Author: Adriana Santomé -hikari-

Date: June 10th, 2004.

Disclaimer: CCS belongs to CLAMP.

A/N: I was thinking of Tomoyo, then I thought about Eriol, then I thought about the scene of the manga where she asks him if it's all right to write to him. And eventually this came up. My very first EriolxTomoyo. Please review!!!





She had found the letters. Kaho had found the letters... all of them.

She was kneeling there on the floor, by his wooden desk and his black leather, upholstered chair, gripping each of the torn envelopes and their contents. One of the letters fell from her hand, the most recent letter, the one she had just finished reading. She looked at him with quivering eyes and a wistful smile, her long red tresses of hair framing her pale face.

He stood rigidly as he watched her, his palm slightly pressing the door frame. Finally he whispered her name, but she simply chuckled sadly, like the melody of a heartbreaking song.

She had found them...

Gulping down a knot in his throat, his mind searching for an apology, he looked away from her. He couldn't even gaze at her hazel eyes and so his eyes were fixed on the floor instead.

He knew too all well that letters couldn't make her this upset, but rather who had sent them.

It was all his fault in first place. He had promised her not to do this… She never asked him much… just not to do this… And he couldn't even do that for her.

Kaho deserved to be happy 'till her last breath, the very last, and now she was sad because of him.

But he'd do the right thing now….


Dear Miss Tomoyo,

I'm afraid this will be the last letter you are going to receive from me. There are certain… circumstances that restrain me from maintaining contact with you any longer.

I truly dreaded this moment, but ever since we said goodbye back in Tomoeda, I knew that further communication wasn't meant to be in first place. However, I was delighted of hearing news from you. You must know this past months I always looked forward to your letters and I was highly honored that you trusted me enough to confided on me. But this can't go on… for it would only cause more damage to both of us, if it hasn't done any already.

I hope you understand my situation. I also trust you will realize that this is only for the best.

I wish you well and that you have a happy life.

Sincerely yours,

Hiiragizawa Eriol.

P.S. You'll always be in a special place of my heart, Tomoyo.


He glanced one last time at the piece of paper before deciding he was done and folded it neatly. He placed the letter inside the envelope after writing the address and sighed deeply.

He didn't know if it was the best thing to do, but he did know it was the right thing.

For Kaho. For himself. And… for Tomoyo.

No, for Miss Daidouji.

"Nakuru." His voice was hoarse and tired, but still gently authoritative.

A tall woman with long red-brown curls entered the room smiling gleefully and skipped her way towards him. He handed her the envelope, his eyes telling her that he was not up for jokes this time. He spoke before she even could muster a greeting.

"Please take this to the post office."

The woman eyed him worriedly, taking a quick glimpse of the name written on the paper's surface before fully understanding.

"Yes, Master," his servant bowed and left the room.

He sighed again, taking off this glasses and running his hand through his navy blue hair, a distressed look on his face.

He would regret this one day.


Maybe someday he could do something about it.

And perhaps then he'd understand the tug he felt at his heart.