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Tricks, Fish, and Plans

"Sohma, Shigure?" No answer. The teacher tried again. "Sohma, Shigure?" Again, no answer. The teacher looked up. "Is Mr.Sohma not here today?" Most of the class just sat there, except for a pretty student with long hair, shaking his head furiously in the back. The teacher marked Shigure absent, and Ayame Sohma leaned back in his chair, satisfied with himself. His long hair was a bit wavy and fell a little past his back; almost to his legs, actually. His golden eyes darted about the room as he began to zone out, thinking to himself. Most people would mistake him as a girl, due to his feminine style and face. He began to braid his hair, his mind still on other things. Just then, the teacher coughed loudly. "MR.SOHMA." He barked. Ayame looked up, bored. "It seems that one Sohma isn't here today- could this be another one of your tricks?" He was speaking as if Ayame was a child, and it bothered him. Aayame blinked. "Exuse me, sir, can't you see I'm busy?" Ayame pointed to his half-braided hair, and some of the classmates snickered.

The teacher's face turned scarlet with anger as Ayame continued braiding his prized hair. It took only a few seconds for Ayame to finish, and then he leaned forward. "Ah, now, what were you saying?" The teacher crossed his arms. "I don't know what your up to, Mr.Sohma, but I will find out." Ayame blinked. "Ah....alright, then." Just then, the door opened, and the principal walked in, followed by Shigure Sohma, a tall boy with short black hair and a mischievious look in his eyes. He gave Ayame a thumbs up, and Ayame gave him one back. "I found this student wandering the halls." The principal declared, motioning to Shigure, who looked proud. "I told you," Shigure said, "My foot fell asleep- I could hardly walk, so I tried walking it off. It worked, and I was just about to go back to class..." Ayame shook his head. Amateur.

While the teacher talked to Shigure, Ayame turned to his left, waving to another boy across the room. He had short blackish/greenish hair and a long bang that fell over his left eye. He looked calm and collected, and what teachers called a 'model student'. Hatori Sohma looked up, staring at Ayame, who was mouthing something and motioning with his hands. "What is that idiot doing?" Hatori wondered, "He looks like a fish..." Hatori just shook his head, then turned back toward the front of the class. The teacher's eyes narrowed, then he pointed to the front seat, which was empty. "You sit there," he said to Shigure, "So I can keep an eye on you." Shigure smiled. "Ah, I never knew you felt that way! I'm sorry to say, though, that I'm taken." He turned and gave a thumbs up to Ayame. Ayame gave him a thumbs up back. "All right!" They both cheered. "What's all right?" Some classmates whispered. "Ah!" Ayame said, "You see..." Shigure shook his head, interrupting Ayame. "Now, now, not in front of the children." They nodded, then did the thumbs up again. "ALL RIGHT!!" They cheered again. The teacher was too disturbed to do anything.

After class, Ayame, Shigure, and Hatori all left class together. "What were you thinking?" Hatori fumed, "You were acting like idiots!" Shigure crossed his arms, pouting. "But 'Tori-san...." Ayame grinned. "We were just playing around, right 'Gure-san?" Shigure nodded and Hatori rolled his eyes. "Whatever." He said dully. Just then, Shigure's eyes widened. "Ooh, Ooh, Aaya!!" Ayame turned and Shigure whispered something in his ear. Ayame smiled, then turned to Hatori. "Haa-san, we must go- a plan has been formed..." Shigure and Ayame turned to each other. "ALL RIGHT!" They cheered, then dashed away. Hatori watched them go, shaking his head.

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