Name by the Lady Arianrod

Haibane Renmei belongs to Yoshitoshi Abe.

a/n: This is my first Haibane fic. It's a quick Rakka narrative…


I don't have a name.

My dilemma is the kind that people have nightmares about… It's the kind of situation that is written about in science fiction novels by ambitious authors that seek to define existence and identity.

It's all so hazy… I can barely keep a straight mind now as I attempt to describe this all to you.

You see…. My entire life changed recently. I lost everything I had and now I'm here in a quaint little walled town…..

I have wings.

And a halo.

Does any of this make sense to you? If it does, then I'd love to ask you what's going on. No one around here seems to be sure what we really are. Apparently, we're not human--- we're Haibane.

I was confused about this world, but I know even less of where I came from. I don't carry a single memory except for…. Falling….

They call me Rakka here in Old Home, but I know that I had another name at one time.

I'll never remember that other name.

I wish that I could send one messenger… maybe a bird… over these impenetrable walls. I'd get back one piece of the old world, one single memory….And I would hold that memory in my hands and turn it over and over until I made some sense of this all.

Unfortunately, I'll probably never be able to contact the world beyond the wall. It's forbidden for us Haibane to touch the wall for some odd reason.

Just another thing to wonder about.

In the end, despite all this confusion and shock and obscurity, I'm beginning to grow accustomed to life here in Old Home. The other Haibane are helping me along, and their companionship makes this fathomless world bearable.

Perhaps I'll even enjoy being a Haibane someday. Before that, I have many things to find out.

Even so, I cannot reject the fact that I now have a name. It's a start.

I might be… someone.

I can't know everything because, after all, I was just born yesterday.


End notes: This was set after episode 1. Review if you like =)