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"Look at her standing over there.. like she owns the place." He sneered.

"She kinda does, Chris."

"... That is not the point!" He growled. "She stands there, like she's all high and mighty, with her arrogant self, bossing everyone else around like the world is her personal playground.. I can't stand people like that." He said, sounding disgusted. It took all the willpower Lita could summon not to start laughing at him. After all, he was far from being the most humble man she knew.

The two of them stood next to each other, leaning on the wall outside of Lita's locker room. She looked at what was holding the Canadian's attention; more like, who. Across the hall, was none other than Stephanie McMahon herself, holding a clipboard as she gave instructions to some backstage crew workers. She hadn't seem to have noticed the pair watching her. Chris was "supposedly" keeping Lita company, though he chose to do so coincidentally at the same time the brunette was working.

"Just look at her!" He repeated, for what seemed to be the sixtieth time.

"Yes, Chris, I see her. She's there."

"Thinks she's so great," He spat out bitterly. "Can't even come over and say hello."

Lita rolled her eyes. "She hasn't noticed us."

He snorted. "My ass she hasn't."

"Why don't you go over to her and talk to her? You know you're into her anyways, so why --"

He turned to look at her slowly, his blue eyes turning icy cold. Anyone else would have run, but Lita knew he wouldn't lay a hand on her.

"What did you say?" He asked dangerously.

"You heard me," She shot back. She had stood up to Kane, for crying out loud. No way would she ever back down to Chris. "Everyone and their mother knows that you've been into her for the longest time. You're the one that has yet to make a move."

It was true. She had been the object of his obsession for as long as anyone could remember (save for the time he went after Trish, though after that crashed and burned, he returned to his old "flame"). He seemed to be the only one who didn't seem to realize his blinding attraction for the quick-witted brunette.

Chris couldn't believe her audacity. With a "hmph", he turned his attention back to the boss's daughter. He wasn't an idiot. But was he that transparent? The thought was mind-boggling. Could anyone just look at him and tell what he felt for Stephanie? It didn't matter, he quickly concluded. He never acted upon his feelings, no matter how close he came.. he just couldn't do it. He scowled as he watched her work. He felt, deep down, that she would reject him. He just had a feeling. But he was willing to withstand the worst torture the planet had to offer a thousand times before he ever admitted it to anyone. Ever.

"Got a match tonight?" He asked, changing the subject.

She sighed. "No, they're signing that contract thing.."

For a moment, he blanked out and had no clue what she was talking about. His confusion made his scowl grow. "Signing between who?"

"Matt and Kane."

Another two idiots. He hated what they were both doing to Lita, yet his pride wouldn't let him admit that either. He had joked to her that she should run away and leave them both to beat the hell out of each other, but part of him was also serious. He couldn't stand either of them.

She watched him scowl. It seemed like that's all he did those days. She followed his line of sight as he went back to watching Stephanie. For the life of her, she could never understand why he never made a move on her. He was handsome, and she knew he could be charming just as quickly as he could be a bastard. She studied his face curiously, which he didn't notice, since he was off in his own little world, thinking of who knew what (he was actually picturing himself tormenting both Matt Hardy and Kane until they both cried like babies). It didn't matter how long she had known this man.. there were times where she still felt she didn't understand him at all.

Across the hall, Stephanie shook hands with a short, chubby man with glasses, and walked off towards the right, studying her clipboard. It was her first day back on the job, and she was going to do things right.

Next to Lita, Chris growled.

"Where in the hell does she think she's going?" He demanded, anger creeping inside him. Lita rolled her eyes again.

"Go make a move, Chris." He shot her a glare. "It's your chance, junior." She said, highly amused.

He turned and watched Stephanie's retreating figure. "But I.."

Lita raised an eyebrow. What's this? He was losing his cool?

As quickly as he had faltered, his trademark smirk came across his features. "You know, I think you're right. I'll go say hello.. for old time's sake."

"Finally.." Before the word was even out of her mouth, he was already strutting over to the youngest McMahon, with that arrogant strut that only he could pull off.

Stephanie paused momentarily as she realized she had forgotten to tell the technicians about the change of lighting that night. "Shit." She mumbled under her breath, frowning. She was rusty all right.

"We meet again, Princess."

Stephanie looked up from her clipboard. She recognized that voice. It was the same voice that had grated on her raw nerves, to the point where she had no choice but to make Triple H almost kill its owner. She collected herself and turned around, finding herself face-to-face with a smirking Canadian.

"Hello Jericho." She said snidely. Her tone merely amusing him, he let his eyes wander down her body. She was looking gorgeous, as usual. He nodded his approval as he looked back up to meet her cool eyes.

"Looking good, Stephanie, looking good.. already back in business, I see. You must have some loyal customers," He said, mock impression in his voice. She rolled her eyes.

"If this is what you came over to talk to me about, then you're wasting my time. I have work to get to."

"Aw, that so?" He tilted his head to one side. "I wouldn't wanna keep you from doing your work.. lest Stephy-wephy get into twubble with her daddy."

She laughed out loud, making his smirk turn into a full grin. "You know, Jericho, you should focus on your match tonight instead of worrying about me so much."

He scowled, displeased with the change in subject. "Oh yeah? Who am I facing, Princess? Enlighten me!" He said, the mocking never leaving his voice.

