Cupid Alliance Series part 3: Unwilling Accomplice

Title: The Cupid Alliance Series part 3: Unwilling Accomplice
Author: kazeko
Chapters: 4
Show: Sailor Moon
Series: The Cupid Alliance Series
Couples: Haruka/Michiru
Time: Before Sailor Moon and during the first half of Sailor Moon S.
Summary: Urakaze learns exactly what it takes to be the Cupid he was born to be.
Disclaimer: Takeuchi Naoko owns Sailor Moon, as do the companies she gave rights to—Toei, TV Asashi, Kodansha. I am not on that list.
Disclaimer 2: I do own everything related to the Cupid Alliance, included my Cupid characters. Don't steal my characters. I mean it.

AN: The events in the flashbacks and end of this story immediately follow Cupid Alliance Series part 1. CAS 2 is concerned wholly with Usagi and Mamoru. Asakaze refers to certain events in CAS 2, but it is not necessary to read CAS 2 to understand this story, mostly because I haven't written CAS 2 yet. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: The new kid

"All active Cupids of Omicron Group are to report to Cloud 59A immediately."

Cupid 79 Alpha's ringing voice stilled all conversation in the great dining hall, and Cupid 557 Omicron groaned. Urakaze placed his fork on his plate as his companion laughed and took their dishes to the recycler. "Come on, Ura-kun! We've been Summoned."

"Don't I have a say in this? I don't want to go! It can't be anything good, Asa-chan. The last time the entire group was called was . . . I can't even remember; it's been so long. I think it was that lecture on preventing the combination of powers between planets to keep the Solar System from falling to pieces again. I haven't seen most of those Cupids since Rome, and there are some who won't come, some who retired like my mother."

Asakaze, Cupid 374 Omicron, pulled the younger Cupid to his feet as they headed for the edge of the great white cloud. She was used to his complaining, having had to put up with it since he died and joined the Cupid Alliance so long ago and became her young apprentice. "Now, now, Ura-kun. I know you miss some of your friends, especially since you spend all of your time with me."

"Our Regions of jurisdiction overlap, and we both have Tokyo. It makes sense that we are always together."

"That's not my point. You need other friends besides me, and maybe you can use this Gathering as an excuse to make some."

Urakaze declined to reply as both Cupids opened their huge white feathered wings and soared off toward the appropriate cloud and the ordered gathering.

Cupid 79 Alpha was one of the founders of the Cupid Alliance, and easily the oldest and wisest Cupid still in the service. Rumors made him the grandson of Aphrodite herself, but ever since the old gods returned to their planets for a much-needed vacation from the vagaries of the Human race, Aphrodite and Eros, the First Cupid, had not been seen. 79 Alpha refused to retire until peace ruled the world, and many of the younger Cupids wondered if that would ever happen. He wings were bent with age, the feathers worn and frail, though he still flew from cloud to cloud. His once brown hair was whiter than the fluffiest cloud, and his smile, when given, lit the heavens. It was rumored that he had been the one to bring Queen Serenity and her lover together in the Silver Millennium to conceive the young Princess, but he never addressed that rumor. The younger Cupids wondered why he would not want to take credit for the most important pairing in the old Moon Kingdom, but Urakaze suspected that he had broken rules with those two hearts, rules he himself had helped write, and he didn't want the Cupids to lose respect for him.

Cupid 79 cleared his throat, and the meeting officially began.

"Cupids of Omicron Group, this Gathering today is long overdue, and commendations are owed you, one of the least recognized and least outspoken Groups. You never demand any recognition, so I must give it to you. The Princess of the Moon and her entire court were reborn in Japan, your region, and I must say that you have worked wonders for them. You understand that love is not just about two people, it is about the entire planet, and the power you feed them to fight their battles will one day bring about an age of peace and prosperity for Earth. I am so very proud of you." He took a moment to let the praise sink in, smiling as he continued.

"Now, for the individual honors. Cupids 226, 231, 256, and 263 have finished their time as Cupids and they are retiring with honors today. Please offer them your support as they move onto a new life." The four Cupids, two men and two women, handed their white uniforms and Omicron-baby blue sashes to 79 Alpha, their bows and arrows already turned in. They walked away, officially retired, and cheers followed them as they flew off to their retirement.

