Chapter Six: The Fight for Dominance

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Chapter Six: The Fight for Dominance

In the Western Land Forest

A soft chilled wind blew across the Western Lands. The leaves rustled in the wind, swaying back and forth. The morning dew lined the forest floor with its radiance. The early morning birds chirped happily amongst themselves. The sun's rays peeked through the openings of the forest canopy. The light shined down like a beam of holiness upon the sleeping beauty.

Serinay stirred as she shifted in her sleep. However when she tried to move some unknown force stopped her. Opening her blue eyes, Serinay realized what was stopping her from getting up.

Sesshomaru she thought.

His name rang through her head, triggering memories of the night before. She remembered his touch, his kiss, his feel.

Sesshomaru's arms were wrapped possessively around her concealed body. When she tried to get up his grip tightened. Serinay could feel the heat illuminate from the youkai lord's body. When the cool wind blew over the priestess', she snuggled up closer into Sesshomaru's warmth.

Damn instincts Serinay thought to herself when she realized what she had done.

Her small form seemed to fit perfectly with the youkai lord's. It was almost as if they were made for each other. Serinay pulled the red and white outer robe closer to her nude body. Looking up, the young priestess examined Sesshomaru's features. He seemed relaxed and content while rupturing in the world of dreams. Serinay could feel his muscles underneath of her. His long silver mane glistened in the sunlight. The priestess noticed a stray strand of Sesshomaru's hair and neatly tucked it behind his pointed ear.

She had to admit. He was quite handsome. Serinay's cheeks were tinted with a light shade of pink just as that thought ran across her mind. Her icy blue eyes scanned over his facial features. She noted the fuchsia strips that lined his cheeks and the purple crescent moon on his forehead.

He wears makeup!

Without realizing it, Serinay's small hand reached out to touch Sesshomaru's cheek. Gently her tiny fingers caressed the side of the youkai's face.

It doesn't come off!

Slowly her hand left his cheek and traveled to his forehead. One finger traced the crescent shape of the purple moon gently. A low growl erupted from the youkai's chest. With lightening speed, Sesshomaru's clawed hand grasped Serinay's wrist. The miko gasped in surprise and on instinct she tried to pull her wrist from Sesshomaru's clutches.

His facial features hardened. She was still trying to defy him even after he had taken her.

"Be still, onna," his voice was stern and cold.

"Sesshomaru let me go!"

"I said be still, onna," Sesshomaru's eyes glowed a dark shade of crimson.

Serinay remembered what happened last time she angered him. Swallowing as much pride as she could, Serinay ceased her struggling. Once she stopped, the youkai picked her up in his arms.

That's more like it he thought to himself. The priestess was so stubborn, but he would remedy that. One way or another he would break her stubbornness.

"You need a bath," was all Sesshomaru stated to Serinay before carrying her off the confused miko to a nearby hot spring.

At the hot spring

The small spring was surrounded by tall boulders. Five willow trees outlined the hot spring. Their branches hung low making it impossible to see through the thick mass of leaves. Bits of light filtered through openings in the forest canopy. It was absolutely breath-taking. Serinay starred in awe at the beautiful scene. Gently Sesshomaru set the miko down. Without hesitation she proceeded to leave his grasped, but he held on to her just a little longer. His golden yellow eyes gazed into icy blue ones. Whatever he might have searching for he must have found it because he let her go.

Serinay left the youkai's grasp and ran toward the spring. Although she didn't make it far before she had to slow down. It was then that Serinay discovered the after effects to mating with Sesshomaru. Her legs ached and her flower throbbed with each step she took.

Blood rushed to the miko's cheeks from embarrassment. She prayed to Kami that Sesshomaru didn't see her. Looking out the corner of her eye, Serinay looked to see if he had indeed seen what had happened. However to her amazement the youkai was nowhere to be found. A sigh of relief escaped Serinay's lips.

Trying to cause as little pain as she could, the priestess slowly made her way to the warm waters. A thick layer of steam hovered over the entire spring creating a relaxed atmosphere. Within a flash Serinay had removed the red and white outer robe and stepped into the spring. At first the hot water stung her skin, but she soon adjusted to it. The warm water helped ease her mind and relax her tensed muscles. The miko sunk lower into the spring until only the tip of her nose could be seen. All the dirt and dried up blood washed away along with all her troubles for the time being. Once she had gotten herself clean nothing but beautiful soft, caramel skin. Serinay sighed in content.

"Finally," the miko said aloud, "Some peace and alone time."

Little did she know that a certain silver-haired youkai was watching her from a tree branch.

Sesshomaru's hungry eyes focused in on Serinay. He wanted her. He wanted her now. Sesshomaru could feel the lustful desire to take the miko once more. His appetite for her grew with each passing second. He had to have her.

The youkai lord jumped down from his hiding place just as Serinay was wrapping the red and white outer robe around her nude form.

I need to get some clothes she thought to herself in exasperation.

The right sleeve of the robe hung low off of her shoulder allowing Sesshomaru to see the mark her had given her the previous night.

"Onna come here," a lust filled voice called out to her.

