Crystal Shards

Title: Crystal Shards

Author: kazeko

Chapters: 13

Show: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Series: no

Couples: Usagi/Mamoru, (Uranus/Neptune, Mars/Venus)

Time: SMR immediately following Every Cloud

Summary: The last seven episodes of Sailor Moon R, but a little different.

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon, Takeuchi Naoko, Toei & Kodansha do. This story has been changed slightly from its original form. It has been formatted to fit my new writing style and match my timeline better.



"Mamo-chan?" Usagi opened her vibrant blue eyes and smiled at her boyfriend, using what strength she had to look at all of her friends. "Are you guys okay?"

"Usagi!" Her friends from the present and future piled on top of her, embracing her, needing the tactile contact to ensure themselves that she was really alright and it was really over. They pulled away, letting Chibiusa jump into her future mother's arms, tears in her red eyes.

"You had the power all along," Usagi whispered, smiling at the girl. "I'm so proud of you, Chibiusa. Small Lady."

Usagi pulled her right hand into her lap, letting her fingers open to reveal her broach, the ginzuishou nestled safely inside. Chibiusa crawled off her lap as the broach returned to its place on the bow of her school uniform and Usagi's eyes met Mamoru's. They stared at each other for a long moment, a slow smile spreading across both faces, and Usagi broke into a fit of giggles, her boyfriend pulling her close as he also began to laugh. The senshi joined her, knowing that she had the perfect way of releasing the stress of the previous few days, and they collapsed, spent, a few minutes later.

"You guys were wonderful," Usagi whispered. "Thank you all so much." Years later, she was wondering if she was talking to her senshi or her other selves more, but it didn't matter. They all heard.

"They're doing much better. I still don't know how they managed to survive."

Mamoru smiled. "I do. Usako instinctively protected mundanes from her final attack on Wiseman, and they fell into that category after they spent all of the power they had inside. They're humans now, like all of you."

Petz glanced over her shoulder at the room where the two former princes of the Dark Moon slept peacefully, their wounds bandaged lovingly. "Will they remember anything they did or experienced?"

"All of it," Usagi whispered sadly. "I don't have the power to erase memories. But if you and Emerald love them and support them, they'll become healthy, happy humans and live the life they wanted to on Earth." She laid a hand on Petz's shoulder, smiling at Emerald, who was leaning against the door to the sickroom. "In the end, they chose love over hate. Their assault on Wiseman was only their power, nothing from the Black Crystal, and the moon marks vanished."

Emerald stepped forward, hands clasped in front of her. Mamoru pulled back as he realized that she and Usagi had not spoken since both were evil. "Serenity-san—I mean, Usagi-san—I'm sorry for everything I did to you. I'm sorry for the droids and the people and my attack on you . . . if I hadn't done any of that, you would never have become evil. I'm so sorry."

Usagi smiled and stepped forward, wrapping her arms around a surprised green-haired woman. "And if I hadn't turned evil, I would never have been able to defeat Wiseman. My senshi from the future came because I was needed, and my daughter became a senshi to save a woman my evil influence injured. I doubt I could have defeated Wiseman if my personality split never happened and I never learned that every part of me is strong, not just the princess or Sailor Moon. This world owes you its life, Emerald."

The woman stared, shocked, then a slow smile spread across her face. "Now I know why they all love you so much, Usagi-san. You know how to heal our hearts."

Usagi nodded as she returned to her boyfriend's arms. "If they ask to see us, you know where we live, but make sure they know that I and my senshi forgive them everything. Tell them how much help they were, and make sure they know that they're not evil anymore." Before she slipped out the door, she turned back and grinned at the green-haired women. "And make sure you tell them that you love them."

Her senshi from the present and future were waiting when she exited the tall building, her daughter safe with them, and they headed for the park wordlessly, needing no command.

She looked at her future senshi as they stood in a semi-circle in the park, wind whispering around them. "I'm so proud of you," she whispered, tears threatening to fill her eyes. "Without you and your friendship and your love, the world would have perished. On behalf of Tsukino Usagi and Princess Serenity and Sailor Moon, I thank you."

The four Star Senshi stepped forward, their bearing and grace evidence of their maturity. Usagi could see the wisdom and the experience in their eyes, but there was also pain. A lot would happen in a thousand years. As if sensing the direction their future queen's thoughts were taking, the four senshi smiled, and Usagi relaxed. There was the power to save the world, the love she knew so well. Her team would survive for a thousand years. Her friendship would survive for a thousand years.

"It already has," future-Rei whispered. "Our friendship began in the Silver Millennium and it will last until Crystal Tokyo. I can't promise any more—Pluto reveals little, even after all this time—but I think we'll be together for a very long time. A friendship like ours can survive everything."

