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Laria and Jeff stood on an Island decorated stage in front of a large audience. To their left sat Bakura and Seto to their right sat the jury and all the other castaways sat behind them.

"Hello!" Laria greeted, "Welcome to the Survivor Reunion!"

The audience cheered while the castaways waited nervously to know who would be announced the winner.

"Our players have battled pretty much everything to get here," Laria continued, "But after thirty-nine long and relatively annoying days there are only two left. But only one can be named... Survivor."

Some strange tribal music much like what the castaways heard at the beginning of the game played. When the music was over Laria's Millennium Earring glowed and the Millennium Puzzle Box appeared in her hands.

"And now the time you've all been waiting for," Laria said taking the lid off the Puzzle Box. "Jeff if you'll read the votes."

"With pleasure." Jeff pulled a piece of paper out, "The first vote goes to Bakura."

"Ha!" Bakura smirked. "I'm one step closer! Sole Survivor is mine!"

"A vote for Seto." Jeff announced.

"Really?" Seto said amazed.

"Yah!" Cheered Mikari from the audience, "Go Seto!"

"Another vote for Seto."

"No!" growled Bakura.

"A vote for... me?" Jeff said looking at the piece of paper curiously.

"That's from me," Said Laria. "I think you should win because you had to put up with all of them for thirty-nine days."

"I wish I could win." Jeff sighed.

"Well you can't!" Bakura said impatiently, "Read the votes!"

"Yes Bakura-sama." Jeff muttered sarcastically.

"Damn right."

Jeff glared at the white haired spirit and pulled out another vote.

"Another vote for Seto." Jeff pulled one more piece of paper from the Puzzle Box. "And the winner and Sole Survivor is... Seto Kaiba!"

All the Seto Fan Girls in the audience, along with everyone that wanted Bakura to lose cheered loudly. Mikari ran on stage and hugged Seto tightly.

"He won!" She said excitedly "Bishie-kun won!"

"Does this mean I get technology back?"

"How'd he win!?" Bakura interrupted before Seto's question could be answered.

"I got the most votes." Seto said smugly, still being hugged by Mikari.

"Did you think we'd vote for you after all you did?" Marik asked.

"Hell yeah!"

Malik, Ryou and Marik all glared at Bakura.

"Well if none of you voted for him, who did?" Laria asked.

"I did." Joey said meekly.

"Why?" asked Yami.

"He got my question right."

"Baka inu," Laria rolled her eyes. "Twenty isn't between one and ten."

"Pie isn't even a number."

"Pi is three point... something." Laria answered.

"You don't know pi?" Seto asked.

"..." Laria looked around nervously, "Well how does it feel to be all together again castaways?"

"Don't change the subject!"

"Any one have any regrets?" Laria asked.

"I regret opening my mouth at Tribal Council." Said Mako.

"I regret ever going along with Bakura's alliance." Malik said bitterly hugging Mr. Fuzzy.

"I regret letting you stick us on the Island in the first place." Said Seto.

"But you won." Laria said.

"That's not the point."

"Speaking of winning, what did he win?" Bakura asked.

"Oh I forgot to tell you," Laria said, "Seto because you are now the Sole Survivor; you win the grand prize of a million dollars. But because you don't really need it, we're giving you the Island."

"That's my Island!" exclaimed Jeff. All of a sudden Pegasus ran on stage.

"There you are!" Pegasus yelled pointing at Jeff. The Survivor Host 'eeped' and hid behind Laria.

"Uh... Pegsy?" Laria asked. "Why are you here?"

"Jeff stole my Island!"

"We were on Duelist Kingdom the whole time." Said Joey.

"I knew it seemed familiar!" Atemu blurted out.

"I want my Island back!" Pegasus complained.

"No way!" Seto glared. "It's mine now!"

"But-"but was Pegasus was going to say will never be known because at that point in time he mysteriously caught on fire and ran off screaming. Everyone looked scared and confused. Laria merely grinned.

"What just happened?" asked Jeff.

"Behold the power of the Island Spirits." Laria laughed evilly.

"Can some one please explain to me how Seto Kaiba became Sole Survivor?" Bakura asked.

"Well you just give about it."

"Not until I get a good reason."

"Well..." Laria took a deep breath. "There are some reasons I think Seto won Sole Survivor, other then because of torturing him. Seto has survived these many long days on the Island with out doing a single thing to help the Tribe, hardly any human interaction, and when he did have something to say, he complained. Now normally on Survivor if you acted like that you'd be on the boat home before you can say 'The Tribe has spoken'. So why is he Sole Survivor? The simple reason he lived so long with out Tech.

