The Lion and the Mouse-

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Chapter 12: The lake-

At the end of the week, Riku and Sora finally managed to be together outside of school. Together, they had snuck past the guards of Traverse Town and escaped the city. Sora was a little reluctant, but Riku promised him that he would keep him from getting into trouble. Riku took Sora deep into Macalania Woods north of Traverse Town. They were able to talk and play around like normal teenagers. They even played a little game of Hide and Go Seek. Riku would always find Sora.

" It's getting dark," Riku said to Sora later on. " Let's play one more game and then go home."

Sora gave him an excited nod. " Okay!" he sang, clapping his hands.

Riku smiled at him. Sora was so innocent and childish. His purity was what drew Riku in even more. It had been Sora's idea to play games. At first, Riku turned it down. " We're not kids anymore Sora," he had said, but Sora's beautiful cerulean eyes pleaded for him to reconsider.He couldn't say no to Sora's adorable face. Riku turned back to Sora. " So, what do you want to play?"

Sora shut his eyes in excitement. " Let's play tag!" he said.

Riku laughed at Sora's childlike attitude. " Okay." He grinned devilishly and said, " But let's make it interesting . . ."

Sora stared at him with wide, blinking eyes. " How so?" he asked, tilting his head to the side.

" Like, the winner gets a prize," Riku told him as he crossed his arms.

Sora grinned. " Okay! If I win . . ." he jabbed a thumb to his chest, " Then you have buy me ice-cream when we get back!"

Riku closed his eyes and nodded. " Okay . . . but if I win . . ." he opened one of his whimsical eyes to gaze at Sora " . . . Then you have to give me . . . a kiss . . ."

Sora's face reddened very quickly as he twiddled his fingers nervously. " Um . . ."

Riku stuck out his hand. " Deal?"

Sora's whole face seemed to turn red as he slid his hand into Riku's to shake it. " D-Deal!"

" Great," said Riku. He tugged Sora close to his body and touched his side. " Tag . . ." he whispered in Sora's ear.

Sora could feel his face growing hotter.

Riku jumped back laughing and ran deeper into the woods. Sora ran after him, laughing as well. He turned in a different direction, and out of sight.

Riku glanced over his shoulder as he ran, but he didn't see Sora. He stopped running and looked around for the boy. He turned every way,searching for him. " Sora?" he called. A bird's caw was all he got in reply. For a moment, Riku very worried that Sora had gotten lost. If he was, Riku would blame himself forever. He was panicking when suddenly, someone jumped him from behind. Riku fell onto his back and looked up to see Sora giggling over him. He blushed a bit because Sora was straddling his waist on his knees, and pinning his arms over his head by his wrists.

" Tag!" Sora said gleefully.

Riku grinned up at him and then turned his head to the side. " Wow Sora. You play very dirty . . ."

Sora laughed. " Ha ha . . . very clever, Riku. But let's see how clever you are in catching me!" He jumped up from Riku and ran off giggling.

Riku frowned at the loss of Sora's warmth. The sky was growing dark rapidly, and the moon was beginning to come out. Jumping up, he ran after Sora. " Sora!" he was calling as he pushed past some bushes. " It's getting dark! Just let me tag you so I . . ." He trailed off as he came out of the bushes and stood next to Sora. " Woah . . ." he murmured.

" Look . . ." said Sora as he pointed ahead.

Their eyes were wide in wonder as they stared at the sight before them.

There was a lake with crystal, clear water. The moon beams reflected off of it, making the lake seem to glow. It sparkled majestically, and gave off a mysterious, yet eerie feeling. The stars were beginning to appear, and each and every one of them made the lake sparkle with even more radiance.

Riku looked over to Sora, who's eyes were also reflecting the light on the water. He looked so . . . mystical. He was beautiful.

Sora smiled and slowly began to walk over to the edge of the lake. He slipped his shoes off and then lifted his legs to pull off his socks. He tucked them neatly into his shoes and then stuck his toe into the water. He giggled and pulled back his foot. " The water feels great," he said, looking back at Riku over his shoulder. He was grinning.

