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"He wants to play hard ball (no pun intended) then he'll get it!" I laughed to myself watching the defeated boy from my place in the shadows. I look into his eyes although I couldn't see their color from where I stood now. I loomed about like a volecher over my prey.

His eyes squinted shut and I knew he wanted to cry…but no tears fell, instead of the tears of defeat that I had wished to fall upon his face there was overwhelming pride. He raised himself still filled with arrogance as I knew he would. The sight both caused delight and despair to engulf my soul. He whispered my name as though he had already conquered me. He was so determined to win.

I cackled to myself as I loomed about him. I surrounded him and he both shuderred and was content to stay in my presence. I watched him continue down the opposite hallway, it was like I was watching a piece of me leave.

It was coming, the aftermath. I raced to my room and shut the door I gazed into the mirror as I watched the pale stone mask upon my face shatter into a thousand pieces. I gazed at the fragile half demon girl who stood in front of me, her face then turning into a sneer of disgust. The fragile girl had disappeared and now the controlling part of me looked back now. I was dissapointed with myself. I hated myself! I shoved over a pile of books. Letting out a guterall growl I sat on my bed awaiting the never ending night of self condemnation.

"Why did you do THAT!" I looked to the beautiful ebony mirror as the violet haired girl inside shouted to me with hate.

" I Don't Know…" I choked out through the endless noise of the millions of thoughts and the voices that spoke them. Voices that were not mine and yet in each of them I heard me calling out.

"Do you know what you are doing to yourself!" The figure walked in the mirror walked up and held out her vengeful hand out of the mirror and attempted to grab me.

" This is not about me, It's him" I argued to myself as she passed into the real world although I'm not sure what is real anymore. Her black eyes stared into my violet one's.

The back of her hand bruised my face as I fell backwards on to my bed, the sweet taste of blood filling my mouth. I looked up with the same defeated look as HE had only a few minutes before as she hovered above me.

"You really believe that you are in LOVE?" the figure clothed in white cackled as her towering figure gently lowered herself. Her body still floating but her face only inches apart from mine.

"We don't DO LOVE remember?" The figure laughed as I tried to strike only to find that she was not there, just only a phantom.

"We DON"T DO ANYTHING! Don't you remember? You can't hit me because I'm not real and neither are you!" The figure cackled as it began to ascend forever out of my reach.

"Corpses can't feel Love Raven, If he loved you then why is it that you end up talking to me everynight" it laughed as I watched her slowly fade into the land of mirrors.

"I'm not dead!" I screamed to myself as she gazed out to me from her world. The beautiful color of the ebony eyes scarring my soul as it burned through me.

"Not yet anyway" It laughed as it turned to walk away from me.

"Who are you!" I shouted out to the fading figure as she delved further into the mists of the mirror.

It turned quickly, her eyes now violet. The white gown she had only been wearing a few moments ago was now identical the blue uniform I was wearing. "Hello, I'm the lie living for you so you can hide"

I reached out my hand out to her only to find that she was right. I looked at the beautiful white gown that clung to my body in horror, I pounded the glass trying to break away but it was no use! I was trapped... I looked into the face of the phantom whose face eerily resembled mine, Tears of black rolled down my cheek. I watched the rays of light shine upon the phantom as the neverending moonlight fell upon my pale body.

"She is the phantom and I am real!" I shouted trying to convince myself.This was a dream… a nightmare, but it wasn't and that was what frightened me.The phantom was the mask, I was the hideous monster who lay underneath. So here I was again behind the mask, trapped in the mirror. But it was better this way wasn't it? The mask kept me safe. No one wished to gaze upon the monster, they wished to look upon the mask of stone.

"Without the mask where will I hide?" I needed the mask, she was me . The stronger and the more liked version of myself. But was she ME? I can't find myself, I'm lost within my own lies and facades.

My eyes looked out through the mask and saw HIM. I longed to reach out and tell him how I felt but the mask would never allow it. Why does he affect me in such ways! The mask scolded me and I tried to hold in the overwhelming emotion. Her voice echoing in my mind, raping any shred of hope that still lingered.

We ducked into the bathroom, she was keeping me from him. I had gotten involved in her game which made her extremely angry. Her eyes staring back into my mind. Her hands becoming paler as she grasped the marbele countertop.

"Raven repeat after me" It said in it's controlling tone.

"I am not to get emotionally involved in this game. I have no emotions. I DON"T DO LOVE and I will do everything in my power to that bring boy to his knees! Love is futile! You will insure your survival! You will prove that you are the superior! You will prove that YOU are Raven!"

I repeated her word for word and in some way I took heart to what she was ordering me to do. And while I said those words a piece of my soul seemed to leave. I looked into the stone cold face of both me and my mask. Into the black eyes of a corpse.