Author: Writie

Summary: A WWE Superstar and Diva have an undeniable attraction to one another, but just because it feels good doesn't mean it's right. Can they stay away from each other? Plus more.

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Stars: Stacy Keibler, Lita, Randy Orton, Matt Hardy, Evolution, Kane, ect. Many more. Basically any WWE superstars I choose to use.

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Stacy exhaled slowly as she finished her last crunch. She sat up and glanced around the gym. A few male WWE superstars were also there. She had come there with Victoria, and Lita. She glanced over at Lita who continued to lift weights.

"You probably shouldn't be lifting those." Stacy informed staring at her pregnant friend. Lita sighed and continued to lift.

"Sorry, Mom." Lita sighed rolling her eyes. "Your probably right." She admitted putting the barbell down. "The doctors said I can exercise if I take it easy." She added.

"Good thing you put that down." Victoria huffed breaking a sweat as she continued to lift weights. Lita plopped lazily next to Stacy and began to stretch out her arms. She scanned the gym the way Stacy had earlier.

"What are they doing here without HHH?" Lita questioned a bit puzzled noticing that Batista, Ric Flair, and Randy Orton of Evolution also occupied the gym.

"I think they do alot of things together without HHH." Victoria guessed. "Isn't Ric a little too old to be lifting that?" She joked. Just as she said it, Ric's arms dropped to the floor and he cried out in pain. The girls gasped and looked at one another as Batista took the weight from Ric. The three of them tried to hold back laughter.

"Guys, shut up. That's so mean!" Stacy giggled.

"Aww, Stacy has a crush." Lita teased.

"Eww.....No." Stacy groaned shaking her head as the girls giggled.

Randy pumped furiously bringing the barbell from his chest and extending his arms out. Sweat covered his entire body as he continued to pump harder, his muscles tightening. He finally finished his last rep and began to pant.

"Whoa, watch it Champ." Batista grinned.

"That's what I'm gonna make sure of." Randy replied with his usual cocky smile and confidence.

"Don't want to ware yourself out though." Ric reminded panting and rubbing his sore arm.

"I could go all day and night." Randy boasted in an arrogant tone.

"Never underestimate your opponent." Ric noted wisely.

"Benoit can bring it with all he has. That belt is mine, it's my time." Randy replied confidently.

"You know we will be there to back you up, but if you do win, HHH is gonna want a shot at that title." Batista reminded.

"Facing Hunter would be an honor." Randy answered.

Stacy rose to her feet.

"Ok, that guy just totally checked you out." Victoria informed as Stacy looked over at the guy. She was wearing a white T-shirt and gray shorts, that clung to her nicely. She didn't look as incredible as She did when She was trying to look good, but she was at the gym after all.

"He's not my type." Stacy shook her head crunching her nose.

"He's not that bad." Victoria shrugged.

"This is coming from someone who dated Steven Richard's." Lita smirked.

"I stopped dating guys that resemble horses a long time ago." Stacy joked obviously referring to Test. Victoria, Lita and Stacy began to crack up.

"I can't believe she just said that." Victoria laughed. Lita also stood up and Victoria motioned towards them. "I guess two hours is good enough she shrugged referring to the workout.

"We've been here for two hours? I'm hungry." Stacy complained fixing her ponytail into a bun.

"Me too." Lita agreed.

"Let's wash up, get something to eat, then head for Raw." Victoria suggested as Stacy and Lita agreed with a nod. Victoria led the way alongside Lita, with Stacy trailing closely behind them.

Randy sat up on the bench.

"He might as well just hand me the belt. Save him the embarrassment." Randy continued getting more cocky with each sentence he spoke.

"Yeah, so then you can hand it to Hunter. Whoo." Ric laughed as Batista chuckled. Randy

slightly smirked, he didn't find it too funny. Victoria, Lita, and Stacy walked their way past and threw Evolution, making their way to the women's bathroom, which was fully equipped with showers, and lockers to wash and change. Randy, Batista, and Ric past glances at on another, trading grins, looking like hungry predators. Randy slapped Stacy's ass as she passed.