As the clapping ended, 79 Alpha stepped forward and held out his hands to Asakaze. The blonde's purple eyes widened as she stood and joined the ancient Cupid, facing her fellows. Urakaze sat up, paying attention at last. "As I mentioned before, your work with the Senshi is beyond compare, but the Cupid assigned to the Prince and Princess deserves special consideration. Cupid 374, Asakaze, I want to congratulate you from the entire Cupid Alliance for your deft handling of the Usagi/Mamoru case. As a reward, you are being given control of Cupid 226's area north of Tokyo."

Asakaze's eyes widened, and she shook her head. "Really?"

79 nodded, a grandfatherly smile on his wrinkled face. "Of course, child. Did you not hear me correctly?"

"No, it's not that. Sorry, I'm having a bit of trouble focusing. Why me?"

"Because you deserve it, silly girl. Go back to your seat."

Cheers followed for the prestigious assignment, and Asakaze blushed as she resumed her seat. Urakaze smiled at his partner as the rest of the regions covered by the retired Cupids were handed out, prizes to the Cupids who received them. Urakaze was ready to sneak out when he heard his name called—not his designation, his name.


The Cupid joined 79 Alpha, eyes wide. Whatever did he do?

"Urakaze-kun, I must admit that we were concerned about the choice to give you the Haruka/Michiru case, but after even this short period of time, our fears were proven ungrounded. I extend to you the greatest honor that can be bestowed upon a Cupid; I give you an apprentice."

Urakaze's mouth fell open as a tall woman with brilliant red hair and sparkling green eyes appeared, wearing the white robes approved by the Cupid Alliance and the pale blue sash of Omicron Group, a tiny heart pierced by an arrow on the shoulder, indicating that she was just an apprentice. "Omicron Group, welcome Cupid Number 779."

"Rikuriko," Urakaze breathed, tears in his eyes. He didn't know that she had died. He locked eyes with Cupid 79, and the old man nodded, his face sad.

"You know my name?"

Urakaze nodded as he bowed to the young woman. "I do. I am honored to be your instructor, Rikuriko-san. Although, I don't know how the Council knew about my work with Haruka and Michiru. I have yet to file my report."

"Only because you don't feel that you have done anything remarkable. Compared to other attempts and the many plans especially in the Silver Millennium, yours to push only slowly is remarkable. We as Cupids sometimes forget that love can't always come in huge bursts. Sometimes slower is better." A strange light entered the old man's eyes, and Urakaze suddenly decided that he had to know what had happened in the Silver Millennium between the Queen of the Moon and her unidentified lover. No one knew the identity of the late King of the Moon, and Urakaze decided that he would be the one to figure out. For the moment, though, he had a more important job.

Urakaze smiled as Asakaze joined him and introduced herself to Rikuriko. Cupid 79 pulled 557 to one side and glanced at Rikuriko. "Yes, Urakaze-kun, she died. I'm so sorry. You did so well with her, but she still never found her soulmate."

"I knew she wouldn't. Her soulmate's been dead since . . . 1807, I think, but I wanted her to find some sort of happiness while she lived. Her soulmate was never reborn, and I don't know why."

"I thought it would be obvious, m'boy. Her soulmate is a Cupid, the 300 or 400 series, I'm sure, but I have no idea what group. Now that she's here, the call should bring them together."

"How did she die?"

79 sighed and hung his head. "She was attacked and raped by a group of men not far from her girlfriend's home. Her girlfriend came and tried to save her, but by the time she got to the hospital, she was gone."

"That's terrible. I wish she had died a less painful death. Will she remember?"

79 laughed. "Of course not, foolish boy. No Cupid ever does. Go greet your apprentice, Urakaze-kun."


Haruka carried the unconscious aqua-haired beauty into her apartment, laying her on the couch as she closed the door and went to the bathroom to gather medical supplies. She turned Michiru onto her stomach as she pulled the woman's shirt off and carefully began to clean the blood off the woman's smooth skin. Michiru winced from the touch, and Haruka could feel the smaller woman's pain, though she wasn't sure how. When the blood was cleaned away, Haruka carefully bandaged the gashes, including the shallower ones on the violinist's arm, noting that they seemed less painful and less swollen than they had been at the racetrack.

Michiru stirred while Haruka put the medicine away. She opened her sapphire eyes, smiling when she realized that she was in a strange place and that it had to be Haruka's apartment. It was fairly empty, sparse, lacking any essence of home. She sat up, knowing that she was half naked, and watched Haruka return to the living room, a shirt in her hand. The blonde stopped, emerald eyes widening, trying desperately to look anywhere but at Michiru's breasts, excited by the cool air in the apartment.

