The Lion and the Mouse-


( AU) Riku is a vicious gang member, Sora is a timid high school student. When Sora saves Riku from a life threatening experience, they become a little closer than others might like...

Shounen-ai RikuxSora, LeonxCloud

I don't know much about gangs, so if you read something that sounds like it's been made up, it's probably because it was. If you have any suggestions about them, tell me!.

Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts... if I did, there would be waaay more shounen ai!

Ch. One: The Mouse-

Sora gazed at himself in his fill length mirror. He sighed and buckled his black overalls over his white t-shirt. He was never going to get used to wearing long pants. He and his family had just moved from the Destiny Island to Traverse Town. Right away, Sora could tell that he was going to miss wearing his bright colored jumpers and sandals everyday.

Sora's dad was a respected surgeon, and was offered a better job in Traverse Town. So, Sora, his brother and sister, and their maids Lulu and Aerith packed up and left for a new life.

It was Sora's first day of the tenth grade at a new high school. His cousin Tidus was coming over to walk him there. Sora's dad had offered a limo ride for all of them, but they refused to show up at a new school looking like a bunch of rich, spoiled brats.

Sora grabbed his backpack and headed out of his large bedroom. He came into the hallway and began to descend down the spiral staircase.

Their new house was enormous! Sora had gotten lost twice the first time they moved in. He hated it. He liked their island home a lot better.

" Meep meep! Coming through!"

Sora screamed and leapt out of the way just as his older sister Rikku charged past him and down the stairs.

" Slow down!" Sora yelled after her.

Rikku turned around and began walking backwards down the stairs. She stuck her tongue out at her younger brother.

" Watch out!" Sora warned as she came close to the end.

Rikku took the warning too late and stumbled back. " Woah! Ahh!"

She was saved by a pair of strong arms. Sora sighed in relief when he saw Rikku's twin holding her

" Watch yourself, little sis," said Cloud to his younger twin.

She grinned and jumped out of his arms. " I'm just so excited! Going to new places is so much fun!"

Sora rolled his eyes and joined his brother at the bottom of the stairs. He looked at Rikku and said, " Don't you miss your friends?"

Rikku nodded. " Yeah... but that's no reason for me to shut myself up in a box."

Sora looked down and away from her. She was right...

Cloud gave him a pat on the back. " Hey, it's alright Sora. We know it can be a bit scary at times, you know... going to new places and all..."

Sora pulled away from Cloud's hand. " It's not that! I'm not scared! It's just... just..." He looked down. He didn't want to admit what he was afraid of the most.

" Just what?" asked Rikku in a concerned tone.

Sora was a shy person. Making new friends was hard for him-- in fact, he only had a few friends back on the island. That was only because he had known them since kindergarten. Since then, he hadn't made any new friends. His timidness even caused him to be bullied. He looked back up. " I'm just nervous, okay?"

Rikku and Cloud just looked at him, then at each other.

" I mean..." Sora continued, " What if I get a teacher who hates me? Or...or...or what if I fail a class?!"

Cloud was about to say something when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up to see his father standing next to him.

" Daddy!" Rikku cried, throwing her arms around her Father's neck.

Setsuna laughed and patted Rikku's head of blonde hair, then he looked to Sora.

" Sora, as long as you keep up the excellent grades, you have nothing to be afraid of."

Sora was going to say something until Cloud cut in.

" You're a straight A's student, Sora," Cloud reminded him. " A new school will make no difference."

Sora wasn't so sure about that. He shrugged and looked away again.

" There's another thing," Rikku pipped up. " You look down too much... keep your chin up and no one can bother you!"

Sora looked up and smiled brightly.

Their father nodded in agreement and faced Rikku. " That's the exact kind of thing your mother would say..." he whispered, smiling sadly.

Rikku grinned, proud of herself.

Just then, Lulu entered the entry way from the kitchen. " Are you guys eating this morning, or not?"

Sora's stomach growled loudly as a response, causing him to blush with embarrassment. He gave a sheepish grin to everyone staring at him.

Lulu laughed lightly. " I'll take that as a yes." She walked back into the kitchen while lifting her dress off the ground.

Setsuna gasped and looked at his wrist watch. " You three better go and eat! Cousin Tidus will be here any second to pick you guys up!"

Rikku and Sora raced each other to the kitchen while Cloud lagged behind with his father.

Cloud pouted. " I miss my car..."

" Come on son," Setsuna coaxed, " Be a man. Your car will be here in a few days."

" They better be taking good care of her, or else!" Cloud said to his dad.

Setsuna laughed before glancing at his watch again. He gasped. " I've gotta get to work! Can't be late on my first day!" He gave Cloud a quick hug before running into the kitchen. He emerged shortly after with a piece of toast in his mouth and holding his briefcase.

Lulu ran after him holding out his jacket. She helped him put it on and opened the door for him.

Setsuna darted out waving. " I'll see you later on tonight! Cloud, look after your brother and sister!" He jumped into his red, glossy car and speed off down the street.

Cloud waved after him and closed the door.

Not long after he did close it was there a rapid knocking on the door.

Lulu came in to open it and looked out. " Tidus! Good to see you!"

Tidus stepped into the luxurious house, grinning broadly. " Hey Lu! How's it going?" He looked around the large entry way, nodding with approval. " Nice place..."

Lulu smiled and started for the kitchen. " I'll get the others for you."

After Lulu was out of sight, Tidus took in his breath and braced himself.


Tidus looked towards the heavens. " Lord, be withe me..."

Rikku scrambled around the corner and practically lunged at Tidus, latching herself to her cousin's arm. " Wow, Tiddy! You sure have grown since the last time I've sen you! But you're still as adorable as ever!"

Tidus rolled his eyes before looking down to give his captor a smile. " Hey Rikku..." he said while trying to pull away from her grasp.

" Let his arm breathe, Rikku!" Cloud said as he made his way over to the two. He tapped his fist against Tidus' free one. "Good to see you Tidus. I see you've gotten taller." He smirked a Tidus' expression. Cloud always used to make fun of Tidus' height when they were younger.

" Hey Cloud," Tidus said. He looked around him to see Sora walking over to them. " Sora!"

Sora grinned and ran over to Tidus to give him a hug. " Tidus! How's it been going? You on the Blitzball team yet?"

Tidus jabbed a thumb at himself. " Me? You know it! Oh! And wait 'till you meet the others! They're really excited to meet you. I've told them so much about you! I swear Sora, you're going to love it at Traverse Town High!" He trailed off and stared at Sora's clothing. " W-what are you wearing?"

Sora blinked and stared blankly at the blonde. " What... do you mean?"

Tidus dug his hands in his hair and began panting loudly. " Oh man- I should have called you last night to tell you what to wear!"

Sora balled his fists at his sides. " What's wrong with what I'm wearing?!"

Tidus pointed at hi accusingly. " You're wearing black and white! You can't wear black and white together! All black: fine. All white: cool, but never together! Not at our school at least!"

" WHY?!" The three siblings asked in unison.

" Oblivion!" Tidus cried. He looked at his digital wrist watch. " No time to change," he said frantically. He took off his jean jacket and handed it to Sora. " Here, wear this. Just... zip it up."

Sora began to protest.

" Look! I'll explain later! Let's just go!" Tidus opened the door and motioned for everyone to go outside.

The three siblings grabbed their backpacks and fallowed their cousin out of the door.

Sora still didn't understand why Tidus was so hysterical. What was wrong with black and white? He didn't know, but he zipped up Tidus' jacket anyways. Tidus said he would explain later.


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