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Authors Note: Having yesterday been informed that August the eleventh is Ginevra Weasley's birthday, I thought that it might be a good idea to write a story with a corrected timeline.

Harry Potter and the Inspiration of Ginevra and Hermione.

Chapter 1 Harry's Birthday.

It was very near midnight on the thirtieth of July 1997 and in the Burrow nothing stirred, as the far off bells of the church in Ottery St Catchpole started to chime midnight the faintest snick of a door opening and closing occurred. There was no way that anyone in the house could possibly of heard the sound over the chainsaw like snores of Ron Weasley, who earlier in the evening had been frightened by the resident Ghoul impersonating a giant spider and was now sleeping with his bedroom door open.

"Is that you Gin?" Harry's voice whispered.

"So who else were you expecting?" was Ginny's hushed reply.

He sat up and cast a silencing charm on the room then a locking charm on the door.

Instantly she was in his arms and they were kissing passionately, she came up for air and said, "I love you, Happy Birthday darling!" and resumed the exploration of his mouth with her tongue, then continued, "I have come to give you your Birthday present." She broke away far enough to remove her nightdress, he could only see her by the light of the three quarter moon shining through the window of Percy's old room and she was breathtaking. He drew her to him then kissed her again passionately intuitively he started caressing her breasts causing her nipples to become nearly solid and her to moan passionately.

Then she moved slightly away again and started removing her bikini briefs but Harry stopped her and said, "Not till we are married, anyway it would be illegal you are not sixteen for eleven days."

She complained, "But I want you so badly I could explode before then."

Harry started kissing her neck, ears and shoulders, by the time he reached her breasts and nipples she was once again moaning loudly. He continued working his way downwards until he had to pull her drawers to one side then he inserted his tongue into the top of her wetness and began licking her clitoris. She lasted about thirty seconds before she started bucking and almost howling as her orgasm exploded but Harry didn't stop, he continued sucking, licking and probing with his tongue until she came twice more.

About five minutes later when she had recovered sufficiently, she said, "Wow! So that was an orgasm, it was wonderful darling, so who taught you to do that?"

He had moved back up and they were kissing as they were talking, "I didn't learn it from anybody, it was in that book," he answered as he pointed at a book on his bedside cabinet. "Apparently your brother was given it to read by Luna, I think you might possibly guess why."

"Mmmm!" she sighed and then said, "Is there anything in there I can do for you?"

"Yes there's plenty, but you will have to read about it then if you want to you can do something later on, there's still about twenty-three hours of my birthday left and do you think that you should go back to your own bed now?"

"Yes I should before I fall asleep and I am taking that book with me." So saying she slid out of his bed and found her nightdress then put it back on and after several false starts brought about by one last kiss goodnight, she went back to her room clutching the book.


Breakfast in the Burrow was usually a fairly raucous meal however being as it was Harry's Birthday it was even more uninhibited than normal. Both Luna and Hermione had come over early by Floo and Hermione was going to spend the rest of the holiday at the Burrow. Being as it was a Thursday Mr Weasley had gone to work at the Ministry and the twins were in the shop they had opened abut a year ago in Diagon Alley.

Harry was due to go to the solicitors at ten thirty with the Headmaster, but just before ten there were several pops from outside and the Headmaster called out that it was only him and he came into the kitchen followed by Dobby and Winky.

The three of them wished Harry a Happy Birthday then Professor Dumbledore said, "Well Molly, I thought that we might have a bit of a party for Harry later so I brought you a couple of helpers?"

"That's a good idea Albus and thank you for the help." The Headmaster led her through to the lounge where he and Molly spent about ten minutes talking quietly.

As soon as they came out Molly said to Ginny and Hermione, "Would you two like to go to the solicitors with Harry?"

Both of the girls, who had over the previous year become the best of friends, were excited and agreed that they would, so they dashed upstairs to get ready, Harry was already dressed because he had put his formal robes on first thing after he had showered.