"Thank you," Usagi whispered. She embraced each of the four senshi in turn, watching as they moved to one side and Chibiusa stepped in front of the younger senshi. Mother and daughter stared at each other, both unsure what to say, then Chibiusa jumped into Usagi's arm with a sob. Usagi held the girl while she cried, tears on her own cheeks. When Chibiusa pulled away, Usagi dried the child's face. "Do not cry, Small Lady," she whispered. "I love you, and we'll meet again. Go now; your friends are waiting for you, and your parents are, too."

Chibiusa joined the Star Senshi, valiantly holding back her tears. A portal appeared beside them, and Pluto stepped through, her fuku now that of a Star Senshi. "Well done, Usagi. You saved the world. I knew you could do it."

"You're not the Pluto we met earlier."

"No, I'm not. I am the current Pluto from Crystal Tokyo, but I was busy with some of the other senshi, so I brought my past-self forward. You will not remember any details of your future selves, especially not the actions of Rei and Minako." She glared at the pair, and the Senshi of Flame shrugged.

"I didn't mean to get stabbed. What was Minako supposed to do—pretend we're not married? Really, Setsu-chan; you know better than that."

Rei and Minako of the past exchanged a startled glance, the blonde blushing. "Married? We get . . . married?"

Pluto raised a finger. "You will not remember this, Minako. But when you come back in time and I come to bring you home, you will remember everything. When someone from the future meets herself in the past, I have a standing order to bury anything that will change, destroy, or in any way accelerate said future. This is one of those things. You will remember that you met yourselves, but nothing about the final evolution. You will remember seeing Crystal Tokyo, but I will tell you nothing of its creation. You will not remember the Star Crystals because that knowledge will only confuse you. Also, the only Pluto you will remember will be the one you met at the Time Gate. After all, she will only meet you for the first time there, and she won't remember me, either."

"All of this time travel stuff gives me a headache," Makoto groaned, glancing at her future self holding Ami so tightly.

"That's why I handle all of this." Pluto waved her Time Staff and smiled at the Star Senshi. "Come on, girls; your kids are coming home for the celebrations. The entire Council is coming to Crystal Tokyo."

Minako squealed in delight as all four senshi stepped through the portal, leaving their younger selves gaping. "K-kids?"

"And you won't remember that, either," Pluto announced, silencing Rei. Usagi looked at her future daughter and wiped a tear from her cheek.

"Will we remember Chibiusa?"

Mamoru wrapped his arms around his girlfriend as Pluto smiled kindly. Chibiusa's eyes widened as she suddenly remembered that Pluto was Usagi's mother. "Yes, you will remember her. To the mundanes she encountered, she was just your cousin visiting, and if she returns, that is where she will fit. But you will remember and you will know." Pluto turned, placing a hand on the child's shoulder. They vanished, and with them most of the details of their meeting with their future. In her mind, Usagi heard her future self's last words.

"Now I remember. That's how I learned that I was divided. But now all of the shards are joined and the crystal is whole. Thank you for watching my daughter."

Usagi smiled as Minako pulled everyone into a group hug. Crystal shards, she thought. That's what we are, pieces of a powerful whole. Together, we can do anything.

"I love you guys."

A thousand years in the future, four smiling Inner Senshi and a tiny princess marched into Crystal Tokyo among cheering from people who had been in stasis during the Black Moon Family's attack. They met the queen in front of her palace, King by her side, two very familiar senshi standing with them. The Inners gasped as Uranus and Neptune stepped forward, arms around each other, smiles on their faces. "We heard our princess call," Uranus whispered, "and Pluto needed Neptune to donate some blood. I found Michiru and brought her back with me. Did you have fun in the past?"

Rei, Minako, Makoto, and Ami embraced the pair, tears in their eyes as their old friends finally came back home. All sound ceased as Chibiusa approached her parents, stopping in front of them. She bowed gracefully, the crescent moon on her forehead glowing. Looking up, she held out her hands, the ginzuishou sparkling happily in her palms. Neo-Queen Serenity called the crystal to her, smiling as familiar power filled her. She sent the crystal back to its pedestal inside as she crouched down and pulled her daughter into her arms. "I'm so proud of you, Small Lady. I love you so much."

"I love you, too, Mama." She looked around, smiling at the senshi gathered around and behind her mother. "I'm so glad to be home."

Cheers filled the air for the little princess who, against all odds, traveled to the past and saved the future.

Owari! Thanks everyone for reading even though this is a pretty old story. I am revamping some of my fics so that they fit within my timeline better and I am updating the writing style a bit.