Riku stared at Sora. The blue light from the water was dancing over Sora's body. " S-Sora . . . We should go," he said. " It's already dark. Your pops is gonna freak if you're late."

Sora waved carelessly with his hand. " Awww, it's alright. I'll tell him I was studying late at the library and forgot to call," he said smiling. " Besides . . ." he unzipped his jacket and it slowly began to slip off of his shoulders " . . . I miss the water . . ." His jacket dropped from his body and landed over his shoes.

" Are you sure . . .?" asked Riku, staring at a stripping Sora. His eyes were widening as he stared.

" You still haven't tagged me yet, Riku," Sora reminded him softly. He pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it onto his clothes pile.

Riku let his eyes wander over Sora's upper body. It looked so smooth and untouched. He wondered if it was as soft as it looked. He's beautiful . . . he thought.

Sora's hands fell to his zipper, and Riku's mouth went dry as he watched Sora slowly pull it down. He wriggled out of his shorts and then kicked them aside.

Riku began to stare at Sora's light blue boxers.

Sora turned to look at him and held out his finger. " Come and get me Riku."

Riku wondered if Sora was meaning to be this seductive or if he really didn't know. Whatever it was, it was turning Riku on drastically. " Wha?"

" Or are you too chicken?" asked Sora, giving Riku a smug grin. " Because this is my element." Sora stepped into the water and swam farther out until the water was just past his belly button. "Oh Riku . . . it feels so good," he said, closing his eyes.

Riku knew that Sora was talking about the water, but at that moment, something else was on Riku's mind.

" C'mon Riku!" Sora called. " The water's great!"

Don't do it Riku, he told himself. You know that if you get in there, you won't be able to control yourself . . . But he's so beautiful. . . He really is . . . Riku gave into his heart and walked over to the edge of the lake. He took off his shoes, his hat, jacket, shirt, and pants. He heard Sora giggle at his black boxers.

" What's so funny?" he asked Sora as he stepped into the water.

Sora was blushing as he stared at Riku's muscular body. He gulped. " Ummm . . ." He looked into Riku's eyes to find that the light from the water made them seem like they could glow.

Riku noticed Sora staring at him and began blushing. " What?"

" Y-your eyes," said Sora softly. " They're glowing . . . like a cat's . . ."

Riku looked down at his reflection in the water. His eyes were glowing. " Wow . . ." he said. He looked back up at Sora and grinned. " Okay you little brat! Now I'm comin' after you! We're not finished!" Riku made a grab for him, but Sora ducked under the water and swam away.

Riku laughed. " Oh! So it's like that!"

Sora came back up and shook the water out of his hair like a puppy. Riku noticed that when Sora's hair was wet, it looked almost like his cousin Tidus's.

He swam over to him and tried to grab him again, and Sora splashed him in the face. Riku laughed. The water was dripping from his silver locks. " So Sora . . . playing hard to get. That's fine. I get what I want . . ." He reached for Sora, but he swam away giggling. " Sora! You little brat!" called Riku laughing. " Come here!"

" No!" Sora called back as he splashed Riku again. His face reddened once more. Tiny drops of water were dripping from Riku's face and body. Sora tried to hide his blush under his hands. That was when Riku grabbed him. Sora shrieked with surprise.

" Tag!" Riku announced with a triumphant grin on his face.

Sora was laughing. " Okay, okay . . . You win!"

Riku loved to hear Sora laugh. That was when he remembered how ticklish Sora was. He grinned as he held onto Sora's waist and sank under the water.

" What are you doing?" he heard Sora ask before he was all the way under the water.

Riku moved his face closer to Sora's abdomen and blew bubbles on his stomach.

Sora laughed at the tickling sensation, gripping Riku's shoulders.

Riku came back up for air and to see Sora's smile. He went back under and let his lips fall upon Sora's belly button. He felt Sora jump at his touch. Riku released Sora and swam around him while still under water.