"In the beginning there were some who had their complaints. Marik and the fact that he couldn't be with Bakura, Joey and his rice, Seto and his Tech. Even though Marik finally got Bakura and no one really knows what happened with Joey's rice problem, Seto hasn't really actually got his Tech yet. Sure there was the lap top tar failed and the cell phone that was nothing more then a coconut, the computer that died and got stolen by Jeff, and the Space Time Object Replacement Device that was only good for dropping coconuts on people. But at least he's tried. No one else has tried to get what they want. Marik was to lazy to go over the to the other tribe and kidnap Bakura and Joey was to stupid to go fishing on his own... or at least eat a coconut.

"Plus another good thing about winning Survivor is that you get the title of Sole Survivor. Seto is already the CEO of a major gaming corporation. Not to mention he's the best duelist and cheater and player of games ever ('cept Uno), other then Atemu but he cheats also. He invented the cool Dueling Arena for Duelist Kingdom, and the even cooler Duel Disk for Battle City. He held and almost won his own tournament. He owns three of the best monsters in Duel Monsters, the Blue Eyes White Dragon, and he stole his company from his step father and forced him to jump out a window (or something like that). Plus he has that awesome Anti-gravity coat, and a lot of other cool clothes (I know, I raided his closets while he was gone... you didn't hear that). So what better thing to add to that list then Sole Survivor... It's just one more thing for him to brag about and rub in my face because I'm not the Sole Survivor."

Laria took another deep breath and everyone stared at her.

"What in God's name was that!?" Seto asked, looking at his twin like she had lost her mind.

"Laria if you wanted a Seto speech, you should have asked me." Mikari said smiling, "My Seto speeches are better and longer."

"Seto... Speech?" Laria asked, recalling what she said her eyes went wide. "No! that wasn't a Seto Speech! I- I-"

"Its ok Laria," Mikari hugged Seto tighter. "I bet Bishie-kun's excited to know what a wonderful Fan Girl you are."

"..." Seto was almost speechless, "Lar... a Fan Girl... what the f-"

"I'm not a Fan Girl!" Laria interrupted.

"I think it's time to get back to the show." Jeff added.

"No way!" Laria shrieked.

"But it needs to be finished if it's going to be on TV." Said Jeff.

"This can't go on TV." Laria said, "Not with what I said."

"We're going to be on TV?" asked Joey.

"That's why you've been following us around!" exclaimed Bakura.

"Laria, you have to put this on TV, everyone must know what a great Fan Girl you are."

"No, no, no!"


"So what about the alliance?" Laria said, changing the subject again. "Didn't do as well as you guys thought it would, eh?"

"It's all Marik's fault if failed." Bakura said.

"Why is everything blamed on me?" Marik asked.

"Water!" Bakura said bluntly.

"'Kura doesn't love me anymore." Marik said, looking like he was about to cry.

"I never said that."

"But..." Marik sniffled. "But..."

"Awww... Marik-chan." Bakura wrapped his arms around his blond lover tenderly. "I'm sorry I blamed everything on you. It's not your fault."

"Really?" Marik sniffed.

"Really, really." Bakura said leaning over and kissing him passionately.

"Awww." sighed the audience at the cheesy love scene moment.

"Get a room!" Ryou gagged.

"..." Laria stared at the two Albino-looking-but-not-really-Albino's "Wow, Bakura's more like Ryou and Ryou's more like Bakura."

"A lot happens when you abandon people in the middle of no where." Jeff said

"Can we go home now?" Malik asked.

"Yeah I guess."

The castaways cheered as they finally received there freedom back. As they all got up and ready to leave Laria returned their Millennium Items. Everyone was glad for it to be over, even though they did have some fun during it. They all said good-bye to their old Tribe Mates as if they would never see each other again.

"It's so sad." Bakura said teary-eyed as he and Marik left together, followed by Ryou.

"Suck it up." The white haired teen rolled his eyes. Malik meet up with his sister again, still hugging Mr. Fuzzy close to him.

"When are you ever going to get rid of that thing?" Isis asked her little brother, who merely shrugged.

"Well I got to get back to hosting the real Survivor." Jeff said when everyone was gone, leaving only Laria, Seto and Mikari. "They might be wondering where I'm at."

"If they ask tell them you were abducted by aliens." Laria grinned.

"It's close enough to the truth." Added Seto.

"Ok..." Jeff said heading toward his helicopter.

"Thanks for hosting the show for me." Laria said.

"Anytime." Jeff waved good-bye to the three as his helicopter took off. The roof to the building they were in and Jeff flew away. Disappearing into the clouded sky of Domino City, hoping never to return again.

The End

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