Super Smash Brothers:

Nintendo's Mystery Mix-Up


Since the battle to save Humanity and Games, many changes took place in the Game Realm. The Sega Corporation of the Human World bowed out of console making, forcing their Game Realm counterpart to lose its status as a super power. Quickly moving in to take its place was Microsoft and its X-Box. Though young and new to the world, already it was proving a formidable force to the characters in the land. Sega's cherished characters began to create new variations of themselves for the other systems. The mascots chose to give the bulk of themselves to Nintendo, trusting in its power to support them as their own Sega Power began to dwindle in strength.

The GameCube launch was soon approaching and talk turned to the lineup of games that would fly alongside it, along with the titles that would form the Holy Trinity of Nintendo once they were completed.

However, the peace that many thought existed was about to be broken....

Someone crept into the Master Control Center of the Nintendo base computer. The computers within those walls maintained everything about each game Nintendo has under its name, from titles, to colors, to genres, to items and equipment unique to each game. This someone sneaked past the security field, slipped by the defenses and entered the room.

Computers made soft beeping sounds and lit the room with the glow of all the thousands of blinking lights. The person stood in the midst of it all, studying a slip of paper, then looking up at one computer. Finally, the person smiled and made a few changes in the computer. It beeped, signalling it accepted the changes. The someone stepped back from it, smiled again, and hurried off, not noticing the slip of paper left behind by accident.

Someone sneaked past the defenses, slipped by the security field and made it out of the area, leaving no one the wiser of what had just happened. No one would know what happened, no one will notice the change until the next day. Someone is out to get Nintendo and has completed the first step. The person escaped quickly and easily. No one noticed this person in the halls as the clever sneak made it back to its origin. What will happen to Nintendo now? What has the someone done to them?

And why has the someone done it? Most importantly, who is the Someone?

Chapter One

"Aaarrgh!" N64 MegaMan shrieked the next morning, "My Buster Parts are gone! Where are they?!" Everyone in the base computer cafeteria looked up from their usual routine activities and stared at the blue boy who raced in, screaming. "My Buster Parts! They're all gone!" he wailed, "Who took my Buster Parts?!"

"Nobody! Who'd want parts for a bio-android?" N64 Fox yelled back, "Now shut up over there! I'm losing a chess match to Wolf!" MegaMan raced up to Allstar Mario, who sat with a couple of other Marios and the two Links that were currently heading the two consoles, the N64 and the Game Boy Advance.

"My Buster Parts! Have you seen them, N64 Mario?" MegaMan pleaded.

"Not since yesterday, when you complained that you were out of oil for them. Where's the last place you saw them?" he replied.

"In their containment units last night. If I don't get them back, the players playing my game won't be able to get or use Buster Parts!" Mega Man cried, "I'll be ruined!"

"Calm down. They'll show up soon enough, I bet." Allstar Link added and sipped at a cup of hot milk, "I hope they fix the air conditioner today. I'm freezing my tunic off!" GBC Link smiled at Mega Man.

"They'll pop up soon! I know they will!" he added cheerfully and then went back to his cereal. GBC/GBA Link was about two years older than N64 Link had been in his adventures in Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time, stuck somewhere between kid and teen. He had been a little awkward when he was first introduced, but once he and Allstar Link learned they were being crossed over into the new systems, now named GameCube and Game Boy Advance, they settled into an easygoing routine. N64 Link would stay in the computer until the GameCube launched and then be redesigned, while Advance Link, GBC/GBA Link's shortened name, launched for his two adventures on both Game Boys.

"I hope so. My game's messed up without them." Mega Man muttered as Banjo and Kazooie from their own N64 games stormed up to the group and dumped a pile of bluish parts onto the table. Allstar Link jumped back to avoid milk being splattered on his clothes.

"Hey! Watch it!" he yelled. The bear and bird looked angry as they shook parts at them.

"Look at this! Is this someone's idea of a practical joke? If it is, we're not laughing!" Kazooie snapped, "Look, look, look!"