Sora watched him, and ran his fingertips across Riku's chest as he swan by.

Riku came back up to see a blushing Sora. He held his hands out to him. " 'Cmere baby . . ."

Sora's face brightened like a red lamp. He grinned sheepishly. " No!" He splashed Riku in the face again.

Riku gaped playfully at him through drenched locks. " Alright! That's it!" He swam after Sora who was laughing and swimming away. Riku reached out and took Sora into his arms. He lifted Sora over his head, and despite his laughing screams, dunked him into the water.

Sora came up gasping for air while laughingwith excitement. " Riku!" he scolded.

Riku gently took Sora's hands in his and spun around with him in the water. They stopped near the other side of the lake, and Riku softly laid his handson Sora's thin shoulders. They traveled down his waist and came to rest on Sora's hips. Sora blushed as Riku pulled him to his body.

" Ya know Sora," Riku began in a whisper. " You still owe me my prize . . ."

Sora looked way. " Y-Yeah . . . the kiss . . ."

Riku gazed down with fondness at the shy boy he was holding. He smiled. " Sora . . ." he called. " Look at me . . ."

Sora slowly lifted his head only to be kissed lightly on the lips by Riku. Surprised, he smiled and looked down, bringing his hands out of the water to rest on Riku's chest. He gave a nervous laugh.

Riku leaned over and placed a few soft kisses on Sora's neck.

Sora giggled in response, tilting his head back to give Riku more access. He mewled with pleasure as Riku's tongue ran across his neck. When Riku pulled back, Sora became shy again and looked down, his face still bright red.

Riku tilted Sora's face upward by his chin and looked deep into his eyes. Their faces were so close, Sora could see Riku's gleaming, silver eyelashes, and the drops of water on his face and hair. Strands of his hair clung to his face and neck.

They moved closer and Riku kissed Sora deeply on the lips. At first, Sora didn't know how to respond, but he soon relaxed when Riku encircled his arms around his waist and pulled him closer. When the kiss deepened, Sora wrapped his arms around Riku's neck for support. He moaned when Riku licked his lower lip and moved his tongue into his mouth. Riku felt Sora jump when their tongues touched. He relaxed again when Riku brought one of his hands to the back of his head. Their tongues danced in each other's mouths, tasting every part of the other's. They breathed into each other and pulled back for a little air. They were breathing heavily with their foreheads resting against one another's.

" You're so beautiful, Sora . . ." Riku whispered.

Sora looked up at him through his thick eyelashes. He smiled. " You too . . ."

Riku smiled again before his lips fells upon Sora's once more. Sora purred into Riku's mouth, and Riku loved the way it felt. He pulled Sora closer so that their wet bodies were touching. They pulled their faces away again, and Riku leaned over to nip at Sora's delicate ear.

" Riku . . ." Sora moaned, moving his hands down Riku's shoulder blades.

Riku smiled as he kissed down Sora's neck and onto his chest. Riku rested his hand on the small of Sora's back, and used the other to caress his abdomen. Sora closed his eyes, sighing with hazy pleasure.

Riku began to kiss him again as his hand moved down to caress Sora's clothed manhood.

Sora yelped at the contact. " Mmm . . . Riku, more . . ."

Riku obeyed and pressed his hand down. Sora gasped and hooked his arms around Riku's neck. " Riku. . . Kiss me, please . . ."

" Sora . . ." Riku hugged him close and pressed his lips to Sora's again, who began to kiss him back. Riku couldn't take the maddening heat between them. He could feel himself growing hard against Sora, who he could tell was aroused as well. His hands traveled down to Sora's backside, and he pulled him closer.

Sora gasped into Riku's mouth when their hips began to move together. They pulled apart for air as they kept grinding against each other. Sora rested his cheek on Riku's shoulder. " Ri . . .ku . . ." he said between gasps for air. Riku held him close and moved into him harder.

" Riku, please . . ." Sora gasped out. " Can I really feel you?"