"Nice" Randy called with a cocky smile as the other members of Evolution grinned. Stacy

look back at him, and simply continued on her way into the girls room.

"At least she didn't slap the taste out of your mouth." Batista laughed.

"Why would she?" Randy grinned.

Stacy walked through the halls of the Raw arena with Lita.

"So, what are you going to do if Kane actually wins? I mean, you'll have to marry him." Stacy asked with concern.

"Kane's not gonna win. Matt and I are destined to be together. Matt has beaten him before." Lita explained.

"Kane has beaten Matt before too." Stacy reminded raising an eyebrow. She wasn't trying to get Lita's hopes down, but she wasn't so sure she was looking at this logically.

"Kane won't win." Lita shook her head trying to sound confident. She didn't understand why Lita would agree to such a stipulation, unless she secretly wanted to be with Kane. Then again, Stacy had agreed to match stipulations even when she didn't want to be with Test. But this was a Death Til Us Part match, she was basically putting the rest of her life and future on the line. She quickly shook the thought from her head. Lita was in love with Matt, and even if something else were up, Lita would tell her right? They had become pretty close friends. Hurricane and Rosey suddenly approached the ladies with big smiles.

"Good day Lita, and Miss Kiebler." Rosey began offering a friendly smile.

"Hi" Lita and Stacy said in unison.

"Stacy, we were wondering if you would be interested in accompanying us to the ring." Hurricane offered.

"Sure, that sounds great." Stacy smiled brightly. She didn't have much to do on Raw recently so why not? Plus, they were friends. "Who are you opponents?" She asked curiously.

"That despicable duo of Batista and Randy Orton of Evolution. But those villains don't intimidate us." Hurricane announced striking a superhero pose. He looked back at Rosey who was staring off into space. He rolled his eyes hopelessly. "Hello?" He called snapping Rosey back to reality. He stroke a pose again, and this time Rosey joined him. Stacy and Lita just looked at each other and smiled.

"Ok, I'll see you guys out there." Stacy smiled as they walked off and waved goodbye.

"See you then, Citizen Keibler." Hurricane called.

"I'm gonna go try and find Matt." Lita informed Stacy as she turned to walk away. "I'll see you later and be careful out there." She called.

"Ok, see you later." Stacy smiled as she walked in the opposite direction.

"So, your accompanying those losers to the ring." Batista grunted with a chuckle as he walked past her, Randy closely behind him. He must have heard some of their conversation. Stacy slightly glared at him as he walked past.

"You really must be desperate." Randy commented with a cocky grin stopping in front of her. She looked at him a bit surprised by the confrontation.

"Me desperate? I happen to like Hurricane and Rosey. Their my friends. Besides your the one who was trying to get a cheap feel at the gym, so how's that for desperate?" Stacy retorted. She knew she shouldn't have been talking to him this way. He was tough, and he belonged to one of the most powerful and destructive groups in the WWE. He had RKO'd Fabulous Moolah, and he and his so-called friends had beaten the hell out of Eugene, who was mentally challenged. They had no heart, no compassion, no conscience. So she could only imagine what he would do to her. She had dealt with cocky, arrogant jerks like him all the time, the WWE seemed to have plenty of them. Test was just like him, thinking he was god's gift or something. Randy was good looking and yeah, he did have a nice body but that was no reason to be an asshole, and certainly not an excuse for the type of things he did. Stacy had felt an attraction to him since he had first stepped foot into the WWE, he was much different then. But there was still something about him, even if she would never admit it out loud.

"Were you this mouthy with Test?" Randy questioned raising an eyebrow with a cocky smirk. He was actually calm, not looking like what she said had fazed him.

"What's wrong Randy? Jealous because none of the Divas would ever give you the time of day?" Stacy sneered.

"Please, I'm a lady-killer. You wanna give it up to Mr. Ed that's your problem." He replied with a conceited grin.

