The Rose Duelist


Seto's Princess: I really hate to do this to you guys, but it has to be done… I have been doing a lot of thinking lately... I wrote a paper on MarySues for my AP Writing class, so I did research... and I recently had a discussion about it with my friend. In the end, I have concluded that Maki Kaichi is in fact a MarySue. Think about it: she was a legend in another world, she had a horribly tragic past, she has the "5th BEWD," she is very pretty, she is an excellent duelist (good enough to eventually beat Seto), and her only flaws seem to be that she can't get along with people and she has post traumatic stress disorder. Her whole relationship with her parents and even with Seto is very MarySueish. I know so many of you liked this story, but I cannot go on writing this, knowing I could and should be doing so much better. Go ahead and kick and scream and flame me all you'd like for this. I have college applications on my mind right now, so I will probably just ignore you if you start hating me. I am obviously not cut out to do OC fics, but do not worry, I will not end Life At My House for those of you who are fans of that.

I will probably delete this and the prequel, War Stories, as soon as I get the chance. If you really want to, I might post it all up on my DeviantArt account so you can still read it if you want to, even though I will never finish it.

- It is the end of an era. I truly loved this story. It has been two years since I started it. I will miss it very much. But alas, all things must come to an end. This one just happened to end sooner than I expected. Goodbye and I hope you'll all still read my other stories. Thank you. –