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Sita blinked a few times, lowering her wand with shock this tall overly thin teenager was bowing to her as if she was some maharani.

"Sir may I ask who are you?" she asked softly as the tall child straightened, his black eyes glittering with a strange emotion.

She tipped her tanned face to one side, gazing at him through a screen of long dark lashes.

"I am Professor Severus Snape, Potion Master here at Hogwarts. I was sent here to retrieve you from your lost state."

"That's wonderful!" she smiled widely shaking his hand.

"My name is Sita Morningstar, pleased to meet you Professor Snape."

He then turned sharply and led her down the hall, she followed without sound except for the strange song she hummed every once and a while.

She didn't seem to notice how young he was. And being the somewhat cynical man er, teenager that he was… He wondered if she was being polite or not…

He turned suddenly, she nearly bumping into him.

"Is there something wrong?" she inquired a furrow coming to her delicate brow.

Snape was becoming distracted…. She was pretty… Her hair was long to the floor, and the color of milk chocolate. With soft full lips and warm eyes that shimmered with a serene light. Her body was the shape of an hourglass, accented by the tight wrap of the black sari. She was a little chubby actually…

Severus shook the stars out of his eyes "Do you realize how young I am Miss. Morningstar?"

"Yes I do, but does it matter? I know you are not seventeen, your aura stinks of a Curse or some Charm placed on you."

He blinked in surprise as she stared at him evenly, her soft smile unwavering. Through that warm curl of her lips, he saw a wall. An emotional wall, he felt himself wanting too smile.

So he was not the only one to suffer so dearly…

Turning way, they began to walk again Snape's head spinning with everything that had just happened. His seventeen year old hormones were raging through is body making his chalky cheeks flushing uncontrollably. His lips though were sealed shut, fashioned into a sour thin line.

"I am sorry for getting so lost, except there was a beautiful smell that was coming from a large door when I was being escorted to Hogwarts. I decided to slip past all my maids and go in search of that smell, which lead me to that beautiful maze. Though I do think Lord Shiv will be angry, for me being so very late Professor."

"Why do you worry?" Snape choked out looking quickly away as he saw Sita fall into step next to him.

"Because Shiv is a very delicate man, with a delicate temper… I would not want to anger him. For fear of punishment." She replied easily

Severus was quiet for a moment "What kind of punishment?" he couldn't help it something childish and inane was coming into hisrationalmind. Her angelic features were blinding him...

She shook her head in worry"A great bit of yelling I'm afraid."

Snape felt a tiny smile slip over his handsome mouth, he didn't know why but he didn't let her see it. God knows, he might even be in love with her. And though it went against every fiber of his moral being, he had to open his heart once again. Even if it was only for little moments at a time.

A silence settled over them, as he led her to the Headmaster's office, where he would let Albus and Sita speak privately. There was no need for him to be anywhere within the next five miles of the Office so as long as he had errands to fulfill.

His heart was still pounding wildly in his chest, but a certain calm was descending over him. She was different from all the other women that he had ever met, including the ones that were teachers here. Maybe it was because she had come from somewhere else other then England…

"Professor Snape by chance are you infected with the Adonis Spell?" she inquired suddenly making him jump from the soft reverie he had settled into.

He looked at her sharply "I am, you are very smart Miss. Morningstar… Not many people know about it, the Headmaster even had to look it up before he was sure."

She giggled "That is very unfortunate, for I had an uncle that was infected with the same curse, I call it a curse because he never found a wife. Eventually he died of a broken heart…"

Snape felt his stomach do a flip, though such emotion was rare to him. A true panic swept over him, the fine sheen of sweat over his face increased. This situation was hopeless all around and to top it off Potter was involved…

Come to think of it there was something strange going on with him as well; a presence, one that was very familiar was beginning to taint his aura. He knew that aura very well…

He shut his eyes briefly as they stopped at the entrance to the Headmaster's office. Whispering the password, they entered Albus's office with ease.


As always Albus was alone amid the sleeping portraits, swimming in the delicate baubles and trinkets behind glass and in ornate shelves. It had been long since Severus had come here and found that very little had changed.

So was the steadfastness of Hogwarts greatest Headmaster, Dumbledore was bent over his work his quill scribbling furiously over the toothed surface of the parchment. Snape cleared his throat.

Gracefully and with some swiftness Albus looked up his spectacles glinting the bright light above his desk. Snape was stunned by the look of terror that crossed the Headmaster's face, but as quickly as it came it was gone… Replaced by the calmness that he had always seen in the wizened wizard for many, many years now.

Sita Morningstar curtsied and sat down, greeting the Headmaster with a polite smile. He turned to leave when Albus soft voice caught his attention.

"Severus, you are going to help this young woman until she becomes comfortable here at Hogwarts. She will take up the vacant room next to yours for the time being, before we settle her into the recently renovated guest wing."

Snape nodded and left the office…

Harry Potter roamed about the Common Room in pain as Hermione was drowning in books, she was here to help Harry who had to stop due to the sudden irate pain zinging from his forehead.

In sudden frustration she banged her book upon the table

"Harry it is impossible, even if some woman from the Braham School was candidate enough for Professor Snape it would not be so fair as to drug them with a Love Potion!"

Her turned to her his emerald eyes dull; the dream from last night was bothering him, the dream with the door… Banishing the dark thoughts away he tired to focus on his friend's voice. Willing himself away from the fog that he was swimming in.

"I know but what else am I to do? Snape has forced me into a passive situation here! And the curse will not go away if I don't play an active part in it…"

"But how do you know that?" Ron interjected looking up from his textbook.

Harry paused "Well I really don't know that…"

"So then you shouldn't worry, let him deal with it himself. You said he didn't want your help to begin with."

Harry nodded and wondered what would happen to Snape now that he could rely on no one else but himself… And deep inside he was worried, worried for his own future. Sirius would know what to do... He would write him a letter... For the first time since the morning Harry felt a little better, knowing that he would once again speak to his Godfather again...