"Lady-killer? Hooking up with ring-rats and drunk women at bars doesn't make you a lady-killer, and isn't even challenging." Stacy explained surprised he hadn't flipped yet.

"Oh, and hooking up with one of the Divas is? Lita is pregnant and wasn't sure who the father was, all you do is date horses, or a guy that's had one too many steroids, and let them push you around, Trish is with a creepy little bastard and there are plenty more examples." Randy snickered. That cocky, conceited, arrogant jerk had just insulted the entire women's division, including her!

"None of the Divas would ever give you the time of day." Stacy replied angrily. She was so angry she couldn't think of a better comeback.

"You all wish you had a chance with me." Randy smirked arrogantly. Stacy rolled her eyes. "I know what your problem is, your so used to hanging out with losers, that your scared of power." He added with a snug grin.

"Scared of power? I'm drawn to power." Stacy replied with a smirk. He closed in on her and aggressively backed her up against the wall. Oh God! She knew she shouldn't have said anything! She trembled as she looked at him inches away from her, his body pressing her tightly against the wall. She tried not to look scared or intimidated. He moved his face closer with a smirk, practically smelling the fear. He took a lock of her hair.

"Then why are you shaking?" he asked. With that he simply smiled and walked off. "See you out there!" He called with the cockiest smile she had ever seen. She watched him from behind as he walked down the hall. He had scared her, but their encounter was strangely exciting.

Kane and Lita stood in the hall staring at each other in mid-conversation. Matt rushed to Lita's side and glared at Kane.

"Everything ok here?" Matt questioned glaring at Kane.

"Yes, I'm fine." Lita answered Matt. "This conversation is over!" She added glaring at Kane. He chuckled to himself as he took a strand of Lita's hair.

"You'll be mine soon enough." Kane smiled sadistically. He walked away still laughing.

"You have to win that match." Lita cried hugging Matt.

"You have nothing to worry about." Matt assured her. "You should probably stay away from ringside, the stress isn't good for you or the baby." He reminded. This child wasn't his, and he was still so angry, he couldn't help but wonder if he was making the right decision or not.

"I know, I really want to cheer you on though." Lita smiled and placed a small kiss on his lips. He sighed, more confused than ever.

Stacy made her way to the ring alongside Hurricane and Rosey. She did her trademark, when she bent over trough the ropes twice. She laughed as Hurricane and Rosey both nearly fainted at the sight. Evolution's music hit and Batista and Randy Orton made their way to the ring, both wearing cocky grins. As they got in the ring, Randy bent over through the ropes twice with a cocky smile, as Batista laughed, mocking Stacy as she tossed a dirty look at him. She stood at ringside as the match began. Hurricane and Rosey were doing better than she thought they would but that only lasted for about two minutes. Evolution began to dominate quickly. Hurricane was ragged in and so was Randy. Hurricane began to build a pretty good offense against Randy. Stacy cheered jumping up and down as doing a flip which revealed her panties, after Hurricane successfully nailed the Eye Of The Hurricane.


Randy kicked out. Stacy looked on in disappointment. He rolled out of the ring when Rosey was tagged in and Rosey soon followed. Randy grabbed Stacy and a look of panic crossed her face as he shoved her hard into Rosey. Both men got back in the ring and Randy dominated the match. When he went to the turnbuckle and uncovered the steel post Stacy had seen enough. She got on the ring apron and began to plead to the Ref, pointing a the turnbuckle. Randy smirked and went over to her, grabbing her back the hair as Stacy screamed, Rosey charged at him and he sidestepped Rosey, holding Stacy in place, so the Rosey hit Stacy with all his weight. Stacy crashed hard to the floor and Randy gave the superhero a cocky grin. Evolution eventually picked up the win when Batista powerbombed Hurricane for the win, and Randy took care of Rosey with the RKO. Randy and Batista made their way up the ramp with their usual cocky expressions. Rosey began to check on both Stacy and Hurricane.

