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Chapter 1 – Life Goes On....


Bra walked into the kitchen of her house. Today wasn't her favorite day. 7 years earlier she had lost the most important person to her, and whenever she looked at her son whom she had named after her father she hurt deep inside.

She was still married to Goten. He was her strength. He was always there to comfort her and bring her back up again. She poured herself a coffee and walked outside to the picnic table and sat down. She watched her husband and son training in the air. The young demi-saiyan had taught his son to go Super Saiyan.

"DAD"!!" Vegeta groaned "You're going easy on me"

Goten laughed. "You don't want me to use my full strength on you"

Vegeta lost his super saiyan status and slowly touched the ground. He walked over to his mother. She smiled at him. He looked exactly like his grandpa Vegeta, yet he still had the gentleness of Goten in him. Guess that was a plus in some cases.

"Did you see that mom?" Vegeta said pulling a seat out from under the table and sitting down. Goten walked into the house. "Dad was going easy on me"

"He has too" Bra answered, "He could hurt you"

"Saiyan can't get hurt" Vegeta said proudly

"Yes they can!" Bra said sternly "Your grandpa was like you, he was always up for a fight, he would never admit that someone was stronger then him, he was proud"

"Stubborn" Goten answered walking out with two cans of drink. He handed one to his young son. "Obnoxious"

"Thank you very much Goten," Bra said sarcastically

"Anything Else the list could go on," Goten teased as his son giggled. "He was a great man, he was always they're to help and even if he wouldn't admit it he loved his family more then anything in this world"

"What does that have to do with me?" Vegeta asked

Goten sweat dropped. "No reason actually does it?" he asked his wife. She nodded and laughed.

Meanwhile in the other world, our favorite Saiyan's were training as they would. They had gone at it very hard since Vegeta had rejoined his longtime rival in the other world 7 years earlier.

They slowly dropped to the ground. Both panting heavily and gasping for breath.

"Whoa Vegeta these past seven years have really paid off" Goku said happily "I feel I could ascend twelve higher levels of Super Saiyan"

"Don't get so smart Kakarot" Vegeta hollered looking to the sky.

"You miss em don't you?" Goku asked

"Miss Who?" Vegeta asked

"Your family" Goku answered "I miss everyone every day"

"I don't miss them," Vegeta answered folding his arms and turning away from Goku.

"It's alright to admit it you know" Goku answered softly to his friend. Even though he knew his best friend didn't like to show his emotions, he knew he was dieing on the inside.

King Kai smiled to himself from the balcony of his mansion over looking the training of two of the best fighters, the universe had seen in years.

"Goku, Vegeta!" King Kai shouted to the two who immediately flew over and landed on the balcony with him.

"What is it King Kai?" Goku asked cheerily

"I have spoken with King Yemma and he has agreed to let you guys go back to Earth for one month" King kai answered

"Just one week?" Goku asked as he shrugged "Guess you can't fight it, what are we going back for?"

"The World Martial Arts Tournament" King Kai answered as Goku smiled broadly "However, you will be coming back straight after the tournament is finished, you will have 3 weeks to train with your family and friends"

Vegeta let go of a little smile, but hid it well. He couldn't help but be happy he would be getting to see his family again, for the first time in seven years. But most of all he would get to see his daughter of whom he missed very much.

"When do we leave?" Goku asked

"Two weeks from today, so be sure to get as much training done as you can" King Kai said smiling "We know you'll do us all proud"

Gohan and Videl sat on the balcony of Capsule Corporation sipping a coffee each. Both smiling at each other. Things were perfect they way they were, the only thing that was missing was their only daughter, Pan. She had run off shortly after the death of Vegeta.

"Gohan" Videl whispered, "Do you think things are going alright with your father?"

"I bet they are" Gohan answered smiling "I hope Pan's ok?"

"So do I" Videl whispered looking down at her feet. She knew exactly why Pan ran off, but seven years on and she still didn't have the heart to tell him why. She had to go through him crying over his daughter whom he loved like his wife. He adored her. She was his little angel.

Unknown to all the Z warriors of earth was that their favorite duo would be returning to fight in the world tournament and that would be exactly two weeks from today.

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