Then Molly and Albus started discussing with the two House Elves what was to be prepared for tonight's party and it was fairly obvious to Luna, Ron and Harry that this was not to be a particularly small party. So very quietly Harry said, "I will stick some money in your vault to pay for the party mum."

"She never heard you mate," said Ron.

"I know," answered Harry with a grin, "but you did and you know that she didn't tell me not to." Now Ron and Luna had big grins as well.

Eventually the two girls came back down and with two minutes to spare the three of them used the Portkey that the Headmaster gave them to go to the solicitors, it was set to activate when all three of them touched it, meanwhile Professor Dumbledore 'apparated' there as well.

When the four of them arrived in the solicitor's waiting room the only other person there was Remus Lupin who looked really well and he greeted them all cheerfully, he seemed very pleased to see them all.

Almost immediately a goblin came out and led every one through to a small conference room where Mr McMahon greeted them all cordially and shook their hand's as they moved around the large table to sit down. Then he said, "I assume that you have no objections to these two young ladies hearing me explain the scope of the Potter Trust to you?"

"Of course not," Harry replied, "these are two of my closest friends."

Mr McMahon read a load of legal twaddle then continued, "Now we have made it to the significant part:

There are three items of Real Estate. The first is the cottage known as Godric's Hollow this is held in perpetuity by the trust, which means that you cannot sell it. Also I must tell you that it has been totally restored to its original condition and is currently being looked after by two House Elves. The second is the house known as The Potters Wheel, which is near Haverford West in Pembrokeshire..."

Hermione interrupted him excitedly, "I have seen that, it's enorm..." she received a very severe look from Mr McMahon and she blushed profusely, saying a very contrite, "sorry."

He continued, "This is also held in perpetuity and is being looked after currently by six House Elves. Lastly we come to Potter Lodge, which is on the island of Barbados in the West Indies and is being looked after by a selection of local magical and squib folk, this also produces the finest Rum I know of.

Next a complete inventory of all monies and assets are listed in these papers, that you may take with you and when converted into wizard money they add up to just over one hundred and twenty seven million Galleons. I cannot be more precise, it increases by something around a million Galleons a month and you will never know exactly what you are worth, suffice to say that it is an adequate amount."

Harry and the girls were stunned but the Solicitor continued, "Now I must formally ask you if it is your intension to continue to use this firm to conduct your affairs?"

Harry was still appeared to be a bit shell-shocked but he looked at the Headmaster who gave a slight nod, so he turned to the Solicitor and said, "Yes, you may continue to look after the affairs of the Potter family."

"Thank you." Mr McMahon said and then continued, "So now it is now my duty to advise you that the Trust would like you to produce as many little Potters as possible. Therefore I must also inform you that although it is not common knowledge under particular circumstances wizard law permits wizards to take more than one wife, the only denominator is money. For every ten million Galleons you have you are permitted one wife ergo at this time you could take twelve wives, so I will now give you the same piece of advise my father gave to your father, 'Never forget that for every wife you take you also gain a mother in law.' Now we have some signing to do." They spent the next fifteen minutes signing and witnessing a multitude of documents eventually there were only three remaining.

Harry signed for and received two silver keys, one in the shape of a 'P' and a second that looked like 'GH'. "These are the keys to 'The Potters Wheel' and 'Godric's Hollow'," the solicitor told him, "they are rather special. If you hold one and touch it with your wand it will transport you to the chosen house, also they will carry whoever else is touching them along with you, provided you want them to come. No one can force you to take him or her to either place and the keys have a personalised homing charm on them, if you loose one or it is taken from you it will automatically return to you. Moreover as they are, they would be too big for your pocket but if you hold one and think it to shrink or expand it will."

He picked up the 'P' and first it expanded to about a foot high then it shrank to the size of a Gringotts vault key.