Stacy fumed as she stormed through the hall infuriated. That bastard had put her in harm's way just to win a stupid match. She could have seriously gotten hurt! She was lucky nothing worse had happened and that she wasn't injured, but she was still angry. She stomped up to Randy who had been sitting in the hall wiping the sweat from his brow with a towel. The hall was pretty much vacant, which was odd. She didn't know what she was doing and it was too late to stop herself.

"How dare you use me to win a match?! You were intentionally trying to hurt me, I could tell by that sick smile on your face!" Stacy shouted angrily. She slapped him in the face hard. Her mouth dropped open. What had she just done? Randy stood up angrily and got in her face.

"Then don't come out to the ring. You were at ringside, the ring is a dangerous place baby." Randy shot back obviously pissed off.

"You know what? I can't wait to see Chris Benoit beat your ass, maybe I'll accompany him to the ring when he does it." Stacy replied coldly.

"You don't think I can beat Chris Benoit?" Randy asked curiously.

"Your a good wrestler, but so is Chris Benoit. Even if you did win it's not like HHH would let you keep it." Stacy snickered as if HHH was Randy's owner.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Randy asked getting heated. She has obviously struck a cord.

"HHH doesn't want you to have that belt, the only person he wants to see with that title is himself. And if he does want you to win, it's only because he thinks he'll have a better shot a beating you then he would Chris Benoit. Benoit doesn't trust him and you do. He's the Game. HHH, your very best friend, will quickly become your worst enemy. All he cares about is putting that belt back around his waist and he'll use you to do it if he has too." Stacy continued with a smirk.

"And I'd be honored to face Hunter for the title, I'm not scared of him." Randy answered.

"Yeah, and he'd take you as a joke." Stacy grinned.

"Hunter is my friend and Evolution has been good to me..." Randy began getting a bit angry, not liking one bit what Stacy had to say.

"Yeah, when you were the Intercontinental Champion. Now your up for the World Heavyweight Championship. The belt HHH thinks belongs to him, even when someone else is the champion, I still think he has it in his head that, that belt is his." Stacy replied.

"So, I could beat HHH." Randy added with a cocky grin.

"If you could get you head out of his ass long enough to pin him." Stacy sneered. She was working his last nerve. Randy grabbed her arm tightly and she struggled violently. "Let go of me!!" She cried.

"Oh, come on! What's wrong Stacy? I thought you liked it rough!" Randy taunted. She went to slap him but he caught her hand. She pushed him away as he laughed, knowing very well he could have kept her there all night if he wanted too.

"Whatever, just don't touch me." Stacy exclaimed growing more and more heated, when she went to walk past him, Randy grabbed her arm again.

"Isn't that what you always wanted?" He grinned mischievously forcefully pulling her into a kiss. His tongue shot into her mouth. At first she struggle with a groan, but then she kissed him back passionately, their tongues colliding in a war. He lifted her off the ground and she wrapped her legs around his waist never breaking the kiss. She couldn't believe how good he tasted. Just as his hand crept up her thigh, underneath her skirt, voices were heard coming down the hall and that's when they quickly broke apart. she only glances at him a moment wide-eyed, shocked but what had just happen, then fled around the corner up the hall without a word being spoken. She didn't want to be spotted with him. That was the last thing she wanted. Randy breathed heavily, what the hell had just happened? Stacy continued up the hall, her heart still pounding when she spotted Lita. How the hell had such a heated argument turned into that? She had been repulsed by the things he had said and done to her, but in that moment, she wanted him more than anything. She was ready to rip his clothes off. Who knows how far it would have went if the hall had remained vacant? Would she have let him take her right there, in public, where anyone could just walk by? She shook these thought from her head.

"Hey, are you ready to go? You still need a ride home right?" Lita asked, Stacy just stared at her nervously a bit she as if she had done something wrong.

"Um, yeah" Stacy replied quickly, a bit flustered.

"Are you feeling ok?" Lita asked touching Stacy's face. Her cheeks were pink and she still looked nervous, and a bit shaken up, or at least freaked out. "Your face is warm, did something happen?" She added.

"No, I'm fine. Let's go." Stacy nodded her heart still racing.

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