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Authors Note: So here we have the final instalment of this ever so fluffy tale.

Chapter 12. Ginny's Birthday.

Harry decided that he liked it, he was being kissed awake and he suddenly realised that it was Hermione and not Ginny who was trying to check on the condition of his tonsils with her tongue.

"Where's Ginny?" he managed to ask as his assailant broke away for air.

"I wished her Happy Birthday and she has gone for a shower," she kissed him again and continued, "and that is what you should be doing, if some sex starved harlot would leave you alone." Hermione, who was still in her nightdress, was kissing him once more then she added, "Ginny asked me to wake you up and so are you awake yet?" before he could reply the kissing resumed.

Feeling clever Harry levitated Hermione with her lips still on his all the way into the shower, he started it running on full cold then stood her in it and then he ran back into his room with a soaking wet Hermione pursuing him and he collided with Ginny.

Hermione watched giggling as Harry and Ginny fell in a tangled heap and she said, "You've had her in your bed all night and now you want her on the floor!" and she fell on top of Harry laughing. "I like your eyes Ginny, Earth magic, goodness and Healing. I wonder what Earth magic is?"

"I love you both," Harry said in a strained voice from under the two girls, "but we really have to get on Ginny needs to learn a lot in quite a short time and we probably won't be able to do very much after lunch."

"You're quite right of course," said Hermione heaving herself up then helping Ginny, who was dressed for the start of the day, then they both helped Harry up and Hermione immediately started kissing him again.

"For heavens sake," said Ginny trying to sound exasperated but giggling, "take the randy bitch in the shower with you and sort her out."

"Randy? Yes but I am not a bitch," said Hermione with a pout, she was dragging Harry towards the shower and finished, "I have decided that for the time being I am going to be a harlot, so there."

When they disappeared into the shower Ginny sat, with a small smile, shaking her head then she started reading 'Principles and Practices of the Magi' and much to her surprise Hermione was only about fifteen minutes.

Bold as brass a totally naked Hermione strolled straight through Harry's room towards her own saying, "I really needed that, I know it didn't take long but I came five or six times and that should last me until tonight."

Five minutes later Harry came out and joined Ginny he kissed her on the forehead but did not disturb her reading, five minutes later Hermione came back from her room this time fully clothed and the trio went down stairs to the library. They soon determined that Ginny was a level nine Magi the same power level as Hermione.

However the major revelation came from Merlin who told them that Ginny's silver eyes would give her power over fire, water, the weather and all growing things. Her healing ability would extent to wild and tame animals of both normal and magical varieties. What exactly did all that really mean, so with Merlin's words ringing around the insides of their heads they went to breakfast.

After they all had wished her Happy Birthday the first topic of conversation at the breakfast table was of course Ginny's eyes and everybody loved them. Molly asked if the colours meant anything and Harry told them all that that was one of those things that they couldn't talk about and it seemed that this answer was becoming perfectly acceptable.

When breakfast was over Luna and Ron went to get their swimming things whilst Dan and Emma, who had several books with them, went to the lecture room to await Professor Flitwick's arrival. Being as how it was Monday Arthur had to go to work in the Ministry although he promised to try to be home early and Molly just disappeared towards the front of the house with Jemma, on party business no doubt.

The trio of Magi made their way to their room of requirements for a morning of enlightenment, Harry had created a large picture frame in the room and Merlin was in it with Godric.

First on the agenda was teaching Ginny the defensive wards that from now on she would keep on herself permanently and also those she would be able to place on other people.

"Why are these so different from the normal ones we learn?" Ginny asked.

"Because they are kept in place all of the time and we have to live in the world with other people," Hermione answered, "here's how Harry explained it to me. If Harry had an ordinary defensive shield up all the time and one of us tried to give him a quick kiss we would be banished across the room, not very satisfactory. If some trollop approached him with evil intent then as soon as she tried to touch him she would be banished and if she were really evil she would land in a cell in the Ministry."

"So your assaulting him because you want your wicked way with him," Ginny was trying hard not to giggle and she wasn't succeeding very well, "doesn't count as evil intent then? Just as well really, you would have had quite a lot of explaining to do, up before the Wizengamot in your nightdress."

