InuYasha flinched at the irritation in Kagome's voice, but his tone remained calm as he spoke to the small bundle in his arms. "Hear that, Gin? Your brothers are probably giving your mama grief. Should we go see what sort of mischief they're into?"

Gin cooed softly, her grip on InuYasha's finger tightening. InuYasha kissed her downy soft cheek and tightened his hold on her before he hopped down from the tree.

Kagome stood, arms crossed over her chest, shooting him a look meant to smite him on the spot. Kichiro sat on the porch with the dogs while Ryomaru—the devil—was trying to pluck individual hairs off his brother's head. "Mama!" Kichiro whined. "Ryo won't stop!"

"Be nice to your brother, Ryomaru," she said over her shoulder before she turned back to stare at InuYasha again. "Tell me I was seeing things and that you really didn't have our infant daughter up in that tree?" Kagome said, her voice particularly even, which meant, in his mind, that he was about to catch hell.

"She likes it," he replied defensively, "just like her mama."

"Papa's in trouble," Ryomaru pointed out needlessly with his nearly four year-old sing-song voice so like his mother's. Kichiro giggled.

So to stave off the ear-blistering that he knew was coming, InuYasha hurried past Kagome toward the back door, pausing only long enough to ruffle the boys' silvery hair in passing. "Gin needs a diaper change," he explained as he all but ran into the house.

Dammit laughed at him.

"That's dangerous, you know."

InuYasha glanced up from changing Gin's diaper. Kagome was leaning in the doorway though she had a slight smile on her face. "She looks just like you."

Kagome made a face. "She has your coloring. All my children have your coloring. How fair is that?"

"They'll have yours once a month."

"That's okay. I rather prefer your looks."

InuYasha could feel his cheeks warm. Kagome took Gin and leaned up to kiss him. He caught her around the waist and deepened the kiss.

"Ugh! Cover your eyes, Kichiro! They're at it again!" Ryomaru huffed.

Kagome broke away, laughing helplessly as the boys took off again. InuYasha held onto her long enough to whisper in her ear. "Tonight, Kagome . . . we can finish that kiss."

She flushed but smiled back at him. "You've got a date, Mr. Izayoi."

He laughed outright as she headed after the boys. Seconds later, he heard the distinct sound of something shattering, followed by, "Ryo did it, Mama, honest!"

"Sorry, Mama."

"It's okay, Ryo. Go tell your papa you want to see the Kaze no Kizu while I clean this up," Kagome suggested. The boys hollered. InuYasha could hear them tearing through the house.

Shaking his head, he hurried out of the room to intercept them. Those sons of his were a handful. He had a feeling that Gin was going to be just like them.

He wouldn't trade them for the world.


GIN: silvery.

Questions and Answers.

Did Kagome move in with InuYasha?

Technically, no. She just spent a lot of time there. She never actually moved in till after they were married.

Why does Sesshoumaru act differently toward InuYasha now?

I left this a bit vague for a couple of reasons, I hope you'll understand. Firstly, since this really isn't a Sesshoumaru fanfic, then I didn't really want to devote the time to picking him apart. Secondly, Sesshoumaru himself tends to leave a little ambiguity to him. He doesn't give much as far as answering questions, and I really couldn't see InuYasha asking him why the change, either. Suffice it to say that five hundred years will make some rethink their prejudices in life, though he does touch upon it when InuYasha asks him why they waited so long to have children.

We miss Miroku and Sango!

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