Summer Without End

A LJ story by Jules713

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Lily Evans sat on her soft mattress and comfy bedspread and laid back. She was looking at the picture on the wall.

It was a picture of her and her friends outside of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Lily stood in the middle, smiling at the camera every 5 seconds or so. Her friends to her left stood on either side of her. Alexa and Mia to her left and Emmy on her right. And behind them stood no other than the imfamous Marauders. Lily sighed.

James Potter, the leader of the gang, had had a crush on her since the first train ride in 1st year. He had been asking her out since 3rd year. She had refused him many times, but those many times after turned into fights. Nobody thought they would get together. He never stopped asking. He would ask her even when he already had a girlfriend. Still, she refused.

Many gave Lily the you're-such-a-dumbass look,while others sent I-want-you-bad- looks to James. He sent the Potter charm at them all, which could melt the north pole. (A/N Wow a giant swimming pool! Note to self:NEVER send James to Antartica. I'm gone!) Every girl wanted him or Sirius Black, but they were the biggest players in school and their girlfriends never lasted more than a week or 2.

She glanced at the picture. Since it was a wizard picture, it moved. Every now and then Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew,(TRAITOR!) Mia, Alexa, and Emmy would wave casually. Then there was James. He would put his arms around Lily's shoulders and she would glare at him evily. He would put on Bambi eyes and everybody would laugh as Lily tried to unattach James' arms. That was a great day, they had a lot of laughs. They were all starting 7th year and she wanted to make the best of it.

Maybe James will change, Lily thought, just maybe he will.

"Freak!! Hurry the hell up!" her 21-year-old sister Petty screeched from downstairs. Lily had been freak since she had gotten her letter when she was 11.

"Yes dear, we really must be going." Mark Evans called to his youngest daughter.

They were spending the summer in Florida, up in the states, at their beach house.And she had to sit next to Petunia the whole ride. (A/N That was mean, I know!)

It was going to be a very long, long ,long day.

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