TITLE: Gas Leaks
AUTHOR: Susan / apckrfan
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SPOILERS: Through Bad Eggs (2x12)
SUMMARY: Principal Snyder in his office after the events in Bad Eggs
NOTES: I couldn't resist paying a visit to Principal Snyder
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STATUS: complete
DATE WRITTEN: April 2004

"It was a gas leak, nothing to worry about," Principal Snyder said once again. Where were these concerned parents when their kids were cutting school or practically fornicating in the hallways? He was surprised to see Joyce Summers in the crowd of concerned parents, she was the last one he expected to see there.

How did the mayor expect him to remain under the radar screen if things like this continued to happen? He tried to minimize the events at Sunnydale High School and tried to keep Buffy Summers in-check. Neither of which were easy tasks.

He sat at his desk and shifted through paperwork that required his signature. "It could have been worse," he said to himself as he turned in his chair to look out the windows that overlooked the school's campus. A repeat of parent conference night would have been a nightmare. "Gangs on PCP," he muttered to himself, clutching the side of his head. He felt a headache coming on pure and simple, and it was going to be a good one.

His control was gradually slipping away, he could feel it. Too many people were affected by whatever it was that had occurred tonight. It was not vampires, he knew that much. Sooner or later gas leaks and gangs on PCP were not going to suffice for the good citizens of Sunnydale.

"It wouldn't for me," he said to no one. Not that he would ever risk having children of his own.

A knock on his office door surprised him. Who was still here at this time of night? Bearing in mind the fate the prior Principal met with, he was not sure he wanted to answer the door. He reasoned, though, if the person wanted him dead they would not bother with knocking. "Come in." He rolled his eyes when he saw in the reflection of the window that it was the librarian. "What do you want?"

"The school is empty. I just thought I'd let you know that everyone was out."

"Your attention to details is astounding, Mr. Giles."

"There's no need to be flippant, especially considering you should have been out there until the last person left."

He supposed the Englishman had a point but Snyder was not about to concede. "I did my part, Mr. Giles. I saw that the proper authorities were called in and accessible to those who might need them."

Snyder saw something fleeting in Rupert Giles' eyes, but it was gone too quickly for him to read too much into it. The man had knowledge that much Snyder was certain of. "I suppose in your eyes that was enough. Very well. Have a good evening."

"Moron," Snyder whispered once Mr. Giles had closed the door behind him. "We'll see who is left standing when all is said and done." He had no idea what was coming, but knew it was something big. The mayor would not be involved if it wasn't.

The End

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