Every body was laughing including the pair in the picture frame, Hermione was scarlet but also laughing and she said, "Your honour I was just so randy, all I did was stick my tongue down his throat, I wanted his babies oh so badly." She was fluttering her eyelids desperately trying to look sweet and innocent.

Ten minutes later when the frivolity calmed down Ginny admitted that it would be impossible for her to forget the reason these shields were the way they had been designed.

Next Harry taught them both how to create their own temporary portals and they spent a very enjoyable couple of hours journeying between the girls and the boys dormitories in Hogwarts, the upstairs corridor in the Leaky Cauldron, Hermione's bedroom at home and Ginny's at the Burrow. At several of these locations they deemed it absolutely essential that they christen beds that had been the location of many fantasies and dreams involving each other.

Eventually they made their way back to Merlin's study and Harry taught both girls to make their own room's of requirements and they finally gave up when they exited Hermione's last effort. It had been a bordello, she swore that it wasn't but deep pile carpets, large soft pillows scattered everywhere and a ten-foot circular bed with silk sheets and at least a dozen pillows seemed to be a bit of a giveaway.

However her parting shot was, "It can't possibly have been a bordello, in a bordello you have to pay. That was my idea of a Honeymoon paradise."

There wasn't to be any arguing with her because it was now lunchtime, they were ravenous and discussing the particular sexual status of rooms did not seem to be the thing to do over lunch.

Party guests had been told that they could arrive anytime between three and five o'clock so they figured that they should all be ready by quarter to three. A few dozen comfortable chairs had been put in the inner hall as the arrival point was the entrance hall and the trio wanted to be there to welcome the guests.

Access to the parts of the house not allocated for the party had been magically blocked for the majority of the guests, the exceptions were Professors McGonagall, Tonks and Dumbledore, Amelia Bones and Remus Lupin. However anyone accompanying one of the residents would also be able to pass through the magical barriers unhindered.

When he heard Ron who had a big grin said, "I don't think that I will bother asking you why Fred and George are not on the list of exceptions."

It was two thirty and Harry was sat in his room awaiting the arrival of his two loves, they were both in Ginny's room with Mimi getting ready and he did not expect either of them for at least twenty minutes. He had been reading a book called detecting tampered foods and it had given him some insight into what to do about and with Fred and Georges stock in trade also it would only take seconds to impart the same knowledge to Ginny and Hermione.

Needless to say Harry was quite surprised when a pair of angels visited him nearly twenty minutes early and having kissed them both twice he first explained the food detection and disposal magic. Whoever had devised it had done a very good job of making it practical, the spell once cast was permanent so they all cast it on themselves immediately so they would forever know if any food or drink had been tampered with. Then he suggested that if anything untoward was offered to them they should make as to put it in their mouth but transfer it to the stomach of whoever had offered it to them, they both giggled and agreed.

Fred and George were not going to have everything their own way especially when Hermione reminded them to be sure to get those truly responsible if innocents like Neville were lured into perpetrating their misdeeds.

The last thing Harry reminded them of was their ability to call each other through their rings, Ginny especially looked relieved when she was reminded of this ability the three of them shared.

"I haven't told you before," Harry said with a grin, "Crabbe, Goyle and Malfoy have all been invited to the party." The girls looked upset, but Harry continued, "It is open day on those three," the girls eyes lit up, "they must receive two public warnings from any of us but the third strike and they're out. I first thought of slugs for Crabbe and Goyle then I thought that no one would want to take them home so I thought maybe moles? But Draco just has to be a FERRET!"

The three of them said the last word at the same time and they were all giggling then with ten minutes to spare the three of them went down to the inner hall and through to the party room.

It looked like a huge cavern carved from black crystal rock, it had no windows but hundreds of brilliant diamond stalactites were hanging down from the ceiling and these were illuminating the room. Maybe there were thirty small tables each with half a dozen chairs around the sides of the room but the main floor area was clear for dancing and of course the bar was unobstructed.

The trio went across and said hello to the 'Weird Sisters' and 'Celestina Warbeck' and her backing group, both of these most popular wizarding groups would be playing tonight.

Both groups had all just wished Ginny happy birthday when the trio were called because the guests had started arriving so the Magi trio made their way back to the inner hall.

