The Game of Life

By theladyknight

Summary: Sora and Yamato get paired up with each other for an unusual school project. But falling in love was never included in the project's description...

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Chapter 1: Project Revealed

Child Development Course Description

1. Students will be responsible for completing all assignments on time
2. Students must record at least four hours of logged babysitting time.
3. Students must participate in the end of the year project, which will be graded on a pass/fail basis.

End of the year project, words you never really think will be that bad or awful until they come out of the teacher's mouth. I, Sora Takenouchi, in my last semester of high school was about to face one of the most challenging, innovative, unusual projects I will ever face in my life.

I signed up for Child Development at the end of my junior year after hearing the class was a breeze from my friend Jyou Kido. He had taken the class to help him with his future in the medical field and said it was one of the easiest classes our school offered. Hearing his words as well, my two best friends Taichi Yagami and Yamato Ishida also decided to take the class.

Taichi is captain of the soccer team and popular guy. I've known him forever and knew him back when he was a runty little goofball, though today he's not a runt but still a goof! Taichi is always there whenever I need him, and we'll probably be best friends for life. We tried the whole dating thing once back in freshman year, but after one date, decided we were much better off as friends.

Yamato, on the other hand, is lead singer of the Teen-Age Wolves and probably the most popular guy in school. He has enormous talent and the fact he's incredibly good-looking doesn't hurt either. I haven't known Yamato as long as Taichi, but we've become close friends, nonetheless. I can go to Yamato if I need some advice or just want to laugh. Yamato and I have never gone out, but I've always wondered what it would be like to date him…a girl can dream, can't she?

In addition to those two taking the class with me, their younger siblings Hikari Yagami and Takeru Takaishi, Yamato and Takeru's parents are divorced, had also signed up. Hikari and Takeru are both freshman and the best of friends. Everyone knows they like each other, with the exception of the two of them. We've tried everything to get them together, but yet our plans have all backfired.

Rounding out my group of friends are Koushiro Izumi and Mimi Tachikawa. The two of them are juniors and had decided to take the class because the rest of us were going to, and they already had plenty of study halls. Koushiro and Mimi have been dating since the beginning of the school year though they are the unlikeliest of pairs. Koushiro is the valedictorian of his class and has an astronomical IQ. Mimi, however, is apreppy cheerleader who would love to spend all day at the mall if she could. But they found love together and are very happy.

Quite honestly, Child Development is not a hard class. We rarely have homework, but when we do, it can get kind of nasty.

So here I am with a month before graduation thinking it would all be downhill from here when our teacher dropped the bomb on us. "Class, today I am going to announce our end of the year project."

My class full of students from all the grades shut up and stared at her. Another end of the year project? Two weeks ago we handed in a seven-page research paper regarding childhood emergencies and what to do if one happens.

"You mean we've got to do another one?" Taichi asked, voicing the opinion of the whole class.

"You will find, Mr. Yagami, after rereading the curriculum it is a requirement for this class."

"But wasn't the research paper we handed in our project?" Yamato questioned.

She smiled a him. "That was just a warm up. Now let me explain what the actual project is." She walked to the front of the room and sat on her desk, something most teachers would condone and never dream of doing themselves. "By a show of hands, I'd like to know how many of you are familiar with a board or computer game called The Game of Life?" (NOT MINE!)

Around 2/3 of our class raised their hands, including me. "What does this have to do with our project?" my friend Gwen asked.

Ms. Greene smiled again. "We are going to play an enhanced version of the Game of Life." Her statement was greeted by confused looks. "I have been developing a game that will take up the rest of the year, tying together everything we have been studying in class."

"How exactly?" It was my turn to interrupt.

Our teacher laughed. "Aren't you all inquisitive? You will each get a career, invest in different ventures, get married, and have a child or children. We're not just going to keep this a board game; it is going to become 3-D. For example, in the board game when you get married, a person of the opposite gender is added to your playing piece and the game continues. But in our game we are going to take it one step further. We will randomly select spouses who will be married in a faux ceremony that will include some dress-up clothes, rings, and even some kissing." She explained through the snickers of my classmates. Oh my God, I hope I end up with someone decent as my husband. "The rest of the game will be played off the roll of dice or the flip of a card and will determine what happens to your family."

She paused and looked around, searching for someone with a question. But we were all silent, wanting to know what other surprises were packed inside this game of hers. "So how exactly does this deal with Child Development? You will each be married and make decisions that affect the way you and particularly your children live life. At the time the seniors are done with school, we will stop the game wherever everyone is at and grading will commence. You will be judged based on the state of your family at the end of the game and how much you have learned over the next month. Though as it states in the syllabus, this will be graded on a pass/fail basis so basically your final grade is reflected on the way you and your spouse handle situations. Tomorrow the game begins, starting with the selection of husbands and wives, but plenty of twists and turns will be thrown in along the way. I'll give you the rest of class time as free time; there's only five minutes left."

Ms. Greene sat down on her desk chair allowing our stunned class to talk or finish up any homework for other classes. Taichi and the others all made their way to my desk, pulling out other desks to sit on or in the case of Yamato, taking a seat on my desktop. "Comfortable?" I questioned.

"Very." The blond responded with a grin.

Hikari looked around the group. "So what do you guys all think of this crazy game?"

"Definitely sounds interesting." Takeru answered.

Koushiro nodded "I'll say. It's a prodigious idea though really…"

"I hope I end up with Koushiro as my husband." Mimi said, winking at her boyfriend. "And I hope my ring is big! Oh, I wonder if they have diamond rings? I'm going to go ask Ms. Greene about that right now!" she got up, ignoring the weird stares we all gave her.

"I just hope I end up with some hot girl!" Taichi exclaimed.

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, so she can support you and the twelve kids you guys have." I replied innocently. "What job do you think Taichi will end up with?"

Yamato gave me his heart-melting smile. "Fast food worker."

"Garbage man." I responded. Soon Yamato and I were in a battle to see who could come up with the most outrageous job for Taichi. Among the rejects were zookeeper and hair product salesman. But Yamato came up with the prize right as the bell rang.

"Drag queen." We all burst into laugher as he grinned his adorable smile at me and gave me a high-five in celebration.

"We have a winner!" Hikari exclaimed.

Taichi folded his arms as we all walked out the doors on our way to the next class. "Drag queen. Very funny, blondie. We'll see just who has the last laugh tomorrow."

"We will." Yamato smirked.

I rolled my eyes at the two of them. "Let's go boys, physics class awaits." Tomorrow will definitely be interesting. I wonder whom I'm going to end up "marrying". Hopefully I'll end up with someone I can stand. And I wonder what all these twists are going to be…hopefully nothing too bad…

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