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... Kyubi ...

[inner sakura]


Rea stood opposite Naruto in the training field she had selected; the wind blew harshly past, making the trees unstable. She had spent an hour teaching Naruto the different aspects of the bloodline limit she was going to teach him this week. Rea had already decided that all she needed was to teach him a few bloodline limits and then be gone. Rea wasn't particularly strong; her relationship with Naruto wasn't exactly cousins either, before the massacre there had been a very big extended family. The problem was that most of the Uzumaki clan didn't wish to marry into other clans with bloodline limits, instead only marrying common ninjas.

In this department Naruto's line had been very lucky; they had the largest amount of bloodline limits in any of the Uzumakis. Making them the strongest and most feared, but then the curse might consume Naruto too, like it had consumed many beforehand, thinking that they were strong enough to use their full bloodline limits without thinking about the consequences. The only things that Rea gave hope in was that Naruto was actually smart enough to think about the possibilities that might occur. But if it did occur perhaps he could rely on the Kyubi to be able to stop Naruto from going off the edge.

This week Rea was teaching Naruto the Sharingan, it was probably one of the best bloodline limits she could teach him at all, but also one of the most complicated. She sighed, something that Naruto frowned at.

'Okay Naruto, close you eyes and start to mould chakra in your eyes, this well ignite the Uchiha blood and start the Sharingan', Rea instructed, 'Okay, open your eyes so you can see these seals'.

Naruto opened his eyes revealing the Undeveloped Sharingan. Rea was shocked, it should have taken him a few days to even master the first stage of Sharingan with even using the Jutsus to activate it. Naruto was no ordinary child.

Time to start the exercises to get it up to mastery, Rea decided.

'Okay the lesson ends here for today. Experiment focusing different amounts of Chakra to the eyes. If you find an amount that you can get 3 commas in the eye use that amount. The eye will then allow you to not only copy movements but also Jutsus as well', Rea stated.

'But it was such a short lesson! I want to learn more!', Naruto protested.

'Well, don't use your sharingan in public, only use it when you are by yourself and no one else will be able to see them. Meet me here in a week's time and we will see what you can do by then. Also read this book', Rea handed him over a book called Bloodline Limits.

Naruto held the book with clashing emotions, "Me read? I'm not very good at it... But this is your chance to make yourself stronger!"

He finally nodded and started to walk away reading the first page of the book. As he walked off Rea sighed, the next thing was Water manipulation.

It was a week later, and Naruto stood in his bathroom looking at his Sharingans. The book that Rea had given him had listed the Sharingan, his eyes were known as the second form of the Sharingan, Mastery stage. He wanted to be able to go to the final stage but he apparently had to kill his best friend. Naruto didn't want to kill his best friend, he didn't even know he had a best friend. And being alone a lot of the time he didn't have a friend to kill anyway.

"It's time to go", Naruto thought, and he walked out the door to the calm village basking in the afternoon sun.

Rea stood in front of Naruto as he performed his Sharingan, when he finally opened his eyes to reveal the Mangekyou Sharingan she wasn't surprised. After mastering the first stage so easily she was ready from more surprises from the disguised genius. But she was still confused, it had taken a year or so to finally master the second level of Sharingan, but Naruto had mastered the third level in just one week.

'I'm impressed Naruto you actually managed to master the second stage of the Sharingan in one whole week', she congratulated him.

Naruto just grinned at the praise.

'I'll be leaving now', Rea said.

'What!', Naruto exclaimed, 'For like good?'.

'Yep', Rea affirmed.

'But you can't leave i've only mastered one bloodline!', Naruto protested.

'I've taught you all I can for now, i'm sure you'll meet more people who will eventually teach you all you need to know'.

'So you're just going to leave! Like that!', Naruto clicked his fingers.

Rea nodded and walked off leaving a very shell shocked Naruto behind. He had finally met his one relative and she only stays and talks for one week! Just my luck...

Naruto was furious, he now had no one to train him and Sasuke was probably going to get stronger by himself.

I can help you know.

Naruto frowned at the voice in his head. The Kyubi, why did he have to interfere at a time like now?

First of all if you want to increase your speed go and get some weights

Again Naruto frowned weights? Speed? Okay! After Naruto had joyfully went shopping and bought the medium weights in the ninja essentials shop he put them in his clothes to find that he could hardly even walk.

Naruto took a shaky step and another and fell down. Damn, he thought, this is harder then expected. But nonetheless Naruto continued to walk around and finally run and jump in his new training outfit.

Kakashi arrived to find his three students ignoring each other. No, Rather Sasuke ignoring Naruto and Sakura, Sakura ignoring Naruto and Naruto ignoring Sasuke.

'You're late!', Sakura and Naruto greeted him.

'Well you see, I walked under a ladder this morning...', he started lamely seeing the three's glares and then stopped.

'Yeah right! You always have some lame excuse to use!', Naruto yelled.

'Patience Naruto, I have our mission', Kakashi said, 'We have to accompany this man called Tazuna to the wave country so he can build his bridge'.

'Build a bridge?', Sasuke said smirking.

'Yes I did say build a bridge', He said to his genins who seemed to all have Oh my god, this can't get any duller expressions.

Secretly Naruto scowled, Great! I have to walk heaps in these heavy weights!

The approached the Hokage office to find an old man with a grizzly beard waiting outside.

'Are you Team 7', he asked surveying the three genins and their instructor with a disdainful look.

'Yep', Kakashi answered cheerfully.

'You have to protect me until I have finished building the bridge that I'm heading the development of in the wave country', Tazuna said, 'Now that you all now lets go'.

'But we haven't even gotten anything ready yet!', Sakura protested.

Tazuna gave a scathing look at Kakashi who had already got his head buried in Come, Come Paradise, 'Fine, go get some stuff. You have 15 minutes'.

Naruto ran at maximum speed back to his home, he thoughtfully stuffed a bag full of essentials and before proceeding out he grabbed Bloodline Limits as an afterthought.

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