Title: The Coven of Number 16, Magnolia Crescent

Author: P.L.S.

Rating: Mild chunky salsa with scoopable Fritos

Disclaimer: I own nothing really, because I could care less if you decided to take this and plaster your name on it. I write for my own enjoyment, to get rid of stereotypes in fandoms, or to fill a gap in.

Summery: Harry never got his Hogwarts letter, but he is magical. He is taken in by his best friend's mom and taught how to focus, listen to the unseen, and do yoga. Then Hogwarts finds the young spirit healer and yogi...

[Chapter Seven- The Bony Elbow]

Kat growled as she stomped to the table, I hate my cousin.

What'd Dean do? asked Cameron looking up from the potions tome. Pansy was trying to create a salad from the food on the table and the rest who showed up for Saturday lunch shrugged and ignored her.

The creep, he had the utter gall to insinuate that I don't belong here. she ranted and Cameron nodded, stood, collected his materials, and steered Kat to an old classroom he converted to his own lab on the first floor. He sat her down in the overstuffed chair he had set up by the windows and sighed.

He said you don't belong in Hogwarts? Kat nodded, Well, you don't. None of the inhabitants do. Really, only Harry belongs here. Kat rolled her eyes at Cameron's words.

Yes, I know that. But my dear cousin has no right to talk against me. You know what is the worst part? Cameron looked her in the eyes and sighed.

We can't hurt them in any way, shape, or form. It still hurts to know they can hurt us, but will never feel pain at our hands. Cam stated in a cold voice.

Harry deserves to use his powers to hurt, but if he does we'll lose him. Kat looked at Cam with watery eyes and he stood up and hugged her close, I love him, I want to avenge him, you, and everyone who's been wronged, but I don't want to lose myself in the darkness. Why can't we have our day of wrath? Why do we have to suffer for their troubles and misunderstandings? Why? Cam, why? she sobbed into his shoulder.

I know, I hate the rules too. How many times do you think I had to watch as bullies beat Harry up, as people tore him down, as the world turned a blind eye to the fact we are human? I curse our gifts as much as I love them. You deserve to fight back. Harry deserves to go and abuse those bloody gits who dare to claim to share the same blood as our Healer. We deserve a chance to make the world pay for the wrongs done to Sev, Mum, and to outcasts everywhere. We have done all we can, and we will continue to stand strong. I'm willing to not fight as long as I know you are at my side. Can you stand with me and my need to keep our souls pure as we are able?

Course. Like I'd let you try to take that bloody high road alone. she sniffed.

Harry opened his eyes, mid afternoon in some tower room. He had fallen asleep on the floor, and wasn't at all shocked that he felt like his energy was gone. It had taken a lot out of him to just get a mental map of the net of energies woven about the place and a mental map from the castle about the physical structures.

The room was bright, airy, and could look out over all the grounds and buildings. It would be a perfect spot to work from. Instantly, Harry started to make a list of what he needed to actually work on the castle- Desk, notebooks, pens, pencils, markers, crayons, big sheets of paper, cot, blankets, wardrobe with extra clothes, Kat's standard crystal set, more of Cam's Fortification Brew, a charmed knife, a blessed silver bowl, virgin glass orb, every set of blueprints ever drawn of Hogwarts, the pitch blueprints, map of the dark forest, zeta and omega of Cam's herbal sets, Severus's books on protections, curses, and on Hogwarts, twine...'

Harry walked down a set of stairs in the center of the tower, continuing his long list of everything he needed. When he reached a solid wall he smiled. The castle gave him this room. He just had to change the password. Placing his hand on the smoothest stone of limestone, he felt the energies in the door.

Calypso cancelio Ganamede. he whispered the stone pulsed with the power of his words and the door recognized his new password as the right one. The wall shuddered and swung open to an empty dusty old room that looked like it hadn't been used in ages. He closed his eyes and sought the memory of the school's layout. The room used to be an office to a gorgon who taught astronomy in 1786. No one used it because before she was killed by an overzealous demon hunter she cursed the room so that only a gorgon could work in the office and stay sane. The curse didn't effect the tower room but no one visited the tower because they assumed it did. Harry strolled out into the hallway and looked about for an indicator of time. His digital wristwatch refused to work so he just followed his mental map to the front entry hall, the castle made the way as conformable as it could, moving staircases as he walked, letting him know of the trick doors, stairs, and walls. He followed a group of small kids into the Great Hall and Pansy waved him over.

