"Close it up... and then ship the whole thing. Close it up. Quick!" his weak voice carried accustomed authority even while sliding into desperation.

Daniel looked horrified for only a split-second longer and then he understood. Nodding, he stepped back as Teal'c worked the controls to seal the sarcophagus back up.



Chapter 5



The sarcophagus was closed again and the room was silent for a moment.
Daniel and Teal'c looked at each other and then back down at the Goa'uld coffin.


"Now what?" Colonel Rothson finally broke the silence with his sarcastic tones.

Teal'c remained impassive, but Daniel started, "Um... well... we need to get this sarcophagus secured and then transported to the SGC."

The officer stared at him, "I thought you said that this pyramid had been buried for thousands of years?"

"It, uh, has," Daniel shrugged unhelpfully for the soldier.

"Those were SGC uniforms," the officer pointed out accusingly.

"You are correct," Teal'c stated firmly and with a tone that signaled an end to the questions.

The Colonel stared at the two men for a moment longer and then, realizing that no further information was forthcoming, he turned away to his men.


"Why weren't they healed?" Daniel asked Teal'c. "The sarcophagus is working – otherwise they wouldn't be alive... so why aren't they healed?"

"The sarcophagus is not configured to handle two bodies... also, there is the possibility that it may be damaged," the Jaffa supplied imperturbably. "It has been sealed in here for thousands of years and some portion of the mechanism may have broken down."

Daniel let that sink in. "They were just barely alive."

"We must exercise extreme caution while transporting the sarcophagus to the SGC in Colorado," Teal'c advised.

Daniel nodded and returned to staring at the topic of discussion.

"They are alive, Teal'c," his voice was almost a whisper... as if to say it louder would cause him to wake up from a dream.


It had taken four days to orchestrate the careful removal and transport of the sarcophagus to the nearest airfield where they could land a transport plane. Now they were finally in the air and over the Atlantic on their way to Colorado and the SGC.

Doctors and nurses were being assembled for their arrival. Daniel and Teal'c had passed along what information that they could about the status of the incoming patients. Trauma teams and surgeons would be waiting. As well as units of the appropriate blood types... personnel currently on-base were called for volunteers to build up the stock of blood for surgery.

Daniel and Teal'c were currently strapped into jump seats across from each other in the Air Force cargo plane. Teal'c as usual, was using the enforced captivity for Kel'nor'reem. Daniel, on the other hand, kept staring at the large shrouded box which was strapped securely in place and covered with cargo webbing.

They were in there.
But they were alive.

Daniel and Teal'c had thought that their comrades had died.
Thirty-five hundred years ago.

In that fateful battle.
That had saved Earth.

Daniel and Teal'c had returned to the SGC.
Returned to their proper time.
But without their comrades.

They were alive!

And they were here – now!

He couldn't take his eyes off the shrouded bulk strapped down at the back of the plane.

They were alive!


Daniel had never expected to find them. They were dead... so why would anyone be looking for them. And... they'd died 3500 years ago... so no one ever expected to see them again.

His excavation had been... a memorial. A sign of respect for those who'd fallen. For those he'd fought alongside for so long. A tribute to his friends. Deeply, and sorely, missed.

He'd expected the possible danger of finding a Goa'uld, with or without a host. He'd been prepared to find nothing of earth-shattering importance... He'd been prepared to deal with remnants and pieces of Goa'uld technology.

But he had not been prepared to find them.

The possibility had never entered his mind.
He hadn't conceived of it.

Because if he had, he would have dug this site up without caring about archeological or scientific protocol. They wouldn't have spent weeks and months painstakingly uncovering and preserving each and every inscription and etching.

If he'd had a clue that they might be in here, he'd have had the structure opened as fast as they could without collapsing any walls.

He could have had them out of here almost a year ago.

Almost a year ago...

His heart clenched as the image of the two of them in the sarcophagus appeared vividly before his eyes.


Jack lying on his back with
Sam on her side and cradled half on his chest.
His arms wrapped around her.
And the blood. So much blood.


The image scared him at the same time that their presence reassured him. His friends were barely clinging to life. Severely injured... and their pain bruised his soul. But they were alive. He held onto that image, in spite of the pain it caused him to see them that way.

They were alive!


------- End Chapter 5 --------


Author's Notes: So... how, and why, did they go back 3500 years into the past? And, what happened when they were there? And... are Sam and Jack going to live? (Well, even though that's not written yet, don't worry, I can't handle major character death... and I include Janet in that!)

Author's Notes (repeated from notes at the beginning of the story): This scene has been rattling around in my muse for around a month. Finally I got the motivation to try and see if I could write something that could do justice to the idea and scenes in my head. This is just a first shot at it. I may add to this... or rewrite some of it... or all of it... haven't decided yet. Muse is undecided... it was hard enough to force Muse to put this much into type... because once things are in type, it forces the story in directions that Muse did not anticipate. Muse does not like losing control!