"We are nearing the end. Griplock!" called the Solicitor and the goblin that had shown them in, entered carrying a Hogwarts style trunk, which Harry signed for and Mr McMahon said, "I would not recommend you to open this today, it is full of personal effects from your mother and father, you will need time and space to digest its contents."

Professor Dumbledore said, "Dobby!"

The three were surprised when Dobby appeared and said, "Dobby is here Headmaster?"

"Will you take this trunk and put it in Harry's room at the Burrow please."

Dobby said, "Yes Headmaster," and with a small pop both he and the trunk disappeared.

"Finally," said the solicitor, passing Harry the last scroll, "I must present you with this, it is the right to claim the title of 'Lord Gryffindor of Pembroke' I would not advise you to do anything about this for a few years yet." The Solicitor sighed, "We have come to the end at last."

"Can you keep this for me please and can you place one million Galleons in the vault of Molly and Arthur Weasley to pay for tonight's party?" Harry asked passing the final scroll back to the Solicitor; the Headmaster had a huge grin on his face.

"Certainly I can and I will." He said then he shook each of their hands and saying goodbye he left the room.

"Mum will kill you when she finds out what you have done." Ginny told him.

He just smiled and said, "Then you won't have a boyfriend, so you better persuade her not to."

They all sat still slightly stunned for a few minutes then Remus said quietly, "I think we should leave."

Harry picked up the 'GH' key and shrank it then put it into his pocket along with the 'P' key and then they all went out to the waiting room.

When Harry asked Remus if he was coming to the party tonight he replied with a big grin that he was, he also told them that he was bringing Tonks and then he left.

Their Headmaster left after telling them that they could use their Portkey to return to the Burrow and then he assured them that he would be at the party tonight, so they used their Portkey and returned to the Burrow.


They arrived back in the kitchen to find the two elves busily preparing food for the evening. So they went through to the lounge where they found Luna and Ron talking to Molly who immediately stood up and gave a very subdued looking Harry one of her special hugs.

He sat in the centre of a sofa and the two girls sat either side of him both leaning in and cuddling him and Ron said, "Hey Hermione stop making a play for my sisters boyfriend."

"Try to stop being a prat for once Ron," Ginny said then both girls kissed Harry's cheek at the same time and she continued, "did you know that for every ten millions Galleons you have you could have a wife? So if you had twenty million you can have two wives and so on. Well, Harry could have twelve if he wanted but we both kind of hope that he only wants us two."

Harry's eyebrows shot up and he said, "So..." Ginny kissed him, "So..." Hermione kissed him and he had a big grin, then he ducked as he said, "So you both want to be my girlfriend?" they were both smiling back at him and nodding so he hugged both of them.

Smiling Molly said, "Well I am glad that is settled, I'm going to make some sandwiches for lunch." So she went out to the kitchen.

"Could you and Ron," Hermione said smiling at Luna, "take Harry out for a game of touch Quidditch or something after lunch, Ginny and I have a 'book' to study?" she had emphasised 'book'.

"Of course we will," Luna answered, with the biggest grin they had ever seen on her face, "won't we darling." She had obviously received the message loud and clear.

Mrs Weasley came back in with a huge plate of assorted sandwiches that she placed in the middle of the table, she was followed by Dobby who placed a large plate of bacon and HP sauce sandwiches in front of Harry also one of chocolate ├ęclairs in front of Ron. Ron now had a real problem, he couldn't decide between eating sandwiches or ├ęclairs so he compromised by eating alternate mouthfuls of each, this wouldn't of been so bad if the sandwich of choice hadn't been cheese and onion. Winky had brought two large jugs of Pumpkin Juice and glasses for all of them.

When they had finished lunch Harry went upstairs to change and Molly settled herself on the sofa with a copy of Witch Weekly saying, "Winky slipped upstairs and did all the housework this morning while I was talking to Dobby."