"We got robot pieces instead of Jiggies! Players are griping like maniacs! They're playing our games and all they get are robot parts when they should be getting Jiggies!" Banjo threw in.

"Those are my Buster Parts! And your Jiggies must be the gold things left in their place in my games!" Mega Man exclaimed as Advance Link watched them with wide eyes.

"They got switched? Is that possible? Link, can game things get all mixed up?" he asked in surprise. Allstar Link nodded. "Weird. I bet that causes a lot of chaos and headaches."

"You have no idea, little guy." Mega Man sighed. He reached out to one piece and picked it up, studying it. "Yep, they got switched. My parts all say that they're property of the Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie games."

"Fat load of good they'll do us. You try sticking those things in a puzzle." Kazooie griped. N64 Mario got up and pushed his tray aside.

"Okay. Let's go to Master Control and straighten this out. This shouldn't have happened anyway. The only ones who can access that room are the Allstars, and why would any of us mess up the games?" he wondered aloud. He turned to the two Links. "Are you guys coming?"

"Nah. I've got a date with Zelda later. We're cruising Crescent Island and having a picnic. I'm busy for a while. How about you, Little Link? You want to see the inside of the Master Control?" the elder Link asked his trainee.

"No, thank you. I've got homework and I'm using the computer room to do it. DK's being a pain, but I like hanging out with Diddy. He's kinda cool." Advance Link replied and left the group, looking for the Kong he had spoken of. The rest of the group headed for the Master Control.

"This is weird." N64 Mario remarked as he looked at the chairs that were scattered about the room, "Usually we have these chairs in order." NES Mario walked up to the altered computer and inspected it. The codes were changed around a bit, switching the Buster Parts and the Jiggies from their normal games.

"I think I found the problem." he reported, "Somebody input the codes to switch the items." Allstar Mario headed over, checked the codes, then switched them around after entering his own personal code.

"There, that should do it. Buster Parts to Mega Man 64 and Jiggies to Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie. Problem solved." he said. Banjo began putting chairs back in their places.

"That's good to hear. But who switched the codes?" he asked. Mario poked at the console and lifted a finger to the light. A slight stain of red was on the glove.

"I don't know. Anyway, look at what I found on the keyboard. What could this be?" he asked aloud. Kazooie jumped up and down.

"A clue! It tells us who did it! What is it? Let me see!" she declared. Mario showed her the red stain. "It's blood! Whoever did it is a bleeder!" she announced.

"Great, let's go ask everybody who had a nosebleed last night if they did it." Mega Man grumbled. Mario took off the glove and held it out.

"If this is a clue, then we have to put it away somewhere. Anyone got a baggy?" he asked back. No one did, so they headed back to the rest of the base to find one.

Once they were back with the others, they bumped into N64 Peach, who had a complaint of her own.

"My dresses! They're all the wrong color! They're supposed to be pink, but they're blue!" she declared. GB Link also had a gripe.

"I can't find any of my equipment!" he yelled, "Where's my bow?! Where's my sword?! Where are my arrows and bombs?!" Allstar Mario placed the gloved with the red stain in a plastic bag and labeled it as 'Clue 1', then sighed.

"Okay! We'll go back and fix the codes!" he declared and ran off to fix the computers. Advance Link came in with a bunch of papers in his arms.

"GB Link! I finished my homework! Can I go play with Diddy and Tiny now?!" he called out. GB Link grabbed the papers and sat down, steamed.

"Yeah, sure. Whatever. Knock yourself out." he grumbled, "It took ages to get all that and now I can't find them!" Advance Link blinked, puzzled, then shrugged and ran off to find the Kongs. Mario returned some time later with all the codes straightened out. "Did you get my sword back?" GB Link muttered.

"Everyone got their things back, okay? Peach, your dresses are pink again. GB Link, every bit of equipment you ever get in Link's Awakening is back where it belongs." he answered and held up a piece of paper, "By the way, I found this in the room. It's an access code belonging to an Allstar. That's how the codes were changed to begin with."

