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Harry yawned terribly as he stirred his potion in the cold dungeon. Snape was in a foul mood today and with his growing headache it wasn't really helping.

Snape stalked the dungeon room like a stormy rain cloud, to put it lightly. Harry winced adding a bit of whatever it was called into the cauldron. There was a slight poof and it turned green. A good sign since everyone else's was doing the same. Except for Neville's it seemed to be foaming, and releasing neon yellow bubbles into the damp air.

The tones of the Professor were heard clearly over the noises of twenty or so standard size cauldrons.

"Twenty points from Gryffindor Mr. Longbottom!" A few of his house groaned throughout the room. Which sent Snape into further grumpiness, suddenly he saw the black robed man turn, his sights trained on one other student.

Harry nearly choked, but buried his head into his book seeing that he had to add one more ingredient for the potion to be complete.

And at the very moment he would about to add just the precise amount, Snape had to go and snap

"Mr. Potter! Are you paying attention!" Harry yelped and it was too late the small handful of dry ingredient dropped into the pot and exploded.

Students went screaming for the corner's of the dungeon as fireworks blasted from every which way. Which only lasted briefly, it tapered into cherry blossoms falling like a storm over the heads of both Harry and Severus. But when the smoke cleared and Harry stopped coughing violently, at the taste like burnt rubber in his mouth. He gasped, all the color draining from his face.

"P-professor Snape?" Harry cried stunned, his green eyes wide, standing in front of the toppled cauldron was the strikingly handsome young man, about seventeen. With long raven colored hair that pooled at his feet.

"Mr. Potter, I am calling the Headmaster down here. Before I myself cause you some harm." He said calmly before turning away and crying

"Weasley get the Headmaster." Ron stood there his mouth open, unable to move...

"GO!" Snape exclaimed and Ron ran out of the dungeon room as if the Devil were after him.