It was September 1st and time for the Golden Trio to go back to Hogwarts for their last year. This year would be very different, though. After shoving their luggage into a train compartment, Harry, Lavender, Ron, and Hermione sat down, all eagerly anticipating the start of the year.

"Oh, I forgot, I have to go to the Heads' briefing!" Hermione said, springing up from her seat next to Harry. "Bye, I'll see you guys later!" As she ran out the compartment door, both Ron and Lavender noticed Harry staring after Hermione.

"Earth to Harry!" Ron said teasingly as he watched Harry jump in shock. "If you keep on staring at Hermione, people are gonna think you love her or something!"

"Shut up, Ron!" Harry was laughing, but Lavender couldn't help noticing the pink tinge that had appeared in her friend's cheeks.

"Are you sure, Harry?" Lavender asked craftily.

"What are you saying, Lav?"

"I'm asking if you really do like Hermione."

"Well, um... Nice weather we're having, isn't it?" Harry said, changing the subject. Ron and Lavender's eyes met. 'Yep, he likes her'

Ten minutes later, when Harry went to the lavatory, Ron and Lavender had a quick talk.

"So, Harry really does like Hermione." Lavender said with a grin on her lovely features.

"I'm willing to bet on that." Ron replied with a grin to match the one on his girlfriend's face.

"And they haven't gotten together or anything in these last six years. They are the slowest couple I have ever met."

"Hmm, are there any likely matchmakers at Hogwarts?"

"Er, yeah a couple, why, Ron?"

"I think we need to give the two of them a little shove in the right path. I can tell Harry's head over heels in love with her."

"And I have a feeling Hermione likes him, too. I'll get Ginny to help out. Parvati is one of the best matchmakers in Hogwarts, so we'll need her services. I also know Seamus has been betting on when Harry and Hermione will get together, so he'll help out in order to win his bet..." Lavender fell silent, deep in thought. The both of them were still thinking when Harry returned. Five minutes after, Hermione came back.

"Well, the Head Boy this year is Terry Boot from Ravenclaw." Hermione said as she plopped down next to Harry. "He's all right. At least it's not Malfoy I have to work with." Harry and Ron laughed, and they had a pleasant trip back to Hogwarts.

AN: So, what do ya think? I'm expecting probably around six or seven chapters. Will Ron and Lavender's plan come through? Or will it crash and burn? Oh, BTW, unfortunately I don't own any of the characters in this story, only my weird, crappy, messed-up plot belongs to me... (Holds back a sob)

Harry: Say, what's this story going to be about?

Author: Well, you and Hermione are in love, so Ron, Lavender, Parvati, Ginny, and Seamus decide to set you up.

Hermione: WHAT?!?! (Harry faints)

Hermione: We're just friends. How are we supposed to be in love?

Author: Leave that to me...

Hermione: Uh-oh.