First to arrive were Bill and Fleur, Charlie came with a very attractive lady called Sue Saunders who they had not met before, Fred and George were with Alicia Spinnet and Katie Bell. The twins were immediately dragged off by their mother to have the riot act read to them, whereas Bill and Charlie had been coerced into helping Ron welcome the guests as they arrived and to point out where everything was.

Jemma came to the trio and told them that she had modified some of the student's invitations, the arrival time for the Slytherins she had altered to four thirty to five pm, they all thought that this had been a good idea.

Hermione was talking to Sue and suddenly they were squealing, jumping up and down and cuddling each other, apparently Sue lived in Dorset and she bred cats. The riotous reaction was because Sue had bred Hermione's cat Crookshanks and the pair of them had now set off to find him in her room.

Fleur had been chatting to Ginny and Harry but more students started arriving so she went back to help the three Weasleys welcome people to the house. A lot of people were bringing presents for Ginny and these were being piled on a table at the far end of the hall to the right of the main staircase, Harry whispered to Ginny that she could now quite easily enchant a quill to write all of the thank you notes for her.

Harry and Ginny noticed the twins coming out of the room with the food, Hermione was coming back down stairs with Sue so he said to Ginny, "I need to talk to your mum a minute, you look after the guest arrivals."

He kissed her on the cheek and went to meet Hermione and Sue, "I have just seen the twins coming out of the food room, don't let anyone in there I am going to talk to their mum."

Hermione gave him a beautiful smile and went into the room with the food while Sue stood guard on the door.

Harry soon found Molly and asked, "I have just seen the twins coming away from the food, do I have your permission to make their lives a misery with anything I find they have done there?"

Molly's eyes lit up, "That would be great, especially if they were the only ones who were being pranked."

Harry thanked her and went back to Hermione and they quickly removed all of the doctored food, then he thanked Sue for standing guard and they went back to Ginny.

Harry quickly explained his idea to the girls and they decided that Fred and George were going to have a time to remember. The three of them would be 'Apparating' the jinxed food directly into the twin's stomachs at very regular intervals, it was also agreed that anyone that appeared to be too full of them selves would suffer the same treatment. The twins could be seen across the hall and courtesy of Ginny and Hermione one became a duck and the other a penguin this lasted about three minutes and two minutes later one was a rabbit and the other a chicken.

The Magi could perform this trick whilst talking to other people and they kept it up for an hour during which time each twin changed form at least ten times. The twins were with their girls trying to talk to their mother when Harry went to talk to them, "You now know that it can be very annoying, if anyone else changes form that we are not responsible for then the pair of you will be Flobberworms for a year."

"That was a funny way you worded that Harry." Molly said.

"Well Malfoy the ferret will probably come and we just need an excuse. Anyway a bunch of Slytherins will also probably come and I don't want to have to worry about the twins as well as them." Grinning he winked at the twins and went back to the girls.

A few minutes later Cadoc Elfic the office manager with Mr McMahon the solicitor and the party from the PIT arrived en-mass on foot and with Harry they all moved off to the corner by the office door. After a very short discussion it was decided that the company offices would remain where they were for the time being and that the staff would receive a twenty five percent pay rise. This would put them ten percent above the Ministry salary level and when he added that all future hiring and firing would have to be approved by him all the girls eyes lit up.

As Harry reached his loves one of the girls caught him up and said, "My name is Modlen Evans and if it isn't a secret I would like to know why you made that hiring and firing rule please sir?"

Harry smiled at her and said, "Modlen my name is Harry and that is what you and all the PIT girls are to call me unless you have reason to believe that you are in trouble. I receive very reliable information regarding PIT from a source I trust implicitly and whereas I think that PIT would function without Mr Elfic, I don't think it would work without you and a couple of the other girls. So I won't allow him to fire any of you, just so he can replace you with males, simply because PIT suddenly pays more than the Ministry."

By this time most of the PIT workers were around them listening and Modlen said, "You may have trouble from the fathers, they may want their sons working in PIT instead of the girls, Harry."

"Then they have a problem don't they, I always know when someone is telling me the truth," this Harry had said loud enough for Messer's Elfic and McMahon to hear, "none of you can be replaced unless it is what you and I want."

"But what if we are doing something wrong?" asked another of the girls.

"So you're a naughty girl are you?" Harry asked with a smile, "What are you likely to do so wrong?"

