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Jade left her uncle's shop with a pokemon training friend. "I want to go see Hollywood" stated Riptide.

"Hollywood is kind of far from San Francisco, how are you planning on us getting there?"

"I can drive, I got a car" Riptide checks his vest pockets for his car.

"Riptide, where did you get a car from, and you're too young to have a license."

"I got it from the 20, 49th San Francisco Rush tournaments. I race there every year, and win most of the time. There's no age limit" Riptide throws an item ball, a blue and yellow Super Gt comes out with off road tiers.


"Hop in" Jade and Riptide get in the car and drive to loss Angeles.

Riptide's driving through the streets of L.A. "Can we go get something to eat, I'm hungry."

"Okay where do you want to eat at?"

"Pull the car over, there's a buffet." Jade's pointing to the Country buffet a cross the street.

Riptide parks the car in the parking lot. "Are you sure you want to eat here. Cause I wanted to get one of those west cost pizzas and some beer?" She nodds. Jade and Riptide enter the buffet.

"I'm very hungry, they have pizzas here and I'm not waiting till you get some beer. I don't know why you like it anyway."

"I just do. Okay there's some chicken over there. Just save some for the rest of the customers" He knows how much she can eat. Riptide goes looking for some pizza and Jade heads for the chicken.

There some foreran students from Japan are sitting at some of the tables by the chicken. Two students, one boy with black hair and long finger nails was talking to a girl. They were both in front of the bar. "Why did you have to bring me?"

"Because, its not safe down there."

"But did you have to bring me all the way over here."

"Inuyasha, you knew I was going on a field-trip. I thought that it might be nice to see America."


Jade walked past Inuyasha and Kagome. She was picking up some fried chicken when a feeling she could not control took over her. She transformed, now wareing a loosely form fitting, shiny sliver metal armor suit with fine chain link between the armor plates. And Chinese symbols on the armor platesthat covered the back of her hands. The helmet had a lot very tiny holes in the solid plate that covered her mouth. There were more of the holes on the short cups that were slightly razed over her ears. An embossed snake dragon started from the back of the helmet and twisted around her body down to the front of her shin. It had dragon like eye slits with diamond lends. Be hind them Jade's eyes glowed red.

She attacked Inuyasha. He pulled out Tetsusaiga from an item ball. "What the hell are you some kind of a demon hunter?"

She put her hands together and a dark blue light shot from her hands to the ground. It formed a samurai sword but it was double edged. Jade attacked Inuyasha with it.

Riptide was trying to doge the people running out of the buffet and Inuyasha's various attacks. Jade jumped in front of a window. Inuyasha used the back lash wave. Riptide was unfortunately too close to the attack. The glass exploded with Jade and Riptide landing on the side walk out side.

Inuyasha comes out to see Jade looking like a dragon. She was slightly metallic light blue with dragon feet and hands, and a dragon like head and mouth.

"She's no human; she must be some kind of dragon demon." He was about to finish her off when Kagome yelled "Stop the cops are coming, you need to get out of here." Inuyasha was about to leave but, energy from Jade's unconscious body knocked him out.

Down the street in a convertible. "Clover, the ice skating ring is next to that buffet."

"Alex, I know how to get there."

"If you did you wouldn't been driving in circles, for the past hour"

''What's that, there is something on the side walk!"

"Sam, it looks like there was like a fight in the buffet." She pulls the car over to the side walk. All three get out.

"What are they, some kind of freaks, oh wait I think they are mutants."

"Hay Alex, I know where we can take them, to the Xavier institute in New York." Sam pulls out her cell phone.

" I thought that was like only for troubled mutants."

"They look troubled to me. Lets get them out of here before the cops come" Alex opens the door and they put Inuyasha and Jade inside. "What about him"

"Hum, he doesn't look like a mutant. Let the cops deal with him." Sam called Jerry for permission.

Riptide in a daze hears that they are going to take them to the mutant academe in New York. "Grate I'll have to go to New York."

"Jerry, it was nice of you to let us use the jet." Sam thanked him.

"Well, you all wanted to help them so, it was the least I could do. They might want to talk to you, so I want you three to stay with them for a couple of days. I'm on the phone with Xavier right now."

"The girl is going back to her human form."

"Alex, is she waking up?"


"So you said that it looked like there was a fight at a buffet." Jerry was writing every thing down on a note pad.

"Like there was glass every where. It was a totally wreck, there were even parts of chairs in the street"

"Keep me posted if you find out anything else"

"Like this will be one interesting couple of days, maybe I could like write my summer report on this.

At the airport, Riptide is getting on his plain. How am I going to get in? They don't let humans in do they? Oh well this could take forever, at least schools out.

"Please put all pokeballs and item balls in the tray during the flight." Riptide puts 5 pokeballs in the tray and 12 item balls. Then steps through the metal detector. It goes off.

"The air forces have platinum cross hatching on the sides." Riptide walks through the metal detector without the shoes without a problem.