"Umm, I cleaned your wounds . . ." Haruka murmured, swallowing two or three times before she was able to continue. "Here's a shirt. You can wear it while I clean your shirt and try to fix it up. Please put it on."

Michiru took the shirt, standing up as Haruka froze, eyes closed in a last attempt not to look at the siren standing before her. "What's wrong, Haruka-san? You're a woman; have you never seen other women naked before?"

"Not on purpose," Haruka managed. "Please put the shirt on."

Michiru took Haruka's hand and placed in on her bare skin, smiling when the blonde tensed, her fingers automatically cupping around her round breast. Haruka felt a tiny pinprick between her shoulder blades, and her eyes opened automatically. She tried to look up at Michiru's face, really she did, but her eyes and hands had a mind of their own. She found her hand sliding down Michiru's side, aiming for the waistband of her light blue skirt. Cold reason and Haruka's control reasserted themselves before her fingers slid down any further, and she backed up so fast that she landed on the floor.

Michiru laughed as she slipped her arms into the white dress shirt, rolling up the long sleeves and fastening two buttons not far from the top, just enough to cover her breasts. "You really are uncomfortable around women. Although, I'll bet that you'd do fine if you'd just try."

"Let's just stop that train of thought right there. I brought you here because I have no idea where you live and you were hurt. I didn't mean to . . ."

Michiru held out her hand and pulled Haruka to her feet. "It's okay, Haruka-san. It was my fault." She glanced at the henshin stick lying unnoticed on the small table beside the couch where Haruka had dropped it in her haste, and she smiled. "You've decided to join my fight?"

"Yes. But, I don't know what to do."

Michiru smiled as she took Haruka's hand and pulled her toward the door. "Then let's go practice, shall we?"

"We're going to be together for a long time, aren't we?"

"I hope so." Haruka smiled at the sensuality evident in the aqua-haired woman's voice.

"Fine, but do me a favor, Michiru-san. If you plan on teasing me anymore, leave your shirt on. I don't think I'll be able to control myself."

Michiru laughed as she flipped her hair over her shoulder and slipped her arm through Haruka's as the blonde called her henshin stick. "Fine, but you would be surprised what I can do fully clothed."

Haruka shivered.

Urakaze laughed as the pair disappeared through the door, Haruka reaching over lovingly to fasten the other buttons. She told Michiru she didn't want her to get a chill, but Urakaze knew she wanted to make sure that none of the men outside dared to look at her woman. The arrows were finally working. His immediate duty concluded, Urakaze opened his wings and headed for a meal with his mother.

(—End flashback—)

"Wow. And they really controlled themselves that well?"

"Rikuriko-san, they controlled themselves until Tokyo. And even now it's only just barely obvious that they're in love. The Inner Senshi can see it, especially Usagi, but they are determined not to let their love distract them from their duty. They are so stubborn!"

"Why did you never file a report on this case?"

"Because my job was to bring them together and they still refuse to admit that they love each other."

"And Ura-kun always obeys the first unwritten rule of the Cupid Alliance," Asakaze added, eyes sparkling. "And I quote our now-famous Cupid 557: If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence proving that you tried."

"Asa-chan! I didn't destroy evidence, I just didn't tell anyone."

"And you never would have. Any small success in a difficult case should be reported, especially when you were given a couple outside your area of jurisdiction."

"If they weren't already living in Tokyo, Urakaze-kun, how did you manage to get that wonderful assignment?"

Urakaze laughed as he filled Rikuriko's cup and offered the pitcher to Asakaze, who had been too busy adding her own thoughts to the story to want anything. "I think they were hoping that my mother's genes would pass onto me."

"I don't see how Cupid 169 Alpha could be your mother. Didn't she live in the Silver Millennium?"

"Yeah, but she kind of broke a few rules after the Silver Millennium ended and had the Council give her a human body on Earth long enough to raise a child with her soulmate, my father, who also happens to be 79 Alpha. Cupids can't have children up here, so we sometimes beg the Council to give our offspring a chance for a life of their own on Earth. I became a Cupid, like ninety percent of Cupid children, and I appreciate what they gave me."

"Wow. That must be why they gave you Haruka and Michiru." Rikuriko smiled at Asakaze before returning her gaze and attention to Urakaze. "So, what did you do next?"

To be continued