Luna and Ron went out to the broom-shed to get their brooms so the other girls headed up to Ginny's room via Harry's. In his room they spent ten minutes making sure that he would be uncomfortable on his broom for at least an hour, then they completed their journey to Ginny's room.


The party was in full swing and what a party it was, all next years sixth and seventh year Gryffindor's were there together with a fair few from Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. The only Professors missing were Bins, Trelawney and Snape, as Professor Bins was a ghost his absence was excusable and being as they didn't like the other two they didn't care why they were absent. As far as they could tell all the Order of the Phoenix members were there along with all the Aurors they knew and a lot they didn't, these were obviously on duty.

At eight thirty, to his embarrassment they had sang happy birthday to Harry and just after they were confronted by Professor McGonagall who leaned close and said very quietly, "I hear from the Headmaster that you three are together. Well firstly remember 'he who must not be named', show restraint and secondly don't go daft when I say this, with the positions you two will hold next year you will have to set a good example." She was looking too and fro between Harry and Hermione when she made the last statement, "Keep it quiet all of you, it will be official in the next few days."

"We are going to be Head Boy and Girl," said Hermione excitedly her eyes glowing.

"Calm down Hermione," Harry said, "it isn't official yet and if you make too much fuss it may never be." This had the desired effect and Hermione calmed herself down.

"I don't know what you were so excited about," said Ginny, "it was obvious to everyone that you were going to be Head Girl."

"Well I thought that there was a pretty good chance of that," she replied, "but Harry's Head boy I was hoping for that of course but it wasn't that obvious."

"Who else did you expect, Draco?" Ginny asked, "Dumbledore chooses the Head Boy and Girl himself and Malfoy's bribes have no influence there."

They carried on circulating and at just after nine thirty there was a wonderful display of Weasleys Wizard Wheezes fireworks and by ten the display was over and people were starting to go home. So by ten thirty only those sleeping in the Burrow remained and were in the lounge talking about the day, the party and drinking one last cup of hot chocolate before going to bed.

At eleven fifteen Hermione and Ginny sneaked into Harry's room to give him his birthday present.

At eleven fifteen the servant entered the audience chamber of the Dark Lord and after some ceremonial bowing and scraping said, "What do you wish to know my master?" Snape was thinking, 'I know that voice, who is it?'

"Who was the Potter boy with, who are his friends?"

"He was with two girls most of the evening, one had brown bushy hair the other was the Weasley girl and everyone there were his friends, all of the three other Houses, my master."

Snape said, "The other girl is the Granger mudblood who is also always well protected, my master."

"Was there nothing there to help us in our quest to attack Potter?"

"I believe," said the servant, "the best we can hope for at this time is to keep watching and to hope that he slips up."

"I am sick of being patient," screamed Voldemort, "I am going to cause him some pain now and see what he is doing!"

All his servants who were in attendance bowed their heads while Voldemort closed his eyes then he opened his eyes staring vacantly and screamed. "Arrrrrrrrhhhaaaaaaa...!"

Harry cast a locking spell on the door behind them and then cast a silencing charm on the room. Ginny and Hermione started removing each other's clothes, Harry was laid on his bed and his pleasure was obvious for them both to see, especially when Ginny removed his boxers. The girls were taking turns in kissing him followed by thrusting their nipples in his mouth while the other took his member in her mouth and was sucking and licking it. As he was about to explode into Hermione's mouth Voldemort broke into his head and he moaned, Ginny pressed her breasts to his face as Hermione sucked extra hard then he erupted into her mouth.

A bright white light shone from his scar then seemed to vanish into it and a great weight seemed to be lifted from all of them, then he said, "That was the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced but Voldemort is dead and we must tell Dumbledore."

He kissed them both deeply, tasting himself in Hermione's mouth and they were all grinning madly as they put their night clothes and dressing gowns back on and hurried down the stairs to the kitchen. They sat around the fire and Harry threw in some Floo powder then said, "Albus Dumbledore."

