I am Sonic

Project Clone Metal Sonic

AN: This will clear up a lot of things from the story. It's not a real chapter, but it is an integral part of the story. I wrote this first before I even started the real thing. And yes, this is the same log Clone Metal Sonic was reading himself.

Bonus Chapter: 0

Dr. Eggman's Log: Day 1

I have begun drawing up new plans for a radically different type of robot. I have named the experiment Project Clone Metal Sonic. I have many plans for Clone Metal Sonic, but for now all I have are these blueprints and this old program that needs recoding. I'll pull an all-nighter if I have to. I just want to get the blueprints and schematics finished. Once he is complete he should be able to pass off as Sonic himself. I can only dream of what that could do for me.

Dr. Eggman's Log: Day 2

With the blueprints and schematics complete, I can now begin work on the basic skeleton of Clone Metal Sonic. I've decided on implementing a light aluminum alloy. Its weight is similar to that of natural bones but it's much stronger. The skeleton must be as anatomically correct as I can get it. The closer it is the real thing, the better.

Dr. Eggman's Log: Day 4

The basic skeleton is complete. Right now the joint motors are in development. I've decided to incorporate small secondary micro-processors in the motors. Using this method and an intricate system that connects then all to each other as well as the Central Motor Processor or CMP, I'll be able to incorporate the best organic movement yet. In all these years, I've collected enough footage of Sonic's movement that I can use the compiled data on Clone Metal Sonic. The CMP will send the movement commands to the micro-processors and in turn the micro-processors will adapt all movements to be just like Sonic's. Once the joints are completed I can begin to upload the movement data onto the autonomic processors. This design is flawless.

Dr. Eggman's Log: Day 5

The joints are ready, but they have yet to be integrated into the main skeleton. The movement data was just uploaded only minutes ago, so I'll have the motors put into place shortly. I'll leave that to the machines. It's late and I really need a nap right now.

Dr. Eggman's Log: Day 7

The skeleton has been tested. It seems it can't move as fast as Sonic with its own power supply. The energy is drained too quickly. If I want to match Sonic's speed without a jet engine, I'll need more power. I've sent out several squads of tracking bots to locate a Chaos Emerald. With only one Chaos Emerald Clone Metal Sonic will be able to match Sonic's speed using only its legs. I'll have to refit the chest to use a Chaos Emerald as the primary power supply. It shouldn't take too long.

Dr. Eggman's Log: Day 10

It's been three days and still no signs of the track bots. I guess it'll take longer than expected. For now I have another task to commence: the artificial muscles. Using elastic fibers that react to electrical impulses, they can simulate actual working muscles. This will take Clone Metal Sonic another step closer in becoming indistinguishable with Sonic.

Dr. Eggman's Log: Day 18

It took a while, especially the face, but the artificial muscles are complete. All except the face muscles have been connected to the micro-processors of the motors to act in harmony. The face took longer in the development but it was completed on schedule. I can't believe how perfect this is turning.

Dr. Eggman's Log: Day 20

Now begins what I feel will be the greatest obstacle, the skin. All the artificial skins I tried proved useless. They don't feel authentic. I have drawn out some designs for a fully integrated bio-organic tissue. Good thing I have enough donors to help along with the development. If all goes according to plan, I'll be able to grow a full seamless tissue on Clone Metal Sonic. That will make his appearance almost complete.

Dr. Eggman's Log: Day 35

After many trials and errors, I feel like I'm getting to a breakthrough in the skin development. I'll have to make several modifications to my original design. The old versions can last for a few hours, but they quickly rot and dissolve. It won't work if it doesn't hold for days at a time. I will have to find a way to constantly renew the tissue by feeding it nutrients like oxygen, water, proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates. I would never have thought of having to go this far, but the artificial skins that didn't deteriorate simply didn't feel real and I know a certain pink hedgehog would be the first to test that.

Dr. Eggman's Log: Day 46

I've finally completed the artificial plasma that will be transporting nutrients to the skin. Using an elaborate series of tubes, the nutrients will be distributed evenly to the whole skin. The only thing left in this design is how to allow Clone Metal Sonic to intake the nutrients his organic skin will need. I have a few beta designs, but nothing clear cut yet.

