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Chapter 3 – That's a Good Idea!

Bulma was walking through the main room of capsule corporation a pen and pad in her grasp. Her right arm fell to her hip as one of the machines fell to the ground in a million pieces.

"I can't believe it" Bulma answered, "The calculations are correct, myself and Gohan double checked them at least five times"

Knock Knock

Bulma sighed. She hated being interrupted whilst she was working. The banging on the door continued.

"You wretched woman better open this door now!"

Bulma froze. That voice. It seemed so familiar. It seemed like Vegeta. She ran to the door and opened it. Standing on her doorstep was a group of friends, and with them her husband banging on the door.

Vegeta looked at her and smirked seductively even for him. Without so much as a warning, Bulma's face drained to a white tinge and she fell to the ground leaving the others staring at her in shock.

Vegeta just stood with his arms crossed in a pose of which the others all knew too well. He stood there and looked at the others who were at his wife's side.

"She's faking," he muttered

Bra glared at her father playfully as Goten glared at him seriously. This was just so typical of their saiyan prince, he never showed for feelings for any person in the world. He was always saving face by being an arrogant prick.

"Daddy!" Bra answered putting her hands on her hips.

He melted. He couldn't be his arrogant self. He hated to admit it but he did miss his family dearly. Especially his precious princess, his daughter Bra.

Goten walked into Bra's old room and slipped on the light. The family had decided to stay at Capsule Corporation for the night as Chibi Vegeta had been in the gravity room training with Grandpa Vegeta.

Bra smiled at her husband as he climbed under the blankets and pulled his wife into a tight embrace.

"I'm glad dads back even it is only for a few days" Bra answered "I missed him"

"I know you have" Goten answered, "You should really go out just the two of you"

"I don't know" Bra answered reluctantly "All he'll be interested in is training"

"I'm sure he'd also be interested in spending time with his favorite person in the whole world" Goten answered brushing her hair out of her face. This was the bit she loved about him, although he would be clueless sometimes, there were the times when he was very mature and very understanding.

"Your right" Bra answered smiling. She would get her father and they would catch up and spend some quality time together as father and daughter.

Meanwhile Gohan sat at the kitchen table of his and Videl's home. His laptop on the table as Videl continued to cook in the kitchen. He was typing away as he usually did. Neither of them had spoken since they'd gotten home. They left Goku to see chichi knowing that they'd want some private time.

"Gohan?" Videl whispered walking over to the table, she had a orange filly apron around her waist, and her hair was up in a ponytail trailing down her back. She placed her hand on the laptop and closed it softly.

This caused him to look up to his wife. His black eyes met her lavender blue ones, he softened. He still loved this woman more then anything in the world. She was his everything. HE reached for her and pulled her onto his lap before bringing her closer to him and kissing her tenderly on the lips. She kissed him back with just as much passion as ever.

"I love you shorty," Gohan whispered, leaning into her neck and placing a kiss on her neck softly. He then kissed her temple.

"I love you too wonder boy" Videl answered "Don't worry about her, she'll be fine ok"

"Who said I was worried?"

"I've seen that look before my love, she'll be fine she's your daughter" Videl answered, "Have you ever known her to make a bad decision"

Gohan looked down at the table, he knew she was right. His daughter, although being the daughter of Videl, was more like Gohan. Then anyone else.

"Your right, my love" Gohan answered as he tenderly kissed her lips, and smiled at her lovingly.

Knock Knock

Videl pulled away gently, blinking at him as he stared at her with a 'just ignore it' face. She nodded her head in disagreement. He pulled her to him and placed his arms around her waist and held her tightly as she tried to get up he got to his feet, he followed her to the door his arms still around her waist.

She giggled like a schoolgirl as she opened the door. However they're at the door, was figure carrying what seemed like a badly beaten child in the person's arms.

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