"Let me see." GB Link said and looked at the paper, "It says '2958 Alpha'. Whose code is it?"

"I don't know. The Allstars keep their codes secret." Mario replied and frowned, "Looks like we've got us a mystery. Someone's messing with our games." He put the paper in another bag and labeled it. "We have two clues. This code and the red stain. There's some of it on my glove, so that will have to do."

"If we have a mystery, who are the suspects?" Peach asked, "Why would any of us want to wreck our own games?"

"First of all, the Allstars are suspects. Except for me." Mario replied, "One, this code isn't mine. Two, I don't have any cuts."

"You could be fibbing." Kazooie pointed out, "All of the Allstars are suspects, including you." Mario sighed.

"All right, fine. I'm a suspect. To clear my name and the other Allstars, I'll help investigate this mystery."

"I certainly hope you don't think I'm a suspect." Allstar Peach declared haughtily, "Why in the name of Nintendo would I want to mess up my clothes? That doesn't make any sense."

"Don't think Allstar Link had anything to do with this fiasco! We trained him to always be good!" GB Link snapped. Banjo grinned.

"How about the time when he gave Ganondorf that wedgie?" he asked, "Or when he stole his Triforce and turned into a little monster?"

"Or when he put Peach's perfume in the washer with Mario's clothes and made everyone think Mario was cross dressing?" Mega Man pointed out. GB Link steamed slightly.

"Okay, so he likes to play a few pranks now and then. What do you expect? We're elves! We're supposed to be tricksters!" he grumbled. Mario snickered and waved his hands.

"Okay, okay. We know you guys like to pull our legs sometimes, but this goes beyond a simple joke. Someone's messing with us and we've got to stop him or her." he said.

"Okay. So what do we know?" Peach asked him.

"The codes were changed last night, late. We know because Mega Man said his parts were in place before he went to bed. Let's ask everyone on our suspect list where they were last night and see if we can confirm those alibis." Mario replied, "Let's see, there's you, me, N64 Link, N64 Luigi, and N64 DK."

"Five suspects. Pretty good." GB Link remarked, "So, where were you last night, Mario?" Mario grinned and thought back.

"I was over at the GameCube vault for Luigi's Mansion, checking out the equipment. A Game Boy Color as a ghost scanner, what a hoot!" he laughed.

"Can anyone confirm that alibi?" Peach asked suspiciously. Mario nodded.

"Yeah, N64 Pikachu. He wanted to take a look with me. And N64 Luigi was there, checking up on the new guy." Mario replied. Link sniffed.

"We'll ask them in a bit about it. How convenient that your brother was there too." he remarked. Mario shrugged nonchalantly. "What about you, Peach?"

"Hmmph! I was at the Princess Power Party! All the princesses have one every Friday to celebrate our strength. We're not just pretty faces you have to constantly rescue because we don't know how to defend ourselves!" she replied haughtily, "Ask any princess; they'll tell you I was there. It was my turn to recite a poem about the power of the crown. I was in bed by ten. I need my beauty rest. I woke up this morning and found all my dresses were blue! When I fell asleep, they were pink!"

"See anything suspicious in the auditorium?" Mega Man asked. Peach thought about it.

"Now that you mention it, I think so. There was a little blur at the back of the room. It went by very quick, but something ran past the open door of the auditorium. And that room is on the hallway that leads to the elevator that goes up to the Master Control's first defense." she replied, "I didn't get a very good look at it." Just as she finished, there was a cry from behind them.

"No! Stop! Drop that!" a dark-sounding voice yelled. The group turned and watched a black hedgehog run by with a box of cupcakes. He was followed by a second black hedgehog, the one who was screaming. "Stop right there! Drop those cupcakes! GC Shadow, those aren't yours! Hand them over!" DC Shadow yelled, racing past and waving a giant fan threateningly, "Either you give me those cupcakes, or I'll whack you right back into that capsule!"

