Title: The Coven of Number 16, Magnolia Crescent

Author: P.L.S.

Rating: Mild chunky salsa with scoopable Fritos

Disclaimer: I own nothing really, because I could care less if you decided to take this and plaster your name on it. I write for my own enjoyment, to get rid of stereotypes in fandoms, or to fill a gap in.

Summery: Harry never got his Hogwarts letter, but he is magical. He is taken in by his best friend's mom and taught how to focus, listen to the unseen, and do yoga. Then Hogwarts finds the young spirit healer and yogi...

AN: All the chapter titles are taken from my dream dictionary- the meanings are at the bottom of each chapter. Thank you for reading and please leave a reveiw, or go an recommend this fic. I wrote the first seven chapters over three months- three months ago. I'm about as consitant as a three year old with my fic updates. Reviews are often a motivation in what I update and when I update.

[Chapter One- Lighting Matches]

Potter, Harold? called out a nasal voice. Harry blinked and sighed as he raised his hand just high enough to be counted. It was a new day at Stonewall Secondary and he was stuck in World Literature, first thing. He was still the loner of his year, but at least no one dared to pick on him. Rumor had it that he was some kind of killer's kid or a stoner at least. It really didn't matter, he was the scrawniest, shortest, most ill-dressed first form student. Even the teachers avoided him, thinking he was a druggie of some sort, especially since all his teachers at the primary school decided to hand over personality reports on all the students going to Stonebridge.

Now, class, this month we will be covering abbreviated sections of works from places like Asia, Africa, and America... Harry tuned out the lecture as he started to doodle on his paper cover on the textbook. He started with a slender line that was soon a dragon breathing fire and flying over mountains.

He had just started on the clouds when the bell rang. Getting up, he bumped into a rather silent new student to the school.

Oops, sorry. mumbled the long haired boy. Harry smiled.

Nah, my fault. I didn't catch your name.

Cameron Greenglass. You're? he trailed off, asking for Harry's name.

Harry Potter, I have Biology next.

Me too, can you show me the way? asked Cameron. Harry nodded.

Sure, let me see your schedule. he said as they walked out of the class together.

Cameron handed him a crumpled bit of computer paper.

You're in all my classes. Good, I can show you around and tell you the who's who of Stonewall. Not that it matters. Harry grinned as Cameron laughed.

Figures. So let me see what had you out of it for all of Mr. Penbrook's lecture on how American literature is inferior to the British. Cameron demanded. Harry gave him a smile.

The next class is worse, but we have tables for two instead of desks. You can watch me draw as I don't listen to the start of the day dribble on how none of us are worth a grain of salt and how we should all not have signed up for the next level. Harry said and Cameron rolled his eyes.

Are all the teachers here miserable? he asked.

Nope, Miller, the visual art teacher, is a regular old eccentric, Finaway, the Latin teacher, is a barmy old hen who gossips about Greenway and Hardcourt, the male and female physical education coaches, and their torrid love affair. The rest are all too old, too talented, or too full of themselves to ever be content here. Harry said as they entered the bright biology lab classroom.

Again Harry picked a seat in the back of class and drew on a textbook cover, this time an griffon with it's cubs and a phoenix. Now he had Cameron poking him in the ribs when he needed to listen and whispering wise cracks about everything. By the end of class Harry couldn't decide whether or not to risk sitting with Cameron again, but he knew that this was the start of something good in his life.


It didn't take long for one of the football players to get offended at Harry, but usually he could talk his way around the fight. Not now. He had to poke fun at a sculpture that Fletcher, the burly goalie, made in his humanities course. The goalie was too stupid to get Harry's hints that he shouldn't want to beat a scrawny kid up, and he was just smart enough to confront Harry just after school let out and outside of the grounds.

Harry was also alone because Cam was sick, and no one else had the guts to stuck up for him, or even wanted to.

Oh, hell. Harry sighed. He zoned out and just focused on fighting for his life as Fletcher came at him. It didn't take long for the team to pin Harry down and start beating him up. He passed out after he felt like his face and chest was one big bruise.

When he came to he was draped across a cot in the infirmary of the school.

Harry groaned as he sat up. His whole body ached.

Yes, figured you feel like that. said a familiar voice, it was the Assistant Headmistress.

Didgu, er, did you bring me in? Harry asked and she nodded.

Rightly so, you look affright. Took the liberty of ringing up your guardians. Your uncle is waiting for you in his car.

Oh no. Please tell me you're joking. They're going to kill me with chores and grounding. Harry moaned and the old lady looked impassive.

You got into a fight, they have a right to know. she said and Harry laughed bitterly.

Fight, right. The whole school wants me out of here, I don't fit in, and my family love to punish me. Only Cam is even halfway understanding when I talk to him, and you think they have a right to know the football team beat me up because the goalie is to dense to understand a veiled complement. Listen, you just sentenced me to another month of living in fear. Thanks. Harry stood and felt light headed but he walked out of the school and got into the car waiting, and blanched as Vernon started detailing his punishment.


You can't stay there anymore. Cameron said abruptly as they sat in the park watching the kids play. Harry looked over at his best friend of two years and snorted sardonically.

Yeah, what am I going to do? Runaway? Harry asked. Cameron sighed.

My mum said you can stay with us. You spend all your weekends with us anyhow, and she likes you. Cameron looked serious. Harry got nervous but tried not to show it. This was the one topic he had tried to avoid, his abuse and the fear that had been taught to him.

You're nuts. They'll put me on house arrest with one of those electronic collars before they let their personal freak of a house slave go. Harry said and sighed. Cameron was silent for a few minutes and Harry hoped the topic was dropped.

