Author: Adriana Santomé –hikari-

Date: September 6th, 2004.

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Warning: Over-dramatized, yep, be warned!

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(The First Letter)


Tomoyo wandered around the manor aimlessly, observing corners of her house she hadn't noticed before, like the old portrait of her great-grandfather in a dark hallway or the crack in the ceiling at the living room's entrance. The beautiful white stairs led her to one of the second floor and she continued to walked around with no apparent destiny.

Suddenly, she stopped by an old tapestry hung on a wall and fingered the patter gingerly, it was one of her grandmother's antique belongings. She glanced around, in search for servants passing by, but saw none. It was rare though, since the Daidouji mansion used to be bustling on days like this. There was much work to be done, but as of late, her mother had given the maids extra time off. It had been like that ever since she had received a letter from England. Perhaps, Sonomi knew...

She removed the tapestry to reveal an old, oak door hidden under it and carefully turned the knob. Her eyes were glazed over, but she really didn't care as she let herself in the passage way, closing the door behind her and hearing the tapestry hit the door lightly as it returned to its place. The raven-haired girl disappeared into the depths of the long hallways until, a few steps further, she faced a set of stairs.

Delicate, pale hands opened the mahogany chest and left it open. From the pocket of her coat, Tomoyo took a wrinkled envelope, the visible edges of the sheets torn out of use, and placed it on the floor next to her. She took out then from the rusty chest a bunch of letters, each marked with the same remittent, that fell from her hands and to her lap. She gasped lightly, it wasn't her purpose to drop them, but her hands had failed her.

After tucking a loose strand of dark hair behind her ear, the Daidouji heir took one of the letters in her hand. The date written on it from five years ago. It had been the first one, amongst the many letters, that she had ever received from the bespectacled boy, Hiiragizawa Eriol. The white paper was starting to turn into a yellowish color, and the folds made it fragile, but she could still read the contents perfectly. Before she knew it, her eyes scanned the letter, lilac orbs flashing with emotion.


Dear Miss Daidouji,

How are you? I'm fine, thanks for asking. Do not worry, by no means did I think that your letter is rushed. Actually, I've received Miss Sakura letter already (barely two days after my arrival) and I was starting to wonder if something wrong happened to you. I'm glad to know I was mistaken.

First of all, I'd like to wish you 'good luck' in the next chorus contest, I'm sure you'll do great, as you have a very beautiful voice. It's good tha you are doing well at school now that it has started, I am anxious about returning to school myselfl. I was getting used to play around at Tomoeda, if you know what I mean. But within one or two days at the most, I'll be 'back to track'.

Things here in London are quite alright if I may say so, a little slow and rainy though. The people of the moving company helped us unpack the furniture and we're pretty much settled down. Yet, Kaho had already unpacked the most vital things we'll be needing before the house starts running normally.

Ruby Moon signed in the local school three days ago. She says she gets bored when she stays all day at home. I supposed it has something to do with the fact that she misses Kinomoto-san and Tsukishiro-san greatly, though she isn't willing to show it. Spinel has been rather jumpy as well, he can't wait for the books to be placed in other inside the library so he can start reading. Lately, he's had this serious addiction to the games Cerberus uses to play, and most of the times he ends up destroying the... what is it called again? Ah, yes... Nintendo, I think. I'm not giving him a candy when he behaves... which is rare.

On another hand, I also found a fabulous coffee-shop the other day, Kaho and I went to try it out and despite the place looks small, it's great because it has a peaceful atmosphere and they have great pastries as well. Other than that, there isn't much to say.

I'll bid you goodbye for now, I'm looking forward to your next letter. My best wishes...

Sincerely yours,

Hiiragizawa Eriol.

P.S. Kaho says 'hi'.


It was strange, actually, how his first letter had been so lengthy and trivial compared to the short, precise words he had used to say goodbye. This message sounded detached of the regret that hadn't go unnoticed by her, and he seemed at ease and cheerful.

He seemed... so free...

The girl stifled a sob, quickly putting away the envelope as she ran a hand through her fingers absentmindedly.

Since that very first moment, Tomoyo had known that her eleven-year-old classmate was ready to trust her and open up to her, it was something unsaid within that first letter. And at that time, she had been willing to hear him and open up too. But it didn't mean much know.




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