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This is the sequel to But I'm Only Human.



Robin and Beast Boy searched for Apollo's body, but they had yet to find it. They had been there for hours, and the only thing they found was the dead body of Cerberus. Cyborg had to stay at home to watch his wife, who was pregnant with their second child.

Starfire adjusted Corrie on her hip. "Have you found anything of importance?"

Robin's grunt was her answer. Corrie tugged on a piece of her mother's hair, begging to be let go. Starfire put her down on chubby legs, and watched her daughter waddle around, heading for Raven, who was trying her best to keep Logan by her side.

Raven held Logan by his blue overalls and rolled her eye at him. "Logan, can't you stay still?" He grinned, flashing his baby teeth. He had just turned three, and already getting into trouble.

Corrie barely made her way to Raven when she plopped down on her butt. Starfire and Raven instantly ran to her, waiting for the cry she was bound to let out. But she merely waved her hands and tried to get up. Raven and Starfire glanced at each other, and watched as Corrie made her way to Logan, falling about every few feet.

Logan was playing with a rock when Corrie made it over to him. She plopped down beside him and snatched the rock away, giggling when Logan made a dash to get it back.

"Div it back!" Logan yelled, reaching for it.

Corrie, who was only two, grinned. "No."

Robin came up behind Star and wrapped his arms around her waist. "They seem to like each other." He watched Corrie throw the rock at Logan's head and grimaced. "Or maybe not."

Logan growled and started to chase after the little girl, who giggled and ran the best she could.

Beast Boy laughed. "I have a feeling they won't be nice to each other when they get older." Raven agreed with a grin.

Suddenly, the air around them turned cold, the wind picking up. Rhea and Starlight appeared with look of worry. "Where are your children?"

Eyes drawn together in confusion, Starfire pointed to the two toddlers. "They are over there. What is the matter?"

Rhea watched the two with a grim face. "Apollo's not dead and he is aching for revenge. But I fear it is not Starfire and Raven he is after, but Corrie and Logan."

Raven glared. "But I killed him. I drove a sword through his cold heart. How can he be alive? It is not possible."

"He sent himself into a coma, Raven, when you thought you killed him. I should have known. I should have known it was too good to be true." Rhea growled out the last part.

Starfire and Raven retrieved the children and sat down on a rock next to each other. "So, he wants them dead?"

"I am afraid so." Starlight stroked Corrie head of black curls. "But, I might be of assistance."

Robin was quick to ask, "What?"

"I-we can train them to be warriors, help them control their powers. I know it is the only way they can defend themselves from Apollo. Who knows what havoc he may reek just to get to them, and when it happens, I want them to be ready."

Beast Boy snatched up Logan and held him close. Corrie reached for Logan innocently and Logan stuck his tongue out at her. She did the same.

Rhea smiled at the two. "I think love is in the air." Robin looked stricken. "No, she's too young. I don't even want to think about that until she's twenty."

Rhea laughed. "You cannot help what is to be, Robin. May I hold her?" Starfire handed her over and then a though hit her. "But, you have no flesh. I don't mean to be ruse, but you're...not of this world." Rhea laughed. "We were blessed with the opportunity to become human until Corrie and Logan are ready to defeat Apollo. Then, we will return to the world of the dead. Now, you see how important it is for your children to defeat Apollo. If they fail," Rhea grinned at the child, but her eyes were troubled, "the world is at stake."

Starfire and Raven were on the brink of tears. Their babies could not have normal lives, but had to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Starlight reached for Logan and plucked him out of his father's arms. She studied Logan. "He does resemble both of you. He has Beast Boy's ears and hair color, Raven's pale skin and violet eyes. He will be a beautiful child when he is older."

Rhea agreed. Since Starlight and Rhea were standing next to each other, Corrie tugged on a piece of Logan's light green hair.

It sent the two spirits into fits of laughter. Their parents would have laughed, but they were too worried about the life of their children.

Rhea held Corrie out and studied her. "I have a feeling that she will be a trouble maker. Her green eye shine with mischief, even at the age of two. She will be strong and have the skill of a warrior, just as her parents do." Rhea held the child close to her, and Corrie sighed, already heading for sleep.

But Logan would not have it. He grabbed a black curl and yanked it hard, but yelped when Corrie turned and bit at his hand. He moved it just in time.

Corrie snuggled back into Rhea and fell asleep.

Starfire smiled and walked to Robin. He instantly pulled her close to him. "How do you know Apollo is still alive?"

"Because, Robin, we were sent back to limbo, and the only way that is possible, is if Apollo is alive. But, as I have said before, we were sent to earth to train the children to be warriors."

Beast Boy sat beside Raven and pulled her onto his lap. "When will they go up against Apollo?"

"At the age of 17, though Corrie will be 16." Starlight said, and smiled when she felt the little boy snuggle into her shoulder, falling asleep.

"When do you start the training?" Raven asked, leaning her head back against Beast Boy's shoulder.

"At the age of 13 and 12. But, we will be with them from now on; until it is time they battle Apollo."

The Titans nodded sadly. "But do not fret just yet, for they can lead normal life's until it is time to train." They nodded again. They all, including Starlight and Rhea, headed back to the Titans Tower.