Prologue: Enemies of the same Star

The cool, crisp autumn air stirred the weeping willow branches back and forth. Their hypnotic sway seemed to match that of the evening's mood, which was peaceful and content at the time. Rushing water from the stream that flowed through the Western Land forest created a soft, relaxing melody that even the most annoyed creature on the earth would have to give in to it's alluring lullaby. Golden bright lights illuminated off of the fireflies as they danced around the stream's bank. The fireflies gave off the illusion of being bright stars that seemed to be plucked right out of the night sky and placed here on earth.

Golden yellow eyes scanned over this tranquil area and the rest of the land, which rightfully belonged to them by inheritance. The young youkai lord stood in his all glory under the full moon, which had situated itself, high in the night sky for the time being. He breathed in the night's fresh forest scent and continued to gaze out into his land; the land, which he had worked so very hard to maintain balance and order to.

However, nevertheless Sesshomaru till could not think of a plan to keep the humans under control whose homes dwelled on his land. Lately many of the villagers had begun riots and even concocted plans to his demise. Word had reached his sensitive ears that one village had gone so far as to train a child born from a well known family of priests whose soul purpose was to destroy him. But the youkai lord saw this human priest or priestess as no threat. So instead of killing this so called chosen one, Sesshomaru had decided to spare the child's life and let the villagers entertain the idea that this mere mortal could bring his long rein over the Western Lands to an end.

Even thought of the idea of a human destroying the youkai lord brought on much amusement. At this thought Sesshomaru lightly chuckled to himself.

As if THAT would ever be brought to past the youkai lord thought.

But for now his thoughts drifted away from the matter as the serine sounds of the rushing water clouded his thoughts once more. He watched the young human child, Rin play along the stream's bank among the fireflies as Jaken sat on a nearby rock holding his staff with his eyes closed in content. The youkai lord sighed in content also as he lifted his head to the night sky. The autumn wind blew his beautiful sliver mane in the air as his eyes focused in on a brightly glowing star that shinned from the heavens above. Sesshomaru's golden yellow eyes squinted in a small flash of confusion. The star that seemed to glow the most out of all the other stars that were in the heavens was standing all-alone. There were no other stars near it to keep it company. Not even a star companion was seen next to the brightly shinning star.

No it was all-alone; Just like me the youkai lord thought.

Shaking his head slightly to rid himself of that foolish idea Sesshomaru sighed heavily with his eyes still on the lonely star.

Nighttime at the village

The village streets were quiet this autumn night. Usually during the day the streets would be filled with the laughter of children as the other villagers would conversate amongst themselves. They were either discussing trading or gossiping to one another. But when night fell the village itself seemed to go into a deep sleep until the dawn broke. All was quiet this night. Mothers and fathers were putting their children to sleep with bedtime stories of great heroes before their time and of marvelous adventures that awaited for them beyond the village's boundaries. However even though the village itself was fast asleep the outskirts of the village buzzed with noise and excitement from the nocturnal creatures that dwelled in the forest. Yet, there was one villager who was not fast asleep in the safely of their warm sheets; the priestess of the village.

She wondered around the outskirts of the sleeping village allowing the autumn wind to blow her creamed colored kimono and tussle her waist length auburn hair. Her icy blue eyes scanned over the area as she approached a clearing in the forest. This is the same clearing in which her childhood memories were conceived and she also began her training.

Ah, yes... training the young priestess thought back to her childhood when she would spend countless hours of training on these grounds.

Yet, this place had always brought a sense of tranquility to her ever so troubled spirit. Whenever she needed to get away from the village and all its troubles she would come here. It was just something about the sound of the running water from the stream and the way the weeping willow branches would dance in the wind. This was the only place where she could find true peace with herself. The beautiful priestess sat down gently under one of the weeping willows. For so long she had wanted to leave the village. There was so much more of this world that she wanted see but obligations to the village had stripped her of that dream. She had to protect the village from all the youkai that threatened its demise and even more so she till had her mission to complete.

The mission, which was given to her at birth and was hers alone to carry out. Her family had appointed her the task of destroying the youkai lord who ruled over the Western Lands and her village as well. She had trained all her life for that fateful day to come and now that her training was complete and she had become of rightful age the village agreed that now would be the perfect time to send her on her way to complete her task.

The young priestess sighed heavily has the wind picked up again and tossed her auburn mane to the side. The cool wind created goose bumps on her caramel skin. Lifting her head toward the sky the priestess gazed up into the heavens. There was a beautiful shinning star that seemed to light up the night all on its own.

Such a beautiful star the young priestess thought but then something odd caught the priestess's eye.

The star shinned brightly of course but it was all alone.

Reminds me of myself the young woman thought.

Sighing once more the priestess closed her eyes at that exact moment far from the village Sesshomaru did the same thing. The last thing both the youkai lord and young priestess saw that night was that lonely little star.