" she said quietly as she looked down at her plate, looking up into his eyes every few seconds.

"Hey I'm fine remember" he said softly as he reached over and rubbed her hand.

"I know you are… wow this isn't coming out right"

"Is everything okay?" Luke said starting to get concerned about what was going on with her, she was being very serious all of a sudden which wasn't always a good sign.

"Yes… no… I don't know. This past six weeks you've been living here with me have been really great, I mean not you being hurt… that sucked but I love waking up here with you and being able to come home and you to be here. It's the first time in my life I've ever felt this way" she said squeezing his hand and he grinned back at her.

"I feel the same way, I don't want to go back to my apartment"

"I don't want you to either" she said glad that at least they agreed on that.

"So are you asking me to move in with you?" Luke asked in a hopeful voice. This is what he had been waiting all through dinner to talk to her about and he was so glad she had brought it up too and it wasn't just him that felt this way.

"No I'm not asking you to move in with me" Lorelai said quietly, Luke looked at her with a confused look on his face as to what she actually meant because he was confused, didn't she want him to stay here?

"You're not?" he said in a disappointed tone.

"No I'm not" Lorelai said getting up from her seat, not letting her eyes leave his as he followed her, still not getting what she was doing. She kneeled down in front of him, he still didn't get it as he looked down at her.

Lorelai looked up from her hands into his eyes, getting lost for a second in the deep pools of blue looking down at her. She took a deep breath before asking the most important question of life, "Luke will you marry me?"

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