Dr. Eggman's Log: Day 52

I finally have perfected the oxygen intake device. I knew I would have to simulate breathing eventually with Clone Metal Sonic, but this just makes everything that much easier. An artificial lung will intake the air and transfer the oxygen to the plasma. I'll have to set up autonomic functions to take care of that so Clone Metal Sonic can keep himself focused. Once this is done, I can move on to the organic intake.

Dr. Eggman's Log: Day 70

This has been the most difficult task yet, and it isn't complete yet. I have never had to work with such an orchestra of chemicals before. Good thing I'm a genius or I would have given up long ago. I figure that one set of the nutrient processing chemicals should last around 30 or 40 days. That's more than enough time. I do hope that this doesn't take much longer.

Dr. Eggman's Log: Day 85

I've done it, a fully functional digestive system. Now I can add the programs to alert Clone Metal Sonic when he should consume more nutrients. About once a day should be enough. But all this means I'll have to add functions in his central processor to allow him to feel that need.

Dr. Eggman's Log: Day 86

Perfect, the tracking bots have brought me a Chaos Emerald. This is now more than perfect since the Chaos Emerald will simulate body heat and keep the skin at the right temperature. Now I can finally install the Emerald into Clone Metal Sonic before I add the skin around him.

Dr. Eggman's Log: Day 89

The skin development has finally been initiated. It will grow into a web of sensors so that Clone Metal Sonic can read temperature, pressure, weight, texture, and maybe more. The skin itself will take a long time to grow, so I'll work on the eyes while it completes its cycle.

Dr. Eggman's Log: Day 94

The eyes are ready. They look more authentic than I could have hoped for. A simple coating around the spherical optical sensors makes them look just like real eyes. It's a real shame the skin will most likely need another two weeks to fully grow onto Clone Metal Sonic.

Dr. Eggman's Log: Day 109

With Clone Metal Sonic's skin ready, his appearance is complete. If I didn't know better I'd say I was looking at Sonic myself. Until everything is ready for his programming I'll be placing Clone Metal Sonic in a tube filled with nutrient rich gel. He'll be suspended there until I can get a hold of Sonic.

Dr. Eggman's Log: Day 110

I have prepared a perfect plan. I lure Sonic here by capturing Amy. Once here I can get him into the memory scanner and copy all of his memories to Clone Metal Sonic. He'll be able to act and think just like Sonic. He'll be able to use that to infiltrate any place I choose. This will be superb.

Dr. Eggman's Log: Day 112

Something happened. Sonic's memory was copied into Clone Metal Sonic, but something has gone wrong. I'm not sure where it happened, but somewhere in the code of the memory transfer program there is an error. My only consolation is that the memory scanner left Sonic unconscious long enough for me to capture him and lock him up. Still, I have no idea where Clone Metal Sonic is, or Amy for that matter. But before I can go look for him I need to know what went wrong, and the only way to do that is to read through the thousands of lines of code in the memory transfer program.

Dr. Eggman's Log: Day 113

It took me almost two days, but I found where the error was. There was a typo in the memory allocation section. It seems that the base knowledge he was supposed to have, about the Egg Empire and himself, was copied correctly but then Sonic's memories were copied over it on the same memory location. He wouldn't know or remember anything about being a robot or that I am his master. Sonic's memory was supposed to be copied into a separate archive memory, but since it wasn't that memory location shows up as null. He wouldn't know that he has a separate memory. And another problem from that same error went into the personality allocation. His primary personality, loyal to me and the Egg Empire, was also overwritten by Sonic's personality. Thus the archive memory location for personality is also null. If my theory is correct, this could mean that Clone Metal Sonic would actually think and believe he is the real Sonic. This is a disaster. I'm officially labeling the Clone Metal Sonic project as a failed experiment. All that's left is to retrieve and dismantle Clone Metal Sonic.

Dr. Eggman's Log: Day 114
I can't believe it. He even fights like Sonic. I couldn't capture him, but I do recall giving him a nasty slash on arm. Once he sees his internal self, he might begin to understand what he is. But either way I can't let him run loose any longer. I'll call him out to the base, and once he's here it will be over.

Dr. Eggman's Log: Day 115

Despite certain unfortunate events of failure, Clone Metal Sonic has been destroyed. The project has been concluded as a failed experiment. This concept of integrating biology into him was the first error. Giving that robot the chance to feel alive was a mistake. Had he been fully robot without disguise, the same memory error wouldn't have been as catastrophic. In fact, it could have even been reversed. But I believe that the perfect disguise that was made to fool his close friends ended up fooling himself as well.