Previously in GVS2: Battle Revolution…

Aurora watched, as the two people walked out of the cemetery. A gentle smile carved upon her face and she clasped both palms, bringing them close to her. "Lone Wolf, thanks to you, this world is saved. The people owe you for everything." Then, the Radiant Light of North and South looked at them who slowly disappeared from sight. "Maybe we can no longer meet each other like we used to be, but I will always be there whenever you hear the chant, like what I had promised to you. Zutto…"


Nearly half a year ago, the battle of truth and denial had come to an end. Lone Wolf NEO, the author a.k.a. the contender of GVS2, had successfully sealed off the Chrono magic in the Abyssal Void, thus stopping the wrath of the Command Gear Mriya Falken from threatening the humanity. It was done with the price of the secret technique he relied on so much, and he faced the consequences of fainting after the battle after sustaining so much injuries from the battle he had with the Gear. He was quickly admitted under the care of the Jellyfish Pirates and it took him two months to recover.


And so Guilty Gear versus SNK Season 2: Battle Revolution officially ended. There were no winner or prizes for this tournament, yet for most of the participants, GVS2 would forever be remembered as the most anticipating event they ever took part in. The excitement and the joy of pure, unadulterated battle was the only reward they needed for the time being, and they really appreciated it thanks to one person: Zofeah Falken, the mysterious organizer of GVS2.

Yet one question remains.

"Will there be a Guilty Gear versus SNK 3?"


Chapter 00

Rain of Blood: Betrayal

Five years ago…

It was heavily raining at the countryside. A man was standing alone in front of the cathedral, soaked by the rain pouring down on the earth. Covering himself with a black robe, he stared at the architecture of the building in awe before took a silver cross hung on his neck. He held the icon and closed his eyes, meditating for a while. "Forgive me, My Lord…" He opened steps and walked toward the main door and entered the cathedral.

"You there! Halt!" a guard standing next to the door ordered. The man halted and stared at the guard. "Who are you? What are you doing at the Cathedral of the Holy Orders?"

The man slowly broke into a deep laughter. "Before somebody gets hurt, I suggest you to leave me alone. I'm merely a visitor."

The guard was taken by suggestion in insult and withdrew a sword. "You don't look like a visitor. Are you coming here to threaten the Orders? I demand you to leave!" The visitor ignored the threat and approached the door. The guard immediately stepped before him and pointed the sword at his face. "Leave, before I use my authority as the Holy Soldier."

"A Holy Soldier, eh…?" the man sarcastically asked. "Well, to hell with that. A Holy Soldier or not, that doesn't scare me. Now let me pass through, if you still love your pitiful life." The guard snarled in anger and pounced toward the visitor, his sword was about to made contact with its victim of flesh. The man glinted and put his hand at his back, seemingly ready to pull out something.

"God, please forgive me…"


The man walked into the cathedral and approached the altar at the very end of the hall. His presence caused uproar and unrest among the people inside the hall. He ignored the havoc and continued to walk toward the altar, where a priest around his age of mid-50 was standing next to the altar.

"How can I help you, young man?" the priest asked. The visitor was idle for a while before knelt before the priest and took the cross and kissed it. "Ah, a devotee. How fortunate of you to come here. We were about to start our weekly lecture on faith. The knights would be very grateful to have a visitor from outside joining this session. May you take a seat, young man?"

"Thank you, Father," the man spoke and stood up, "but unfortunately I must accomplish a task right now."

"A task?" asked the priest.

"Yes, a task," the man spoke and dropped the dampened robe to the floor. Subsequent to that, the lightning rumbled the outside sky and flashed the tinted glass windows. The priest, as well as the rest of the visitors, was put into an utter surprise when they looked at the man.

"My God! You're the…" A blinding flash passed by the priest's body and cut his body into eighteen pieces before he could finish the word. The man stood back from his crouching position and stared at the knights, whom most of them were withdrawing out their weapons.

"It's the fallen soldier!" one of them shouted.

"You traitor! What are you doing here!" another knight demanded.

The man in all-black uniform was glowering at the people. "I will tell you the reason," he spoke and withdrew a kodachi. "At the afterlife."

All the visitors of the cathedral emitted a battle cry and pounced at the man with their weapons fully deployed. The man looked at the attackers for a while before he breathed out.

"You ask for it."


The lightning struck again and flashed the interior of the cathedral, silhouetting everything inside the building. A dead silence lurked soon after, with nothing but breaths audible to the ear. A foul stench of flesh and blood began to lurk inside the hall, irritating every sense of smell that happened to take a sniff of the aroma.

The man from earlier was standing erect at the center of the hall, surrounded by countless of cut and slain bodies scattering everywhere. Blood was staining every inch of his uniform and body, as if he had been soaked in the pool of blood. Silent as he was, he later frowned and reached the cross and clenched it very tightly.

"God… this is the best I can do for them… the people who had fallen before my eyes… please, forgive me…"

He kissed the cross and put it inside his outfit and headed toward the door, stepping a slain body outside the hall. He, then, walked in the rain and disappeared from sight.


A year after the historic events charted in Guilty Gear versus SNK 2: Battle Revolution

The saga continues…

This is the story…

Guilty Gear
Heart of the Melting Blood RELOADED
Original idea by: Lone Wolf NEO
Overseen by: Lone Wolf NEO

"Everything that has a beginning has an end."
(The Oracle, The Matrix Revolution)

"Every ending leads to a new beginning."

"With every beginning, hope arises."