Title: Haven't Changed A Bit

Author: mistymidnight

Rating: PG-13 (for Anya's sex-talk)

Disclaimer: Joss and company own the canon. Gidgetgirl owns the plot, pretty much.

Timeline/Spoilers: Hmm. Season seven, especially "Selfless".

Summary: Anya is reverted to her former-self…that is, herself at age six.

Author's Notes: Challenge from gidgetgirl, as posted at Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

The Challenge

After she loses her vengeance demon status, Anya (who really should know better) makes a wish that things would just go back like they were, and one of her old vengeance demon rivals takes the wish and grants it by turning Anya into a small child.

The small child may or may not have vengeance demon powers, ie she may or may not be able to grant wishes.

Anya must still speak literally and must still talk about sex.

Someone bribing little Anya to do something.

A lemonade stand.

Anya throwing a temper tantrum in a pet store.

Someone putting Anya's hair in pigtails.

Anya promising to take vengeance on someone who puts her in a time out.

For story purposes, this takes place after Anya lost her powers for the second time, in season seven. I haven't seen "Selfless" as of yet, so please forgive and shoddy canon placement.


"Anya, you can't just sit here all the time," Dawn Summers insisted. "Get out and do something. Give back to the community."

Anya didn't answer.

"C'mon," Dawn tried again. "You're not the mopey type."

"I can be if I want to," Anya mumbled flatly.

Dawn stomped her foot like a six-year-old. "Anya! We all know you lost Halfrek! We're sorry! But you have to move on! She wouldn't want you to sit here moping."

"You're right," Anya muttered.

"I am?" Dawn sounded surprised.

"She's a vengeance demon, Dawn. What do you think she wants me to be doing? Use your imagination."

"Oh, uh, do I have to?"

"No," Anya sighed. "I'll do it for you. Boils, blinding torment, hot pincers, drowning in hot lava, locked in a room with Spice Girls songs blaring. And I probably deserve it."

Dawn snapped. "Fine. Stay here and mope."


"Hit me," Anya commanded. The Bronze's bartender slid another drink her way. It clinked against the other glasses still sitting in front of Anya. "Thanks, amigo." She giggled a little and snorted. "I wish, I wish…" Anya stopped herself. Drunken or not, even she knew better than to sing "I wish, I wish I was a fish" in public, where anyone could overhear and take her seriously. If I'm gonna make a wish, I'd better wish for something good. In her drunken stupor, this logic made total sense. Wishes weren't bad. Wishes were good. Good.

"I wish—" Anya said.

"Anya?" Buffy asked, walking up behind her. "Are you okay?"

"I wish—" Anya said again.

"No!" Buffy said. "Anya, stop! Don't wish! Do. Not. Wish!"

"I wish thingswerethewaytheyusedtobe," Anya slurred out.

Down the bar, someone mumbled, "Wish granted."


"…don't know what to do about it. What are we supposed to do?" Anya heard a voice speaking. She kept her eyes closed to see how much eavesdropping she could do before everyone caught on.

"Dunno. Spell, Will?"

Anya could keep still no longer. "Spell?" she squealed. "I can spell!"

The Scooby Gang turned around to see a bright-eyed, brown-haired little girl staring at them.

"So brown is her natural color," Willow mumbled.

"Hello, people!" Anya chirped. "Who are you?"

"Oh. Um…Anya?"

"That's me!" Anya confirmed, smiling angelically.

"Okay. Um, I'm Willow, this is Xander, and this is Buffy."

"Excellent," Little Anya beamed. "Do you have sex?"

There was a moment of awkward silence in which the Scoobies shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot.

"Well," the little girl asked. "Do you?"


Okay probably not the greatest chapter I've ever written, but this I my first throwback fic, and also my first challenge response. It'll get better, I promise.