Riku nodded in response. He gently moved Sora's back against a nearby stone that was slick with water. He placed his hands on the elastic band of Sora's boxers and pulled them down his waist. Sora lifted his leg to allow Riku to pull them off. Riku put them on another nearby stone, and then gazed at the beautiful Sora. His mouth went dry as he did so.

Sora was leaning against the rock with his eyes closed. His arms were spread out and his hands were gripping the slippery stone. Water was dripping from him everywhere, making his body shimmer with fairy-like grace.

"Sora . . ." He murmured as he moved closer. He reached down to pull off his own boxers. When he did so, he laid them on top of Sora's. He came closer and cupped Sora's face in his hands. Then he kissed him once more.


The next moment, Riku was making love to Sora, who's back was still pressed against the rock. His arms were wrapped tightly around Riku's neck, and Riku's hands were gripping Sora's waist.

" Riku!" Sora pleaded. " Please! Deeper, faster, harder!" He was whimpering in pleasure.

" Yes Sora!" Riku obeyed Sora's wish by doing what he asked.

Sora dug his nails into Riku's back. " Riku . . .!"

" Ah . . . Sora!" Riku moaned. He knew he was getting ready to go over the edge. " Sora! I'm coming!" He gripped Sora tighter and began gasping faster.

Sora did the same as he lifted his knees out of the water, and Riku pulled his legs over his shoulders. He supported Sora by holding his bottom.

" S-Sora!" Riku said, gasping.

"Deeper . . ." Sora pleaded. " Im gonna-- ah! . . . I'm gonna . . .!"

Riku held him closer. It was the best feeling he ever had. He was so happy to finally have Sora in his arms, begging and calling his name. He could feel his climax coming.

" Riku . . ." Sora moaned, and Riku moved faster. " Riku!" he screamed, throwing his head back and flinging his arms over his head.

Riku could feel it coming. " Sora!"

" Riku!"


Riku shot up in bed only to see his mother. He rubbed his eyes and looked all around. Dammit! It was only a dream!

His mother was staring at him. " You okay?"

Riku looked at her and blinked. " What are you doing in here?" he asked sleepily.

" You told me to wake you up early for school," she said. " I heard you moaning in your sleep, so I decided to do it now. The only way I could wake you up was by shouting your name." She made a curious face and said,"Oh, and who's Sora?"

Riku stopped breathing for a moment. " What? No one . . ." He threw his legs out of bed and stretched.

His mother looked down at his bed and then at his crotch. She chuckled when she saw the wet spots. " Riku . . . who have you been dreaming about?"

" N-No one . . ." he said quietly.

She put her finger to her chin in thought. " Well,you haven't wet the bed in a few years . . ."

Riku grabbed his pillow and threw it at her. " Get out of my room you bitch!"

His mother punched him hard in the shoulder.

" Ow!" he cried, holding it. " What was that for?"

" I have decided not to tolerate any lip from you," she told him. " I'm trying to be a better parent."

Riku rolled his eyes. She tried to be a better parent before plenty of times, but it never lasted. " Fine mom. Can you please leave so I can get dressed?"

" Okay. Fine. That's all you had to say." She rose from her knees and walked out, closing Riku's door behind her.

When she was gone, Riku buried his face in his hands and sighed. " Fuck . . . I can't believe it was all a dream . . . It felt so real . . ." He pulled back to gaze at his hands, remembering the feel of Sora's soft skin. For a moment he could feel it again, and the tingling sensation of their first kiss." Sora . . ." He didn't know how he would be able to control himself around Sora anymore. That dream had revealed all of his secret desires and wishes, and how much he longed for Sora. But Sora was such an innocent kid, and Riku didn't know if he would understand. And then there was Zell. Riku wondered how many dreams he had of Sora already. I don't wanna hurt Sora or Zell. I'll just try to keep my feelings under control, he told himself. He got out of bed, stretched again, and went over to his dresser to find what he was going to wear for the day. All of the while, he thought about how mystical Sora's eyes looked in his dream. " Sora . . ." he murmured. " You are so beautiful. . ."



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