Hello, Harry. she greeted him with a smile. Harry smiled back.

Hi. What meal is it? he asked, earning a strange look from most of the students.

she answered, Draco said to hold you here if you stopped by. Something about you vanishing and not returning to bed. Harry grabbed a dry piece of toast and spread some kind of jelly over it.

I was working with the castle last night. By the way do you have a bit of paper and a pencil? Pansy gave him an odd look.

Quill, ink, and parchment. she answered and Harry sighed and closed his eyes. He leaned back and pressed his hand to the stones of the floor.

Please, give me what I need from my things. Pansy's eyes widened as she saw the floor glow slightly and with a pop a thin flimsy book of pulp made paper and a stick of a black color appeared under Harry's hand, Thank you. he said softly. Sitting upright he opened his book to a white page with blue lines and pressed the top of the stick and made a clicking noise. It seemed to take no time at all before the page was covered in his messy scrawl and one of the younger students got up the courage to ask about the magic and the things he asked for.

Um, Potter, how'd you get those things? And what are they? Harry's eyes widened and he smiled at Patricia Kendeling.

Sorry, forgot about the whole purebloods not knowing about muggle stuff thing, and not understanding communal invocations. You wouldn't believe the things we had to teach Severus to do with muggle goods. Basically, I spent all last night getting to know the castle, which is an intelligent being, and the castle knows me inside and out. All I have to do now for somethings is just ask the castle for permission or lend it the energy to do me a favor. This, he held up the black stick, is the muggle answer to ink and quills. It's called a ball-point pen. Inside the stick is a thick ink that comes out via the tip which uses a tiny ball to distribute it. This, he held up the book, is a notebook. It is thin pulp paper, bound within the thicker cardboard by a wire coil made of steel. That concludes your class in muggle objects and Harry's strange powers today. Tomorrow we'll cover legos and bouncy balls and my strange tendency to do something Severus called disapparation when I'm in trouble or bored. Harry finished with a grin and got a few titters of laughter. Pansy smiled at him and shook her head. Draco sure had the oddest choice in friends. Harry took a bite of his toast and grimaced. Pansy laughed at his discomfort.

You don't like pepper jelly? asked Pansy in her sweetest voice as Harry gave her a scathing look.

Pepper jelly? You guys have the oddest need to put spice in to every blasted meal. Harry said as he grabbed an apple.

Stick to the fruit. We usually don't ask for it to be enhanced. Harry bit into it as Pansy talked and blinked, But we may have today. Harry tossed his apple onto the same plate as his abandoned toast.

Bugger. Pansy, I need all this stuff. he gave her his two page list, Where do I find it, or will I be safe playing burglar with the teachers? Pansy smiled at him then frowned as she read the list. Some of this stuff wasn't even found in Knockturn, or it was pure muggle. She was sure that quite a few things were so illegal that not even Draco had ever touched them. But here they were under headings like, Potions, Books, and Ingredients I might have to beg Sev' for' and Stupid Ritual Things that I'm going to have to use because of the blasted idiocy that seems to be common'.

Um, Harry-dear, you do realize that most of this stuff is illegal and dangerous? she asked and Harry blinked.

Really? Odd. It's all in my head that these are the things I need to get this death trap in working order again. What's illegal? asked Harry.

Black Sea Naga Scales.

But I just have to go ask them for the leftover scales from their molting season, they get me the salt, alge, and few crystals I need too. Harry looked perplexed, They've supplied Severus for ages with body parts, herbs, and such.

The Snape family is the only family that has ever gotten away with breaking laws because of the old traditions that bind them. Severus Snape is the premier Potions Master in Europe because his family has been bound to keep the old ways of brewing and to be the holders of every old potions secret from the start of wizardry. Pansy explained, You will get put on trial if anyone from the Ministry catches you with these things.

I'm not bound by wizarding laws. Supposedly Cam, Kat, and I are muggles. Harry said, How am I supposed to know that anything I use to bind the wards and dispell the more harmful curses are illegal. Besides I'm doing a favor by giving up my final year of school to fortify this school where I'm sure most of the important families and people send their children. Harry said and Pansy couldn't fight the grin.

You think like a Slytherin, Harry-dear. she laughed as he started to redo his list into five sections, stuff that muggle, stuff Aunt Al has, stuff Sev can get, stuff Albus had better get me, stuff I can go get from castle.

[Elbow= Hard work ahead for small pay]