Serinay turned around only find herself face to face with Sesshomaru. She looked at him. His facial features were void of any emotion as usual, but his eyes. She had seen that look before. His eyes had become a darker shade of yellow. A hint of crimson red flashed over Sesshomaru's misty eyes.

This CANT be good Serinay thought.

"I said come here, onna," Sesshomaru stated once more. However this time his voice held more force behind it.

Serinay was scared. She vividly remembered all to well what happens when Sesshomaru's eyes change color. Just out of pure instinct, the miko backed away slowly from the great youkai lord standing before her. With each step back that the priestess took, Sesshomaru would take a step forward.

"My patience runs thin, miko," the youkai lord growled. He could sell Serinay's fear.

She will resist once more Sesshomaru thought. Already he that was coming. There would be another fight and he would once again have to put the onna in her place, It was an endless fight for dominance between the youkai and his mate. Sesshomaru would see to it that he would be the dominate mate in this relationship.

And indeed… Serinay did resist… she ran. She ran as fast as her feet would permit her to. Serinay could hear Sesshomaru coming up behind her, his feet barely touching the ground as he chased after her. The miko's legs pumped harder. Serinay came to a halt in a clearing in the forest. She listened closely. Only the sound of birds chirping filled her ears.

"Whe… Where is he," she said aloud.

Nothing, but dead silence could be heard.

Wait where did the birds go…

The miko didn't get to finish her thought as Sesshomaru came crashing down on top of her. She hit the forest floor with a loud thud. Serinay glanced into Sesshomaru's eyes. They were red. The miko became struggle under the youkai's weight.

"Release me at once you insufferable dog," Serinay screamed. The youkai lord's sensitive ears twitched in irritation. In one swift flick of the wrist, Sesshomaru back handed the miko across her face.

"How dare you insult me you ungrateful wench," Sesshomaru growled, "I could have easily taken your life yet I spared you and this is how you repay me? I would think you humans had some sense of gratitude."

Serinay's cheek burned bright red from the impact and her eyes began to water over. That was the final straw. She had, had enough. Using what little bit of her miko power she had left Serinay created an anti-demon barrier. Its power ripping Sesshomaru from on top of her and throwing him ten feet into a tree. The youkai lord stood to his feet, his eyes glowing red.

"I am not your whore, Sesshomaru-sama. I am Serinay Kawasaki, the only remaining descendant of the Kawasaki clan and I will not yield to some over grown, pampered dog," Serinay replied slowly standing to her feet, "Prepare yourself for this will be the last battle that you shall fight."

Sesshomaru smirked. "You greatly amuse me, onna. But it is not I who shall fall in this battle. The fight for dominance shall be my victory and mine alone." With those last words Sesshomaru transformed into his true form. Now there stood a great white dog in Sesshomaru's place.

"Now see and feel the true power of a full blood youkai," Sesshomaru ran toward Serinay's barrier. The miko watched in fear as the dog youkai forced his way half through her barrier. Serinay reached for her Dragon sword.

"Oh, majestic, lord of the seas, protect your servant… protect your daughter." The priestess' sword glowed an eerie blue. The light consumed the miko as the barrier gave way to Sesshomaru. The demon lord came to an halt at what stood before him. Serinay's attire had changed to that of royalty. She wore a blue and white kimono. A blue obi was wrapped tightly around her stomach. Her once auburn hair turned snow white and her icy blue eyes glowed brightly. But the thing the caught Sesshomaru's eye the most was that wings had sprouted from her back. She was absolutely breathtaking. If Miruko had been there he would be running up to her now to ask her to bare his children.

"What matter of magic is this, onna?" Sesshomaru questioned. His tail swished back and forth.

"This is no magic, Sesshomaru-sama. You are not the only one to can take on another form. There are things you are yet to come unto understanding about me," Serinay replied.

"It doesn't matter. Magic or not you will perish just as the others have that I have fought before you", Sesshomaru bared his teeth, "Enough of this. Let us begin."

Sesshomaru's released his poison into the atmosphere. Before the deadly gas could reach Serinay she through up a barrier. In an instant everything around them died. The once full grown trees were now decayed and bare. The grass and moss that covered the forest floor became black crust. All the flowers had withered away and any creatures that had been unfortunate to be around the miko and youkai were now sent to the underworld. A barren waste land surrounded them both. A perfect battle field.

The earth shook underneath each step the great youkai dog took his mouth oozing with his drool. Sesshomaru's crimson eyes focused in on the priestess. He swiped one of his claws at her. Serinay easily evaded the attack with her sword. Metal met claw has they sung at each other, each one aiming for a vital point on their opponent's body. Using his tail, Sesshomaru swatted at the miko. She jumped over the youkai's tail and aimed for his shoulder.

A loud growl erupted from Sesshomaru's chest. She had hit her target. Soon the youkai lord's white fur turned a light pink as his blood surfaced.

"You'll pay for that wench," Sesshomaru growled dangerously. With that last word Sesshomaru leapt toward Serinay his claws spread forward. Serinay gasped as one of his claws caught her left wing. It would much more difficult for her to maneuver around him with her left wing injured. Both parties paused for a minute. Crimson red eyes reflected icy blue ones. Sesshomaru took a quick glance at his shoulder. More blood was pouring out of the wound now. Serinay grasped her left wing. Her blood covered her hand. The wind picked up just a little bit blowing the miko's hair.