Good thing I wasn't wearing my gold trimmed boxers.

Sam, Alex and Clover get to the institute 4 hours later. They drive up to Scott. "So, there are some people you're bringing us?"

"Yes two, one girl and one boy." said Sam. Logan comes over to help Scott carry them out of the car.

"You can go now"

"Hold it,...um"


"Hold it, Scott we were told to stay here with them, they might be more likely to talk to us than you at first." Sam explained that the professor had given them permission. Alex was trying to get Clover to snap out of it, who was drooling over Scott.

Logan and Scott take the two to the infirmary. "So, Scott would you show me around?"

"Maybe later, Clover" They walked a little farther and Xavier was there to greet them. Scott and Logan put them on the table.

"As you know your welcome to stay here. So, you said that you think that they were fighting, and found them laying on a sidewalk out side a buffet."

"Yes, I was not sure what they were, the boy has ears on top of his head and the girl looked like a dragon, but she changed back to human on the way over here" Alex looked at them carefully and thought how scary the girl looked, but now she looked harmless.

"I'll see if I can wake them up" Xavier mentally woke up Jade.

"Where am I and who are you" She sits up.

I' am Professor Xavier, and you're at the mutant academe in New York."

"New York! How did I get here?"

"Clover, Alex and Sam found you and brought you here" He points to them. They wave hi. "What is your name?"

"Jade." she stands up. "I'm hungry." Logan hands her a bag of chips. "Thanks...?"


"Thank you, Logan." She devours the whole bag in a mater of seconds and hands him the empty bag. "I'm still hungry." "Whoa she is going be hard on Jean. I'd never seen somebody eat like that." Logan threw away the bag.

Xavier goes and wakes up Inuyasha. "Where the hell am I and who are you."

"I' am Xavier and you're at New York's mutant academe."

"What's a mutant?"

Xavier chuckled for a moment. Jade, Scott, Logan and you are all mutants. He pointed to each of them.

"I'm not a mutant."

"Than why would you have those ears on top of your head?"

Clover is still trying to hit on Scott wile Jade is looking for something to eat and even asked Sam and Alex.

"That's because I'm a half dog demon."

"What people actually think that, well you're a mutant."

Inuyasha looks around the room. He sees some girls standing to the left of the professor and a young girl that he recognized, then what happened at the buffet came back to him.

"That girl, she tried to kill me. 'She's dangerous"

"I did what!" Jade exclaimed wile exploring the room.

"You do not remember changing into a dragon or any thing else?"


He gets up to run away but Scott grabs him. "Get your stinking hands off me"

"Hey, nobody is here to hurt you, and you did not have to be so rude."

"Feh, she is going to kill me"

"Whatever happened could have been a reaction to her new powers. Jade and you can learn to control them here." Xavier explained. "I will show you both to your rooms." He wheeled over to the door and motioned for them to follow him.

"But I'm not a mutant"

"And I don't think I'm one ether" Jade piped in.

He did not listen to ether of them and wheeled in to the hall. Jade decided that this could be fun so she followed him. Inuyasha realized that arguing with him would not work so he walked behind Jade. At least I'll be safe here, but will Kagome be able to find me. "I hope these humans don't become too attached, they always do."

One and a half hours later Riptide reached the front gate. "Locked dam it, hum. Charmeleon go."

"Char" Inferno came out with a ruckus and was eager to go into action.

"I want you to melt that gate" Riptide pointed to the front gate

Inferno melted a big hole in the gate with a blast of fire. He returned to his pokeball. Riptide waited a few, before he walked through. "Good job, Inferno." He said before putting his pokeball in his jean pocket.

He was half way to the front door when, Jean, Amara, and Bobby came out. "Little boy are you lost?" said Jean.

"No" answered Riptide. Bobby and Amara saw the gate and walked pass him. Bobby was pointing at the gate trying to get Jean to pay attention to the destruction.

"Did you do that" Jean was ready to throw him off the premises

"Yes, but I can pay for it. Riptide starts to pull out large amounts of money hoping they will let him in at least to pay for the damages.

"What do you want?"

"I'm looking for my friend"

"I think you're in the wrong place"

"No, I'm not. I' am looking for a girl named Jade." Riptide is starting to get distracted by something.

"Well, there is a girl named Jade here"

Riptide was not paying any attention to her cause, he was looking at Amara fix the fence he started to walk over there.

"Hey, where are you going?" Jean yelled she waited to see what he was going to do before chasseing after him.

Riptide was standing between Amara and Bobby looking kinda lost. "Hi"

"Hi" she replied.

Bobby noticed that Riptide seemed to be checking her out. He saw the way Bobby was staring at him, so Riptide looked him up and down. Bobby picked him up by the collar. Riptide turned that into an all out brawl. Jean came over and separated them

"Okay, little boy after you see your friend, I want you to leave." She pulled him by the his shirt across the lawn and pushed him through the door. He waved bye to Amara and flicked off Bobby.