"Well what if I am pregnant and I am constantly late because of morning sickness?" she asked.

"There's nothing wrong with that it's perfectly normal for a woman isn't it?" Hermione said, "My mum was sick every morning from the time she became pregnant, until two weeks before I was born and I wouldn't wish that on anybody."

"You're Hermione Granger aren't you?" Modlen asked, "One of the 'Love God's,' angels."

"Yes she is," said Ginny, "and I am Ginny Weasley the other one."

"Happy Birthday!" they all chorused.

"And they are both on the PIT employment committee, so you're in good hands." Harry said, "Now you all have a party to enjoy."

Another group was waiting to talk to them it comprised the Headmaster, the Minister for Magic with her husband and Amos Diggory with his wife and they all were welcomed by the trio.

After the greetings the Minister simply smiled and said, "It worked. Catch you later." Then she headed with her husband and the Diggory's to the party room.

The Headmaster said, "I am sure that you are perfectly well aware that what you have said to the Potter Investment Trust staff will not please Messer's Elfic and McMahon."

"It wasn't particularly intended to one way or the other." Harry said the girls both had big smiles and he started talking very quietly, "It has become that I can tell if someone is lying to me or trying to mislead me, I think that Elfic is probably a total waste of space and the solicitor is only useful for things other than investments. So when, as they will, they come bleating to you, it would be nice if you let them know that my attitude is that they can work for me my way or they can do the other."

The Headmaster burst out laughing, "Harry I absolutely agree with you and I like your style, I will see you later." He disappeared into the party.

It was five to five when the only eight guests with Slytherin invitations arrived and one of them was a girl called Heidi who apparently went to Durmstrang and it didn't look like she was very happy being with Blaise Zabini.

Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle had come with Pansy Parkinson, Daphne Greengrass and Millicent Bulstrode respectively and on arrival they had all been given explicit instructions with regard to the house's security.

Hermione leaned between Harry and Ginny then whispered, "That Zabini looks a right cocky git."

"Yes look at him." Ginny said.

Zabini strutted straight up to the door to the office and tried to open it, it did not budge. He shook the door trying to open it a second time, not only did it not budge the door said, 'You have been told not to try to open me. Please desist.' Zabini took out his wand and cast a spell at the door and he disappeared.

"Potter!" Malfoy shouted, "what the hell...." Malfoy's mouth disappeared.

"Strike one." Harry said quite calmly, "I am going to give you your mouth back Draco, use it wisely."

Harry returned Draco's mouth and he said, "What have you done with Zabini, Potter?"

"I will ignore your lack of manners Draco," Harry said, "but I have done nothing with him."

"Did he break the rules?" asked Hermione.

"Keep your nose out Mudb...." Draco's mouth had disappeared again.

"Strike two," said Harry pleasantly.

"We were told that we were not to attempt to go anywhere other than where the party was," the girl called Heidi said, "and that jerk tried three times to open that door. After the second time the door even told him to stop, then the third time he just vanished. Thank god."

"I shall try you with your mouth again Draco," Harry said nicely, "but for your information Blaise is probably in a ministry cell waiting to be brought up before the Wizengamot." Harry returned Draco's mouth and finish, "Lets see if you can put it to good use this time."

"Aren't you going to wish me a happy birthday then?" asked Ginny sweetly.

"Sod off We...." Draco never finished and things happened rather quickly, Ginny pointed at him and he became a ferret. Crabbe and Goyle went for their wands and became moles. Oh and all three rodents were hovering in the air.

"Three strikes and you are out." Harry said, "The ferret is yours I believe?" Harry said to Pansy.

"The other two are yours I believe girls?" Hermione said to Millicent and Daphne conversationally, "You will have to keep them all up off the floor because Crookshanks my cat is around here somewhere and he would have a great game of tag with them."

"Well that thing is too big for my bag," Pansy said, "can't you shrink it a bit?"

"I don't think that his needs shrinking any more," Millicent said maliciously, "from the boys shower talk Draco's is small enough already." All the girls started snickering.

Behave yourselves Harry said grinning, "I don't think that I should shrink the poor thing any more anyway Pansy but I can easily expand the inside of all your evening bags girls."