"Oh no. Looks like Sega's guys have trouble handling their Nintendo counterparts." Mario sighed.

"What's the matter, Shadow? Can't catch the other guy?" Kazooie taunted.

"You stay out of it, Turkey! GC Shadow! Gimme those cupcakes!" the Sega character screamed, racing away again. "No! Don't eat them! Those were for the Gourmet Guy!!! Now I'll never get our gold rings back!"

"The gold rings are missing from our version of the Sonic Adventure 2 game? It hasn't even been completed yet!" Mario exclaimed, "What are they doing in Paper Mario?!" He sighed and shook his head, "You guys keep investigating. I'll go back and switch the codes again. This mystery prankster is getting on my nerves." GB Link, Peach, Mega Man, Banjo, and Kazooie headed off to find DK and Allstar Link to ask about where they were. They walked past the two Shadows, GC Shadow sitting on a wall and looking down at DC Shadow, who stood angrily at the bottom, covered in chocolate cupcakes.

"You said drop them, Shadow! Honest! I heard you say drop them! That's what you said! You said it! Right, guys? He said for me to drop them! It's not my fault he was in their way!" GC Shadow exclaimed to the snickering Yoshis and Kirbys watching them.

The announcement came over the speakers while Advance Link, Diddy, and Tiny were having a race in the rec rooms. They paused and listened to the voices of Allstar Mario and Final Sonic.

"Attention, all Nintendo game characters!" Mario declared.

"Listen up, Sega transfers!" Final Sonic added.

"We currently have someone among us who is switching our game items and coloring around. Would all the Allstars report to my office for questioning? And to all other characters, report any suspicious things or activities to me, GB Link, N64 Peach, N64 Mega Man, N64 Banjo, and N64 Kazooie." Mario went on.

"Sega guys, help them out as much as you can! The Sonic Adventure 2 game for GameCube was messed with, too! This is as much our problem as it is Nintendo's!" Sonic reminded his group. The announcement ended. Diddy and Tiny looked at each other.

"This is bad news! What if Donkey Kong 64 gets hit next? What if the codes for our weapons gets switched?! We won't have our shooters!" Diddy exclaimed.

"What about our instruments? Oh no! Who could be doing this?" Tiny added worriedly. Advance Link was on the other end of the room, tying up the finish line tape to start the race.

"Hey, guys! What's the hold up? Are you all really worried over that prankster? Mario will get him! Come on! Let's have some fun!" he called out as he ran back to them.

"I hope so. This is creepy." Tiny mumbled. Advance Link grinned and nodded. "Well, okay. On your mark, get set, go!" the Kong declared and the three of them dashed for the finish line. With her small stature, Tiny easily won the race. "I win again! Diddy, you owe me a ride on your Jetpack! Link, you owe me a date!"

"Aw, do I have to? Zelda's not gonna like it, ya know." Link wailed, "And I'm tired of banana pudding!" Tiny poked at his stomach.

"You're eating pudding with me at lunch and you're gonna like it! Now quit complaining!" she scolded. Link made a face and the three of them ran off to find more places to play.

The three kids ran into a computer room where NES Link was checking the Zelda website. He looked back at them, watching them run around in laughter.

"Hey! Calm down! Don't run around in here! Can't you see people are working? Myself included?" he scolded.

"Sorry, NES Link!" Advance Link, Diddy, and Tiny all said in unison, then giggled and ran off again.

"Kids." NES Link muttered and checked the polls on the site about the planned look for the new Link. "Man, this doesn't look good. Good thing none of the new Links saw this. Are we really going to have to let GameCube change Allstar Link into that? I was so used to the way he looks now. He was our first new breakthrough in Link looks." he sighed and clicked off. "How am I going to tell him that we're going to make him a kid again... but in that new style?" he wondered under his breath. Someone listened in on the one-sided conversation and then sped away.