"Edge." She answered evenly. "And I hope he kicks your sorry ass." She added with a sweet smile.

That was what he loved about her. She never took his shit laying down. She had some guts to talk to him that way. Yet he expected nothing less. His smirk crept back.

"Steph, babe, let me save you some trouble. Don't even watch the match, because the outcome will be yours truly having his hand raised in a clean and easy victory." He spread his arms out and arrogantly spun around for her. She glared at him. He was nothing short of infuriating to her, and he knew it. He stopped when he was facing her again as his smirk grew, a gleam in his eye. Her glare turned into a look of suspicion.

"But then again," He added, "I know you could never resist watching a sexy beast such as myself in action.. especially when I start to get dirty." He re-adjusted his open shirt to show off more of his muscular chest, as Stephanie felt her annoyance with him rising. She was surprised his head wasn't bigger than the arena, with the ego he had.

"Good-bye, Jericho. Break a leg out there during your match.. literally." She sneered at him again before turning around and walking off. He did nothing for her except disgust her.

He watched her walk off, amused, before triumphantly turning and strutting back towards Lita. He gave her a victorious look, while she snickered.

"She's so into me." He said, pulling out some gum from his pocket. "It's so obvious."

"Yeah, so obvious that she's just disgusted by you because you excite her so much." Lita said jokingly, shaking her head as he silently offered her a piece of gum. He popped his piece into his mouth and chewed on it for several moments, while his thoughts returned to what Lita had said earlier.

He scowled. Why didn't he go after Stephanie? She was the only woman he knew that reminded him of himself. The thought of rejection suddenly was overwhelmed by all of his positive traits. What woman in her right mind would turn him down? He was the king of the world for crying out loud. He ran through the list mentally.

A woman who matched his strength in the ring with her strength in the business world.

A woman who matched his undeniable attractiveness with her gorgeous body.

Hell, she even matched him with her sharp tongue.

At the thought of her tongue, inappropriate images flashed through the Canadian's mind.

Lita raised an eyebrow. She could only imagine what he was thinking of now, as an expression that can only be described as hungry overtook his features.

"You know.." He murmured. "I think you may have been on to something."

"What are you talking about?" She asked, completely confused.

He only smiled.

Lita groaned later on that night and covered her face with her pillow as her phone rang for what had to have been the tenth time. Chris Jericho was sure as hell persistent, she had to give him that.

Frustrated, she reached over to the phone and picked up.

"For the last time, NO!" She shouted.

"But --" She hung up before he could say another word. She laid down just in time for the phone to start ringing again. She sighed in defeat. She knew he wouldn't stop calling until she did what he wanted. For her sanity's sake, she would have to comply. Reaching over, she answered.

"You just don't give up, do you?" She said, dejectedly.

"The king of the world never gives up, my dear." He said triumphantly, knowing he had won the phone war. She didn't have to see him to know he had that smirk on his face. "So what do you say?"

"Why can't you keep me out of this?"

"Oh come on, it'll be fun." He said, sprawled out in his own hotel room. "Besides Lita, I think you need some excitement in your life."

"Because the drama between Matt and Kane isn't enough, right?"

He frowned and sat up. "I swear, one of these days, I'm going to take both of them out." He spat out angrily.

Lita couldn't help herself and laughed. "Yeah, that'll be the day."

"You need to take your mind off of them. That's all I'm proprosing."

"Take my mind off my problems by helping you get Stephanie?"

"I don't need anyone's help!" Came the angry shout on the other side of the phone.

"Oh, you don't?" She said sarcastically. "Fantastic then! You go get her, and I'll see you next week at work." With that, she hung up.

A few seconds later, the phone was ringing again. She let it ring a few times before answering.

"Change of heart, Christopher?" She said teasingly.

She heard him give a low growl. "Fine.. Ineedyourhelp." He mumbled quickly. She had heard plain as day what he had said, but a moment like this between them was too few and rare to be skipped over that easily.

"I'm sorry Chris, what was that? I didn't quite hear you." She said, and he sighed loudly.

"Ineedyourhelp." He mumbled again, having a steel grip on the phone. It wasn't enough that Stephanie tortured him on a regular basis, but now his best friend was resorting to it too. Fancy that.

"Wow Chris, I must be having some hearing problems because I can't hear you."

"I need your help! Alright? There, I said it. I need your help." He mumbled something under his breath.

"What was that?"

"Nothing.. so are you going to help me or not?"

Help him get the girl she knew he always wanted. Of course she was going to help him. That's what friends did for each other. And he had a point - she did need something to keep her mind off of Kane and Matt. She sighed.

On the other line, Chris raised an eyebrow at the silence. His first instinct had him wondering if she was okay, but then he remembered what his objective was. "Yes or no?" He asked again.

"Yes Chris, yes I'll help you out."

Perfect. He smirked.

"Thanks Lita, you're not gonna regret this."

She hung up the phone and leaned back against her pillow. She thought he was making a big deal out of nothing. All he had to do was get her number, ask her out, take her out to dinner, talk, yadda yadda, she'd be his. Lita would probably do something small like ask for her number for him. Honestly, what was so hard about it? It was rather straight-forward once she thought about it.

If only she knew.