Draco and his sidekicks had been put into cages, which the girls were able to easily put into their magically expanded evening bags that to their surprise weighed no more than they had previously.

Ginny, Hermione and Harry left the three Slytherin girls chatting about how clever Harry was and how thick Draco and his friends were.
They hadn't seen Heidi for a while until they spied her sat chatting cosily with Neville, they were sharing a plate of food with their heads very close together and they both kept giggling. With a very pleasant smile Hermione said, "It doesn't look like there are many problems there."

The trio set off in search of the Minister of Magic however they were stopped by Professor Flitwick who was with Cadoc Elfic, Mr McMahon and a man Harry had never met. Professor Flitwick introduced him with a small smile, "Harry have you ever met Cresspole Matlock, he is the distributor of your rum and he tells me that he has no intention of putting Potters Rum on general distribution."

A fairly large audience had developed around this conversation.

"Yes I was telling Filius that you couldn't possibly be serious about putting Potters Rum on general distribution." Matlock said pompously.

"And I don't like the way you were talking to the girls I employ." Put in Elfic.

"You employ?" Harry said to Elfic, he turned to Mr McMahon and continued, "Mr McMahon, it appears that Messer's Elfic and Matlock have as of two minutes ago resigned my employment and they will be leaving my house within five minutes." Harry was looking at him in a way that told him in no uncertain terms that he could join them if he wished.

"Certainly Mr Potter, I will collect all the stock held by Mr Matlock tomorrow." Mr McMahon said, knowing which side his bread was buttered, he continued, "Have you decided upon replacements for them Mr Potter?"

"Modlen Evans will replace Mr Elfic," Harry said and there was a loud squeal from the audience and Harry was being kissed by Modlen who immediately started to blush, "I will forgive you this time Miss Evans," he said and turned back to the solicitor, "we will discuss Miss Evans' salary later. The Weasley family will handle the rum distribution, we will sort out the details later. Thank you." The solicitor knew that he too had been dismissed.

Harry was being kissed again first by Eva and then rather thoroughly by Tanya, the two young witches who ran the Potter plantation. Tanya blushed and said, "Well Eva had a go before so I just wanted to catch up and we both want to thank you so much."

"Aren't we ever going to Party?" Hermione asked plaintively.

The trio made their way to the bar in the party room where they saw Mina and Moro the elves from Godric's Hollow they both looked extremely happy. After a short chat they served them with large measures of the new Butter Rum, which all the youngsters seemed to be enjoying.

At one end of the bar was a large gathering of the Weasley's extended family so the trio went to join them.

"What's with all this work that you have given us?" Bill asked with a big grin.

"Well I thought that it would be a job for Ron when he finished at Hogwarts and your mum was saying earlier that she was bored and I had to give it to someone. I should imagine that it is quite profitable." Harry was apologising.

"Don't apologise," said Bill, "I do Matlock's accounts at the bank and he makes a fortune. Well everyone will know why Matlock lost the supply contract and who has it now, his current customers will soon contact us for their supply."

"I don't want it to be stupidly expensive." Harry said.

"It is the best, so it should be the dearest," Bill said, "but the prices that Matlock was charging were ridiculous. Don't worry we will do it the way you want it and there will still be a lot of profit."

"Are we going to dance?" Ginny asked.

"You two go on and dance," he said, "I need to find Amelia first."

"If you think that for one minute," Hermione said.

"That we would leave you alone and defenceless," Ginny continued.

"Defenceless? I like that, where were we, um... With all these sex crazed women around," was Hermione's bit.

"Then you've another think coming." Ginny finished.

It did not take long to find Amelia who was over the other side of the room talking to Rita Skeeter. "How did it go?" Harry asked.

"Brilliantly!" she said and she kissed him.

"Not another one," said Hermione with pretend frustration.

"I've lost count of how many women have kissed you," Ginny said pouting and stamping her foot, "it's my birthday and I haven't had a kiss."

Harry took her in his arms and kissed her, like he really kissed her. The room took on a hush full of tension all the female were almost suffocating from the huge overdose of sexual pheromones in the air.

When their lips broke apart Ginny was leaning on him and croaked, "What in the name of heaven was that? It was brilliant."

"Didn't you notice that I kissed you then?" Harry asked with a cheeky grin, "I had better try a bit harder next time."

