This is it, the last installment of the Freefall trilogy. Yes, it's extremely short. Please don't ask me to continue, because there is no more. :p

In this Void of Consequence
The only real thing you can do after hitting the ground is get back up and try again. Even if it kills you.

Yami doesn't know what he's doing here. Well, he knows, but he doesn't, if that makes any possible sense, because he knows what and why but he doesn't know the how.

Seto returned three days ago, but Yami waited until it rained because it had rained the day Seto left (did he plan that?) and... it just feels right to show up at his door, soaking wet and asking for...

A second chance at the first chance?

Seto doesn't give second chances.

"I was wondering when you'd show up." I'd expected it five years earlier, before the plane left.

He's still standing in the rain, staring up at Seto in the doorway. Five years. Has Seto grown taller? It feels like it. It feels...

It only feels like Seto's grown further away.

Yami grabs the front of Seto's black shirt and jerks him down, which would have been impossible if Seto hadn't been ready for it and all but fallen into it.

Not romantic. Just desperate.

Yami thinks he might have done something like teleporting with his magic, because he doesn't remember the stairs, but he does remember a hot body and a hot mouth, and he can feel them hitting the sheets.

And the sex is nothing but a metaphor.

But Yami can go with that.


The last two times Yami had slept with Seto had been once in a room millennia away and once in this same place.

And both times, he lost.

Third time lucky, right?

Seto's breathing is even, and his mouth is turned into a small frown in his sleep (how can he look so blameless? Fucking bastard), and Yugi is trying to talk to him in the back of his mind.

He knows what he did wrong last time. So why is it so hard to do what he wanted to all along? He doesn't even have to move, because that's the point.

Don't move and you win. Don't be afraid of this.

He shifts, and he's not sure if it's to move closer to Seto or if it's to slide out of bed.

"Leaving so soon?"

Seto doesn't give second chances.


But he's giving Yami the opportunity to mend the last one.

"I'm staying."

Seto's eyes are unreadable, and Yami is waiting for a decision, but he isn't even tense because it's in Seto's hands now, Seto's choice.


And Yami feels like he's been punched in the gut, because Seto was supposed to either accept that or tell him to get the hell out of his bed. But Seto loves to throw him off balance, loves to catch him off guard, and he wonders why he wasn't ready for this.


and then Yami realizes what Seto's done, what Seto's doing, because he'd been wrong back then and for five years and he'd been wrong now. And now they're right back where they started, where Yami meant 'I love you' and instead chose damage control.

He'd forgotten. Seto doesn't do damage control. Seto does chaos and insanity and pain, and he's been doing it all his life. And he doesn't know how to do anything else.

And Seto is waiting for him. Still waiting.

"I love you."

Seto flinches like Yami just struck him, and Yami knows that what he's just started will either save their souls or kill them both in the most painful way possible.

But that's okay. Yami's been waiting for death for a long, long time.

But right now, there's a demanding mouth on his, and wild, open eyes boring into his right before they close, and whether their fate is death or salvation, it can wait just a little bit longer.