The Headmasters face appeared and he said, "What is the matter Harry?" They could see the kitchen of number twelve Grimmauld Place; behind him were some of the order members sat around the table.

Harry told him, "I am sure that we have just killed Voldemort."

The three of them saw Snape charge into number twelve's kitchen and he said, "The Dark Lord is gone he just seemed to evaporate into nothing and I believe all the Death Eaters are also dead."

"Well we knew that Voldemort was dead young Potter has already told us." Mad Eye Moody said.

Molly and Arthur had come into the kitchen in the Burrow and were sat on the floor listening with the others.

"Bloody Potter trying to take credit for this now as well is he." Snape sneered.

Remus was on his feet with his wand about three inches from Snape's face pointing directly between his eyes and he said in a deadly quiet voice, "Be extremely careful what you say next and in the future. There is no possible way that Harry could have known that your precious Dark Lord was dead unless he was responsible."

Halfway through Remus' statement Kingsley and Tonks came into the kitchen and Dumbledore said, "It's alright Remus we are all perfectly aware that it was Harry that was responsible." Whilst Dumbledore was speaking Snape stormed out of the room barging past the two Aurors.

"So it was Harry who did it, it appears that everyone with the Dark Mark just died," said Tonks, "and did I understand correctly that he killed Voldemort as well. Bloody powerful magic that, remind me not to argue with him."

"Then why isn't Snape dead?" Asked Mad Eye. "He carries the Dark Mark, Kingsley I want him arrested and given the Althea test until it shows clear, then we will fill him up with Ministry full strength and listen to him squeal."

"Excuse me Professor Moody," Hermione asked, "but what is the Althea test?"

"Ah Miss Granger," he replied good naturedly, "it is a test to determine if someone has gone to the trouble of making themselves immune to Veritaserum, there aren't many good reasons for doing that. Anyway the immunity needs to be continuously reinforced, we will wait for it to wear off then feed him some full strength and see what he has to say for himself."

"Well I should be going to bed now," said Harry, "if you come over in the morning Headmaster I will tell you alone what happened, goodnight everyone." With that they shut down the Floo connection from the Burrow.

They all stood up from the floor, Molly went to make a cup of tea the others sat at the table without saying very much until she had given each of them a cup of tea, then Arthur asked, "Can you tell us what happened?"

Ginny said, "Harry killed Voldemort."

"How?" asked Molly.

"He's a love god and he gave him an overdose of love," said Hermione smiling.

Arthur's eyebrows disappeared upwards and he simply said, "Well?"

Harry said, "First you must promise that what I tell you goes no further ever." Molly and Arthur promised and Harry continued. "Ginny, Hermione and I were saying a very passionate birthday goodnight when Voldemort decided to break into my mind. I don't think that he could do anything about the blast of love that came charging from me down the connection, apparently it vaporised him."

Molly then said severely, "So that's why Ginny has her nightdress on inside out?"

Ginny looked furious.

"I told you that it was very passionate," he said, "but I assure you that she still had her knickers on, as did Hermione."

Before Molly could say anything else Ginny erupted, "Last night I tried to get Harry to take my virginity as his birthday present but he told me that as much as he wanted it I would have to save it for him until we were married. So don't you dare start on him this was all our idea and I had the idea before Hermione even arrived here so don't try blaming her either."

"No more dear!" Arthur said to Molly, "We have heard all we need to know and whatever else the world is a better place with Voldemort gone. Now we should all go to bed and if I read this situation correctly both of the girls are very safe with Harry, so I don't mind if they want to sleep in Harry's bed with him. Would you like me to do a stretching spell on your bed son?"

Ginny said, "Yes please dad," and she went around and gave her dad a cuddle.

Molly came around and gave Harry a cuddle then said, "Sorry I was so sharp with you and I wouldn't trust Arthur to stretch an elastic band so I will do it for you."

They all stood and went up the stairs so they didn't notice a beetle take off from the ceiling and fly out of the window.