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"Carter, relax and enjoy the view." Jack said leaning back into his chair and setting his feet on the cooler that contained the beer. Sam had been tense the entire trip down. Jack could only guess it was because Daniel was with them and she was still mad at him and she had every right to be but she also had every right to enjoy herself. The whole trip down to the lake, Carter and Daniel hadn't said two words to each other and no one was talking now either. Well, Jack was determined to make that stop. "Daniel tell Carter some good things about her."

"Why?" Daniel asked. His back was turned to Sam and her's to his.

"Just do it. We are going to get this settled right now. I hate acquired silence. Daniel, say something nice to Sam."

"Sam you have nice blonde hair."

"Daniel, that's not what I meant but Sam your turn."

"You know how to speak 23 different languages." Sam said still not facing Daniel.

"That's a fact, Sam, no something nice." Jack said as he went to cast his line into the lake.

"I wasn't finished, thank you very much. Anyway, your ability to do that has saved our butts on more than on occasion and I guess thank you."

"See, we're making progress." Jack said, "Danny, your turn." Jack said as he reeled the line in, thinking he had caught something.

"You did look nice in that dress on Simarka." Daniel said turning around to look at Sam but she still had her back to him. Jack finally, reeled his line n thinking he caught a big fish but when he pulled it out of the water, he had caught a tire. He sighed and threw it over his shoulder and tried again.

"I hated that dress and I hated you for suggesting that I should wear it." Sam said turning around to look at Daniel.

"I know but hey, that was the only time I was going to see you in a dress anyway."

"Daniel Jackson, I can't believe you just said that."

"What, what did he say?" Jack said. He had been tuned out of the conversation when he thought he had gotten something. Sam turned back to Jack and Said, "He said that the only time he was going to see me in a dress was when we were on simarka."

"Well, you did look pretty hot in it." Jack said with a smile as he threw his line back into the water. Sam shook her head and then had and evil smile on her face, when she turned to Daniel. "Sam, you okay? Why you looking at me like that?" Daniel said as he tried to back up but there was no more dock to move to but it didn't matter because Sam pushed Daniel into the Lake.

"What you do that for?" Daniel asked as he stood up in the shallow end of the Lake

"Well, first of all you wrote in my diary, second you read my diary, not only to yourself but to Jack as well and third you hid it from me."

Jack noticed how Sam had called him 'Jack' instead of 'Colonel'. He guessed being on the lake alone with him and Daniel made her more comfortable.

"I'm sorry, Sam. I was just having a little fun."

"But at her expense." Jack said defending Sam as he usually did.

"Yeah, I guess so. I'm very sorry. Can we be friends again?" Daniel asked Sam. As Sam pondered this, Jack put his arms around her and launched them off of the dock with his feet. The landed in the deeper part of the water, so Daniel swam out to them. When he got there he saw Sam and Jack kissing. Jack must have seen Daniel coming because he stoped kissing Carter and said to Daniel, "You say one word about this, I will send you to the worst planet we have com across."

"I wasn't planning on it, Jack. Sam can we still be friends?" Daniel asked again.

"Yes, we can still be friends." Sam said as she splashed Daniel and he splashed her back and then Jack joined in on the fun. Thus ends the story of the Great Diary Hunt.

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