"Wow! Rita you called him a love god didn't you," Amelia said, "you certainly weren't kidding were you. Anyway I thought that he was yours." She added looking at Hermione.

"He's ours," she answered quietly, "although we don't usually broadcast it quite so loudly."

"I think that every woman in the building has had an orgasm." Amelia said.

"Is that what it was," said a smiling Ginny, who was now just about capable of standing on her own, "I just thought that it was my knickers catching on fire."

The group were giggling and it became laughter when Hermione said, "Daily Prophet headlines 'Love God Kisses at Blazing Knickers Party', it has quite a ring to it don't you think Rita?"

"So you think that I am going to tell everyone about my incinerated underwear?" Rita was shaking her head and grinning, "You must be joking."

"Do you think that now is the time?" Harry asked and it only took the girls seconds to smile and agree. So he said mainly to Rita, "Come up the front, here is your story for tomorrow's headlines."

The five of them made their way to the front of the room, Celestina Warbeck was singing and they waited for a break in the music.

Harry, Hermione and Ginny made their way up onto the stage everyone went quiet and Harry said, "Do you think that we should all sing happy birthday to Ginny?"

There were a lot of cheers and Celestina started them off then everyone joined in and sang Happy Birthday to Ginny, someone had cast a silencing charm on the twins and the trio dreaded thinking about what they might have been singing.

Harry put his hands up for quiet then he said, "Friends, we wish to tell you that the three of us have become engaged to be married."

The room exploded with cheering and clapping as the trio revealed their rings, absolute bedlam would be an adequate description of the rest of the party and riotous would be another good word to portray the scene.

But as everyone knows all good things must come to an end, as did Ginny's party and by eleven thirty the only additions to the house's normal residents were Bill and Charlie with Fleur and Sue of the Persian cats.

All of them were sprawled around the family lounge drinking hot chocolate and in a tone full of sarcasm Ron said, "Nice of you to decide what I am going to do when I leave Hogwarts, thanks Harry."

Ginny was livid but a shoe thrown by Bill hit Ron in the midriff before Ginny could get to him, when Ron recovered Bill started on him, "Listen prat, a quick calculation shows that if we employ three people to do the work on salaries that are double mine there will still be five times my salary left in the pool. This isn't Harry deciding any of your future other than you will be reasonably rich, for the time being Mum, Charlie and I are going to take care of the distribution and then when you leave school you can join us, if you want to.

Harry has given the contract to the Weasley family and the family will gladly handle it, he has expressed a wish that you are involved but that is entirely up to you. Now if you want to continue acting like you are seven instead of seventeen then it is time for little children to go to bed."

"Ronald apologise to everyone now." Luna didn't sound at all happy with him either.

"I can't, I think that Bill broke one of my ribs," he started coughing blood.

Ginny and Molly rushed to him but Harry made everyone except Ginny keep clear of him, she rested her hands gently on his chest for about a minute then he sat up straight and said "That's better. Thanks Gin and everyone else including mostly Harry I am sorry for being such a prat."

Ginny looked spent, Harry went to her and cuddled her saying, "Draw my strength, darling." Within a minute Ginny was looking fine again and the visitors were muttering about going home.

Everyone except Harry and Hermione was staring at Ginny in amazement and Emma asked, "What did she do?"

"She has the power to heal," said Hermione quietly, "that was pretty big for a first try and I would think that it will become easier as she practices more."

Changing the subject, Charlie said, "We are all staying the night in the Burrow and I think that we should be going now."

Hermione stood up drew a door and poked her head through it then sat back down.

"What's that?" said Fleur.

"It's a door to the kitchen in the Burrow," Hermione said, "but it's only one way so say goodnight before you go through."

The visitors all said goodnight to the residents and then they left for the Burrow.

Those remaining all agreed that all in all it had been an excellent party and then because it was midnight they all said goodnight to each other and went to bed.


Authors Note: Well here we are at the end of the road, Ginny has finally had her birthday and this tale has covered its allotted time span. I know that there are some unresolved points but that is how life is, at least mine never seems to fit into neat little packets, does anyone's?

Now I must thank you all for reading this story and more thanks to those of you who have reviewed it. I hope to visit with you all again very soon with another one of my fluffy adventures.