Disclaimer. Hakkai isn't mine. Neither is Sanzo, thankfully. And as for Chin Iisou, you can keep him.

Notes: written for and on the morning after August 13: 13/8. Nightfall may be having too much fun.


Reversing Photosynthesis

(a drabble)

by Nightfall


Nothing could have been worse. Sheathed in a thousand writhing, venomous puppets, he'll think they swarmed from his hands, blood crawling from under his nails. Pale hair drifting across a cringing tunic, leaves flinching from the sky, but the fool won't fight, cocooned in his own shame, won't move.

I want something I don't have to protect.

But this is the world.



The world is bright?

"Sanzo, it's just an inchworm."

The world has curtains. A blanket. And--

"Can't you be merciful?"

And Hakkai, laughing.

"Fuck off."

"Certainly, if you're awake enough?"


"Good morning, then."