Nope. Bring just your school and personal stuff, you can wear my clothes 'til you get your own stuff. Mum and I, we don't like seeing you come by on the bad days, and last night was the last straw. You were bleeding. Cameron said quietly. Harry nodded. Yesterday Vernon and Petunia had a fight and instead of finishing it they took it out on Harry. Somehow it was convulsed until he was the sole cause of their troubles. As such he escaped to the Greenglass house with a cut cheek, a bruise on the other side of his face and more along his ribs. He still couldn't recall how he got to their front door, or what happened after that.

I've got my school stuff, we were going to study, remember? Harry rubbed the bruise on his face. The sting of pain gave him that last bit of courage, I'll do it, if you are sure. Cameron's face lit up like Harry had just flipped a switch. Harry's stomach was doing summersaults and he was ready to bolt. But he loved Cam like a brother and couldn't stand to see him sad like before.

Cor! You will! Come on, Mum's waiting for us at home. Our home! Cameron leapt up and drug Harry down to the house on Magnolia Crescent.

Cameron's mum, a thin vibrant owner of a new age shop and yoga school was there and finished talking Harry into making the change. Come on, my little monkey kids, let's get Harry into your new room, and convinced we want him with us. she said as she pulled both into a strong hug. She took care not to hurt him, but all Harry was aware of was the love from both Cameron and his mum.


Harry, where are you? called out Aileen as she came home with Cameron from the dentist. She walked into the living room and found Harry in a lotus position in meditation. She smiled, the child was a natural at yoga and meditation. If he was trained by proper masters he could even become a great yogi. His meditation was very deep, nothing short of an air horn blast could get him out of the trance until he wanted to come out.

Cameron walked in and smiled at his best friend's form, Just great, I go get braces and he gets to meditate. Mum this is really not fair. Cameron mock-whinned and got a smack on the top of his head for his poor humor.

Oh shush, he had to go to the optometrist while you got to learn that new form first and then he had to spend all day at the physician's while you lazed about here. I think he's past due on the quiet alone times. Aileen lectured as she lead Cameron to the kitchen for some water. She sat across from her son as he drank the glass she gave him.

So what do you think about Harry's manipulations? You know, the powers. asked the mother. Cameron looked down at his glass.

I don't know. It's not like me scrying or reading runes or your interpretation of dreams and signs. He's got something in him. I did a reading last night, Sig was prominent as was Ing. I also got an odd feeling from Gifu and Werd. He has power to bring about the end to some trying time, and fate and a natural gift play into the victory. Cameron said softly as his long hair fell in his face. Aileen nodded.

Is aura is strong, not overly large, but bright. When I first looked at it it seemed solid, and as he does his yoga and meditations it changes to an almost golden light that he controls. The roses are almost done blooming. We need to talk, and have you finished your Literature Essay? Cameron blushed.

Er, no. I was just going to dig up something. Cameron admitted and she had to smile. It was a house rule that no lies entered, and she never begrudged her boys a chance to get out of schoolwork.

Harry entered the kitchen and joined them at the table.

How'd the visit go? Harry asked Cameron with a straight toothed smile. Cameron scowled and took another gulp of water.

Evil git, you know you are. Cameron muttered and Harry laughed.

And here I was going to offer to see if I could help. Harry quipped. Aileen looked at Harry.

How did you want to help him? she asked.

Nothing but a good old fashioned bit of useless chatter about things like girls, books, music, and sports. Harry said.

Who are they? Katrina asked her guide as they found a place to eat lunch. On the lawn two slim guys in baggy versions of the school uniform were talking as they did some sort of exercises. Jessica looked over at them and sighed.

Harry and Cameron, they were outcasts since they started school here, but now none of us have the guts to ask them out. Jessica told her, They break every rule and keep to themselves. The heads only keep them here because they feel guilty. See, Harry was majorly abused by his family until Cameron and his mum took him in. They say Harry even had proof that he was being abused but no one but the Greenglasses listened.

Oh, don't forget that they are like geniuses too. spoke up Crystal, one of Jessica's friends, Harry's won a few awards for his work in art and biology while Cameron is already a published poet and is only a bit behind Harry in biology. Jessica and her other friends nodded.

True. Aside from their attitudes and lack of style, they'd be good catches. But they don't even check out anyone. said Jessica.

You think they might be, you know, gay? asked Crystal.

Sarah commented, At least bi. Katrina frowned. The group of girls were all gossips. Abruptly she stood and looked Jessica in the eye.

I'm sorry but I don't need your help. I'll see you around. she walked over to the two boys who stopped the exercises as she walked up. They both had shoulder length hair that they tied back, and while the brown haired one had shiny straight hair, the dark headed one had small ringlets at the side of his face and an odd scar on his forehead.

said the lighter colored boy.

I'm Katrina Thomas. she smiled and held out her hand. Both boys smiled back and the darker boy shook her hand.

I'm Harry Potter, this is Cameron Greenglass. Pleased to meet you Kat. Harry said with a grin.

Yes, indeed, it's nice to finally meet a girl with a good head on her shoulders and nonjudgmental. Cameron said.

Well, you seem like guys I can trust. You won't go blasting my secrets about the school, right? Katrina asked. Harry snorted in amusement.

Who would we tell, according to them we're drugged up piety cases who just happen to be smart. Harry said with a trace of bitterness. Katrina frowned.

I know. Once they get to know me, they'd hate me too. She sat on the ground and was surprised when she felt two strong sets of arms enveloping her.

Oh, Kat. Harry whispered. A tingle of electricity shot through her, but comforted her like Harry and Cameron's hug.

We never will leave you. Cameron said softly. It was like she was meant to be with them and they knew her forever.

I love you guys. she whispered as a tear came down. Both tightened the hug and she felt wet spots on her blouse. They needed her too.


[Matches= Prosperity and changes when you least expect them]