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Many years ago, the name of Uzumaki was famed throughout the world. They had the strongest bloodline of them all... The Uzumaki Bloodline was being able to use every other single bloodline that their blood permitted. For example if a member of the Uzumaki Clan had even the tiniest amount of Uchiha blood in them they would be able to use the Sharingan. Now if this same clan member had also any Hyuuga blood he would also be able to use the Byakugan.

Due to their bloodline and also the many times that they produced many talented Shinobi the Uzumaki Clan grew strong, the Uzumaki clan had been nomads until they decided to situate themselves in the Hidden Village of the Leaf, Konoha in Fire Country. The other Villages grew wary; Konoha might soon take upon the role of Head Hidden Village. This would ruin the other village's economy, so soon assassins were sent to take down the children of the clan and the weaker members so soon the clan would dwindle and fade.

Unfortunately, these attempts worked for the Uzumaki Clan was not expecting any attacks on their lives. In the present day only 2 Uzumakis live on, one of these being Naruto and the other one, Rea, and she is where we will start our story.

Rea stood, leaning up against a tree. It was time to finally head home to Konoha, she wasn't sure why she had ever called it home. She hadn't actually been born there and had never even been there. The reason why she was finally returning to her clan's resting place was not because she wanted to go, it was because she had too. Her cousin, Naruto, was finally approaching the age when he would finally have to learn about his clan's secrets, namely their bloodline but also their curse.

She opened her eyes and walked a few steps forward. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, but had fair skin and a more cautious attitude. Her chosen outfit was much like Sakura's except for the fact that it was white and it had no circle. She had no forehead protector for she didn't belong to any village. 'Okay! Time to go!' she thought.

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