"Let us being again," Serinay stated coldly. Sesshomaru nodded his head and leapt toward the miko once more.

"Tears of ice!"

Sesshomaru never saw that attack coming. Thousands of sharp ice sickles rained down onto the youkai lord piercing his flesh. Quickly Sesshomaru maneuvered his tail so that it slammed the miko into a nearby tree. She broke right through it from the force Sesshomaru had put. Sesshomaru's ears twitched slightly as he heard the sound of a bone breaking. Serinay stood amongst the debris holding her side. One of her ribs had cracked making it harder for her to breathe.

"Had enough onna or shall we continue?", the youkai lord sneered.

Serinay answered the youkai's question when a thick layer of ice covered the miko's sword. She lashed the sword aiming it at Sesshomaru. A freezing blast of wind and ice came flying toward the youkai lord. The blast knocked him ten feet back into a group of trees. Sesshomaru's entire body ached as he slowly stood to his feet. Serinay's ice blast had frozen everything it touched and Sesshomaru could feel the grasp of hypothermia consume him. His vision became blurry and he could barely stand.

That blast had taken a lot of him and the youkai lord transformed into his original state as he fell toward the snow covered ground. Serinay slowly flew toward the fallen lord. She too had drained up all her energy and had unwillingly transformed back into her original state.

All was calm now that the snow had cleared. The wind picked up once more blowing Sesshomaru's long sliver mane. His armor was cracked and blood covered his robe. Serinay was also covered in blood and her kimono was ripped to shreds. She looked into Sesshomaru's eyes. They had returned to their normal color. Icy blue eyes gazed into golden yellow ones. This was it. She had done it. She had beaten him and loosed herself from his hold.

Serinay raised her sword high above her head but before the final blow came down Sesshomaru sent his energy whip flying toward the priestess. Serinay fell backward as the whip scorched her flesh. Sesshomaru stood to his feet just as the miko stood to hers. Both enemies starred each other and suddenly a sharps pain shot through Serinay's body. An arrow had pierced her shoulder. Sesshomaru quickly turned in the direction in which the arrow was shot. The youkai looked only to find that he and the miko had been completely surrounded by soldiers.

"You foolish humans. Have you come to die?", Sesshomaru growled. He was not too happy that the pesky humans had interrupted his fight with the onna. "I am Lord Sesshomaru of the Western Lands and today all of you shall perish." With that said Sesshomaru jumped into the crowd of humans slashing his claws in all directions. In an instant those who had been hit fell to their knees dead.

"ATTACK!", a solider yelled and arrows came in from all directions aimed at Serinay and Sesshomaru. Without even realizing it they backed up into each other. Back to back the youkai and the miko stood.

"I call a temporary truce until these medaling humans are dealt with," Sesshomaru spoke over his shoulder to the miko. Serinay shook her head.

"Agreed," she replied as she sliced a solider in half.

The miko and the youkai fought their way out of the center and onto the outskirts of the battle. Sword and claw worked together to keep their owners alive. As they fought a solider came up from behind Serinay and tired to stab her. However before the contact between metal and flesh could be met Sesshomaru jumped in the way. He had saw the solider out from the corner of is eye and before he could stop himself Sesshomaru found himself standing between the miko and the solider and a sword through his stomach.

Serinay starred in horror as she watched the sword penetrate Sesshomaru. She quickly killed the solider and ran toward Sesshomaru. His blood gushed from the wound.

"Pull it out", he growled into her ear. Serinay nodded and held the youkai still as she removed the sword. Again another solider tried a sneak attack, but Sesshomaru saw him and pushed Serinay out the way before the solider could male it to her. His claws slashed through the solider. Serinay watched as Sesshomaru fell to his knees after killing the solider. There were too many of them and they moved in and surrounded the youkai and the miko. Serinay knelt at Sesshomaru's side glaring at the soldiers that crowded around them.

"Surrender Sesshomaru, Lord of the Western Lands, and you will not lose your life this day," a commander yelled. Sesshomaru glared up at the human.

"This Sesshomaru does not yield to those who are beneath him", as all Sesshomaru could manage to get out.

"Fine have it your way," the commander replied. "Capture and bring him with us."

The soldiers moved in and surrounded Serinay and Sesshomaru. The priestess stood to her feet.

"You cannot have him. I wont let you take him!", she yelled as the soldiers came closer. Serinay picked up her sword, "You will have to go through me first for Sesshomaru death will come by my hands alone."

Sesshomaru watched as Serinay fought off the soldiers her sword slashing left and right. However there were just too many. Five soldiers picked Sesshomaru up and began to carry him away. The youkai lord has lost to much blood and was not able to defend himself.

"No! Let him go!", Serinay yelled as she raced toward the soldiers carrying Sesshomaru away. More soldiers came blocking her way toward the youkai lord. She watched in horror as they carried him away. His image growing smaller and smaller as they headed carried him east.

"Sesshomaru! SESSHOMARU!"

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